MET 2024 Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Syllabus & Exam Pattern of Manipal University Entrance Test (MET)

The MAHE MET 2023 Exam Pattern will be published soon by MAHE on its official website. The exam pattern of Manipal MET 2023 contains important information such as the duration of the exam, the number of questions, the marking scheme, and other things. Applicants taking the MET 2023 exam should review the exam pattern to ensure they are adequately prepared. In addition to the exam pattern, candidates must check the MAHE MET 2023 syllabus for their Manipal Entrance Test exam preparations for 2023. To be eligible for admission at MAHE/Manipal University, candidates must perform well in MET. To score good marks in MET, the best preparation is required. Additionally, candidates must solve as many as MET 2023 Sample Papers and previous year's question papers. It helps the candidates familiarize themselves with topics, questions, time management, and MET 2023 exam difficulty level.

The MET 2023 Exam will be held online in two phases. There will be four sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English Subject. Candidates are required to solve the MET 2023 Question paper within two hours of time duration. The type of questions in MET 2023 is MCQ & NAT (Numerical answer type. 4 marks will be awarded for each correct response, while 1 mark will be withdrawn for each incorrect answer. For the NAT question, no negative marks will be awarded in MAHE MET 2023.



Exam Mode

Computer Based Test (Online)


  • Physics - 10 MCQs & 5 NAT
  • Chemistry - 10 MCQs & 5 NAT
  • Mathematics - 15 MCQs & 5 NAT
  • English - 10 MCQs only

Exam Duration

2 hours

Questions Types


Medium of Language


Total Marks

240 marks

Total Questions

60 questions


For MCQs every incorrect answer, one mark will be removed

No negative marking for NAT.

Marking Scheme

For MCQs & NAT, four marks will be awarded for every precise answer.


Exam Pattern MAHE MET 2023 - Question Division

In the table below, applicants may see the detailed structure of the MET 2023 question paper:


Type of Questions

Total Number of Questions


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 


Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 


Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 


Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 



MET 2023 Syllabus

In addition to the MET 2023 Exam Pattern, MAHE will release the Syllabus of Manipal MET 2023 on its official website. Candidates are fortified to review the curriculum to aid with their MET Exam preparation. The MAHE MET syllabus 2023 contains the detailed courses, topics, and units that must be studied for the entrance examination. The MAHE offers a variety of programs, each with its syllabus. MAHE does not give complete and comprehensive syllabus information for all types of subjects in all courses. However, the candidate should bear two things in mind before applying for MET 2021:

  • The MET syllabus for the UG program will cover topics from Classes 11th & 12th.
  • The MET syllabus for the PG course will cover the topics covered up to the corresponding graduation degree.


MET 2023 Chemistry Syllabus:

Chemistry, like Physics and Mathematics, makes up one-third of Paper 1. There will be both numerical and theoretical questions on the exam. The following is a list of the topics covered in the Chemistry curriculum:

General Organic Chemistry

Colligative Properties of Solution

Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics and Acid-Base Concepts

Electrochemistry and Catalysis

Redox Reactions





Solid State

Periodic Table


Chemical Bonding

Atomic Structure


MET 2023 Physics Syllabus:

Topics under the Physics curriculum:

The physics syllabus can be categorized into five broad sections:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Current Electricity and Electromagnetism
  3. Heat and Thermodynamics
  4. Optics and Modern Physics
  5. Electrostatics and Magnetism

Important Topics:


Laws of Motion

Motion in one dimension

Mechanics of solids and fluids

Ray Optics and optical instruments


Work, Power, and Energy


Wave Optics

Heat and thermodynamics


Current Electricity


MET 2023 Mathematics Syllabus:

Topics covered under the MET mathematics 2023 syllabus:





Coordinate Geometry




Conic sections


MET 2023 English Syllabus:

Topics for the MET 2023 English section-

Tense – Usage of proper tense

Pronouns & Determiners / Usage of appropriate articles & Prepositions

Sentence structure- Clauses of condition & time


Linkers- Appropriate use of linkers & conjunctions

Usages in English- Standard usages / Idioms & phrases

Synonyms / Question tags

One-word substitutions

Commonly confused pair of word

Candidates should go through the syllabus properly to help with in-depth preparation. The MET syllabus 2023 contains detailed courses, topics, and units the aspirants must study to pass the entrance exam. Students must study all topics from the 12th standard syllabus in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English in preparation for the exam. All students familiar with the syllabus will be able to design their preparation routine according to the MET 2023 exam format and thus will have a better chance at effective learning.


Q1. What is the MET 2023 marking scheme?

The MET 2023 marking scheme is listed below.

  • A total of +4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer.
  • No Negative marking is applicable for NAT type of questions. However, if the incorrect answer is in MCQ types, 1 mark will be deducted.

Q2. How many sections does the MET 2023 Exam have?

 MET 2023 is divided into four sections: physics, chemistry, math, and English. The exam comprises a variable number of questions for each segment.

Q3. Is it possible to take MET 2023 on my computer?

A3. No, you won't be able to take MET 2023 on your computer. The test must be taken at the workstation designated as the MET 2023 test centre.

Q4.In the MET 2023 paper, how many questions exist in each section?

The MET 2023 paper has a total of 60 questions. The exam is divided into four portions, each with a different number of questions:

  • 15 questions in physics
  • 15 questions in chemistry
  • 20 questions in mathematics
  • 10 questions in English

Q5.When will the MET 2023 exam pattern be made available?

The official authorities will provide the MET 2023 exam pattern on the website before the MET 2023 exam dates.

Q6. Will the MET 2023 exam be computer-based?

Of course. MET 2023 is expected to be a computer-based examination (Online mode).

Q7. What types of questions will appear on the MET 2023 exam?

The MET 2023 exam will include both MCQ and NAT questions.

Q8. In MET 2023, are there any damaging marking schemes for incorrect answers?

For each incorrect response on MCQs, one mark will be deducted. No marks will be deducted for a wrong answer in the NAT section.

Q9. In MET 2023, how many questions are there?

During the MET 2023 exam, candidates will be required to answer a total of 60 questions.

Q10. Is there a negative marking scheme in the MET 2023 exam?

In the MAT exam 2023, one mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.

Q11. How do I get a hard copy of the MET 2023 syllabus?

The MET syllabus 2023 can be downloaded from the official website of MAHE.

Q12. Which subjects will be there in the MET exams?

The MET exam has 4 sections with questions from Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English.

Q13. Are the topics for the MET exam syllabus from the class 12th syllabus?

A5. Yes, all the topics are primarily from the class 12th syllabus for UG courses.

Q14. What exactly are NAT questions in MET?

NAT is a numerical value as an answer, correct to the fourth decimal point in most tests. These answers, unlike multiple-choice questions, require students to think about and compute them.

Q15. What must subjects be studied in preparation for MET 2023?

For MET 2023, candidates must study mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English themes.

Q16. Is it necessary for me to study the complete MET syllabus to pass the exam?

A8. Of course. Candidates are advised to study the complete MET 2023 Syllabus to achieve good results.

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