KIITEE 2024 Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Syllabus & Exam Pattern of KIIT University Entrance Exam (KIITEE)

Students interested in taking the KIIT Entrance Test 2023 should review the KIITEE 2023 exam pattern to acquire about the exam's structure, numbering system, mode of examination, KIITEE 2023 marking scheme, and types of questions, KIITEE exam durations. Students can also prepare better and smarter by analyzing the KIITEE 2023 syllabus. Students might improve their chances of getting better grades by preparing appropriately. The KIITEE 2023 will be held in online mode as a computer-based test. Each course's KIITEE 2023 test pattern is unique and differs. As per the marking scheme of the KIIT Exam, Each correct response receives three points, while the incorrect answer receives a negative mark.

For UG Courses, the KIITEE syllabus 2023 is based on the 10+2 topics. Whereas, for PG courses, the Syllabus will be framed by graduation level. Apart from Syllabus & Pattern, candidates must solve Previous KIITEE Question Papers or Sample Papers. By solving the papers, candidates get an insight into KIITEE 2023 Exam Difficulty Level. They can also analyze the time management for solving question papers within a given time frame. Predictably, KIITEE 2023 Exam might take place in June 2023.

KIITEE 2023 Exam Pattern Highlights

  • There will be 480 marks in total. The entrance test will take place completely online.
  • The KIIT exam's question papers will all be written in the same language, which is English.
  • A total of 120 objective-type questions will be asked.
  • Each question will have four possible responses, and the student must choose just one of them; otherwise, the answer will be invalid.
  • KIITEE 2023 has a negative marking system for all incorrect answers.
  • A student can skip to the next question on the question sheet or even to the next section during the exam. Henceforth, there is no sectional time limit in KIITEE 2023.
  • Students can mark a question for further review and then amend or insert their response. A student might do the same on the question-answer sheet during the exam if there is any uncertainty.

KIITEE 2023 Exam Pattern - UG Courses

The KIITEE 2023 exam pattern for UG programs is distinct from the others. However, there are certain similarities between the engineering and nursing programmes.

B.Tech and B.Arch

  • The KIITEE 2023 Question Paper for B.Tech/B.Arch courses is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Each portion of the course contains a total of 40 questions. Henceforth, candidates must solve 120 Questions in total.
  • All of the questions come from the Syllabus of the class 12th/11th  exams.
  • The duration of the exam for B.Tech and B.Arch is 3 hours.
  • For each section, the total mark is 160. By calculating all the sections, the total marks would be 480.

KIITEE B Tech Exam Pattern


Number of Questions

Total Marks













B.Tech (Lateral Entry)

  • The applicant who wishes to be admitted directly into the programme's second year should be aware of the KIITEE Exam Pattern for lateral entry.
  • KIITEE 2023 B Tech Lateral Question Paper is divided into mathematics, engineering mechanics, and electrical engineering.
  • And there are 40 questions in total in each part. So total, there will be 120 Questions. And the total marks is 480.
  • The course curriculum is entirely based on the diploma in the engineering curriculum.
  • The exam duration for B.Tech (lateral entry) and BCA is 3 hours.


  • KIITEE 2023 Exam Patterns for BBA or BCA are divided into four divisions. Mathematical Ability, Logical Ability, Verbal Ability, and General Knowledge
  • Each section contains 20 questions in GK (general knowledge), 40 questions in Verbal Ability, and 30 questions in Mathematical and Logical Ability.
  • The duration of the exam for BBA and BCA is 3 hours.

B.Sc (Nursing)

  • KIITEE 2023 BSc Nursing Question Paper has been divided into three sections: physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • The course contains 120 MCQs (multiple-choice questions). Each section contains 60 questions.
  • The duration of the exam for B.Sc (Nursing) is 3 hours.

KIITEE 2023 MBA Exam Pattern

To pass the exam, all applicants must thoroughly understand the KIITEE 2023 MBA Exam Pattern. In addition, this is the key to passing the final exam. The following are the most important aspects of the KIITEE 2023 exam pattern.

  • The KIITEE 2023 MBA test is a computer-based exam that is administered online.
  • There will be 150 MCQs (multiple-choice questions) in total.
  • KIITEE MBA Question Paper is divided into five sections: Issue of Social Concern (20 Q), General Knowledge (20 Q), Analytical Reason (40 Q), Quantitative aptitude (40 Q) and English (30).
  • According to the KIITEE 2023 MBA Marking Scheme, 3 marks will be granted for all correct answers, and -1 marks will be carried over as negative marks for each incorrect answer.
  • The exam will be held in English and will last 150 minutes (2.5 hours).


No of Questions

Maximum Marks

General Knowledge



Issue of Social Concern



Quantitative Aptitude



Analytical Reasoning






Master of Public Health or Master of Hospital Administration

  • This course contains 120 questions in total and is divided into four sections: quantitative aptitude (30 questions), logical reasoning (30 questions), English language (40 questions), and general awareness (20 questions).
  • The duration of the exam for MPH or MHA is 3 hours.

M.Sc (Nursing)

  • KIITEE MSc Nursing Question Paper is divided into physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • The course contains 120 MCQs (multiple-choice questions).
  • The duration of the exam for M.Sc (Nursing) is 3 hours.

M.Sc (Biotechnology or Applied Microbiology)

  • KIITEE 2023 MSC Exam Pattern: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology are the four areas of this course. There are 20 questions in Physics, 20 questions in Mathematics, 30 questions in Chemistry, and 50 questions in Biology in all.
  • The KIITEE M.Sc Exam (Biotechnology or Applied Microbiology) duration is 3 hours.
  • In the Biology portion, a student is asked a question based on their graduate level. The questions in the next three sections are based on the 10+2 Syllabus.


  • M.Tech courses are based on the B.Tech Syllabus, which consists of a single paper with 120 multiple-choice questions.
  • The duration of the exam for M.Tech is 3 hours.


  • Math, Computer Awareness, Analytical and Logical Ability are the sections of the MCA program for KIITEE 2023.
  • The duration of the exam for MCA is 3 hours.
  • There are 60 math problems and 30 questions in each computer awareness section and analytical & logical ability.

KIITEE 2023 Terms to Understand

1. Colour Arrangement

Specific colours will be assigned to specific questions in the question paper to distinguish between answered and unanswered questions. The answers will be displayed in a 'Green' colour, while the unanswered questions will be displayed in a 'Blue' colour. This will aid applicants in determining which questions have had their answers provided and which have not.

2. Review

When students are unsure about a question, they can use the 'Mark for Review' option to mark it for later review. They will be able to save time as a result of this.

3. Marking Scheme

Students will receive four points for each correct answer, which will be added to their overall score. While 1 mark will be deducted from the total for each wrong response.

4. Question Type

All questions in the KIITEE 2023 exam will be multiple-choice questions, according to the exam pattern. For each question, the applicants will be provided four options from which to choose one correct answer.

5. Switch or Skip button

Students will have the option of switching or skipping to any question by simply clicking on the question's sequel number on the right side of the computer screen. Students will be able to jump to whatever question they wish regardless of the sequel number if they use this method. Students have the option of switching between portions.

KIITEE 2023 Marking Scheme

Students can obtain a total of 480 marks in the KIITEE. Each question is worth four points. For each incorrect answer, one mark is deducted. Students can consult the table below for more information on the KIITEE marking scheme for BTech and BTech (Lateral Entry) courses:



Correct answers

+4 marks


0 marks

Incorrect answers

-1 mark

KIITEE 2023 Exam Pattern CBT Guidelines

  • If students want to go over their answers again, they can do so in the remaining time or finish the test.
  • Students must click the 'Submit' button once they have completed the test.
  • When students finish and submit the online test, a message with a thank you note will appear on the screen.
  • After three hours, the test will automatically terminate.
  • Students must log in to the computer assigned to them by entering the password printed on their KIITEE admit card.
  • Students will be handed a rough worksheet.
  • When the timer goes off, students must begin answering the questions.
  • Students are not permitted to take any breaks before the test is completed.
  • If students finish their paper within the time limit, they will receive a confirmation page with two options: return to the test or complete it.

Required Documents for the KIITEE 2023 Exam

For the KIITEE test 2023, students must bring the documents listed below:

  • The KIITEE 2023 exam admit card and any valid ID proof.
  • Colour passport photos of the students taken recently.
  • For rough work, use a pen or pencil.

KIITEE 2023 Syllabus

To develop a strong preparation approach, students should extensively review the KIITEE syllabus 2023. The KIITEE curriculum will include all topics, sections, and chapters for various test papers. The following is information on the various KIIT University's courses and their relevant subjects.



Master of Public Health or Hospital Administration

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English
  • General Awareness
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

B.Sc (Nursing)

  • Physics (10+2 standard)
  • Chemistry (10+2 standard)
  • Biology (10+2 standard)

M.Sc (Nursing)

  • Questions based on B.Sc Nursing


  • B.Com

MA Sociology

  • Questions based on B.A Sociology syllabus


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

B.Tech and M.Tech dual degree

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

M.Sc (Applied Microbiology or Biotechnology)

  • Physics (10+2 standard)
  • Chemistry (10+2+3 standard)
  • Biology (10+2+3 standard)
  • Mathematics (10+2 standard)

MA English

  • Questions based on B.A English syllabus

MCA or M.Sc Computer Science

  • Mathematics
  • Analytical and Logical Ability
  • Computer Awareness

MA Economics

  • Questions based on B.A Economics syllabus


Q1. What is the total marks for KIITEE B Techexam?

The KITEE entrance test 2023 is a total of 480 points.

Q2. What types of questions will be asked on the KIITEE exam?

In the KIITEE entrance exam, multiple-choice questions are asked.

Q3. What is the mode of the KIITEE entrance exam?

The KIITEE 2023 exam is taken entirely online.

Q4. What documents do I need to take the KIITEE exam?

For the KIITEE exam 2023, students must bring the documents listed below:

  • The KIITEE 2023 exam admit card.
  • Students must provide recent passport-sized colour pictures.
  • Any of the Valid ID Proof.

Q5. What is the marking scheme for the KIITEE 2023 exam?

One mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer, and four marks will be awarded for each correct answer in the KIITEE 2023 exam.

Q6. Is there any negative grading for KIITEE MBA courses in 2023?

Yes, each incorrect response will result in a negative mark.

Q7. Is there any deduction for unattempted questions in KIITEE?

No, there will be no mark deductions or negative grading for unattempted questions.

Q8. Is there any sectional time limit in KIITEE 2023?

There is no sectional time limit for KIITEE 2023.

Q9. How many questions will be on the KIITEE 2023 PG Exam?

According to the KIITEE 2023 exam pattern, each question paper section will include 120 questions.

Q11. Is it necessary to answer the KIITEE questions in any particular order?

Students are free to answer questions in whatever sequence they see fit.

Q12. How long does the KIITEE exam last?

KIITEE 2023 lasts 3 hours (180 minutes).

Q13. What are some of the topics that are covered in the KIITEE B.Tech Lateral Entry Mathematics courses?

The Mathematics courses in the B.Tech Lateral Entry syllabus contain a variety of topics such as vector algebra, a product of vectors, vector differentiation, Gamma function, ordinary and singular point Frobenius method, Fourier series, Euler's formula, Even and odd functions, and so on.

Q14. What is the max number of courses that can be selected on the KIITEE 2023 application form?

A student is free to choose as many courses as they want from the university's current offerings.

Q15. Is there any similarity in the KIITEE Syllabus of UG and PG courses?

The Syllabus of UG and PG courses are nearly identical. Some PG courses are based on the undergraduate curriculum.

Q16. Where can I get a copy of the KIITEE 2023 Syllabus?

You may see the KIITEE 2023 syllabus on the university's official website.

Q17. Is NCERT enough to pass the KIITEE exam?

Yes, students should keep NCERT books as their priority. You can practice from H.C. Verma and D.C. Pandey books too for practice.

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