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Established : 2000 | Accredited/Approved : UGC

The IGNOU Kohima Regional Centre in Nagaland was founded in 2000 as a strategic initiative to promote educational development and extend comprehensive learner support services to North East and Sikkim students. As part of this special measure, six additional Regional Centres, including ones in Shillong and Guwahati, were established, each located in their respective state's capital. The creation of these Regional Centres aimed to enhance access to education and cater to a diverse student community in the region.

Through the IGNOU Kohima Regional Centre, students in Nagaland and neighbouring states can access various undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses through open and distance learning modes. The Regional Centre is vital in facilitating the admission process, distributing study materials, providing academic counselling, conducting examinations, and addressing student grievances. It also organizes workshops, seminars, and orientation sessions to enhance the learning experience and provide additional support to students.

The IGNOU Regional Centre in Kohima oversees a network of 16 Regular Study Centres and 4 Programme Study Centres within its jurisdiction. Currently, 61 academic Programmes have been activated and made available to students. Over the years, the Regional Centre has witnessed substantial enrollment, with a total accumulated student strength of 38,485 registered learners for various programmes from 2004 until 2021. This significant number of students reflects the Regional Centre's commitment to providing accessible and diverse educational opportunities to a broad range of learners within its geographical area.

Under the Kohima Regional Centre, there are 13 examination centres for term-end exams in addition to 6 study centres with EDUSAT terminals and 9 study centres with DR terminals. Additionally, the Regional Center includes two testing locations for the OPENMAT Exams for the Management Program and the Entrance Exam for the B.Ed. Program.











IGNOU Kohima Regional Centre Code


Admission Process

Merit-Based/Entrance Exam

Application Mode




IGNOU Kohima Contact Number

0370 – 2260366



IGNOU Kohima Address

Near Mt. Hermon School,

DBHSS Road Kenuozou,

Kohima – 797001, Nagaland

IGNOU Kohima Learning Methodology

IGNOU offers various resources and platforms for learners to access study materials, video lectures, and academic content. Here are the key resources provided by IGNOU:

IGNOU FB Live Recorded Videos: IGNOU conducts Facebook Live sessions where faculty members and subject matter experts discuss various academic topics, share insights, and interact with learners. These live sessions are often recorded and made available for later viewing on IGNOU's official Facebook page.

IGNOU Self-Learning Material (SLM): IGNOU provides comprehensive self-learning study materials to its enrolled students. These SLMs include printed course books, audio-visual aids, and online resources. The study materials are designed to facilitate independent learning and cover the entire syllabus of each course.

IGNOU - SWAYAM Course Content: IGNOU collaborates with the Ministry of Education's SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) initiative. SWAYAM offers free online courses from various institutions, including IGNOU. Learners can access course content, video lectures, quizzes, and assignments through the SWAYAM platform.

IGNOU YouTube Videos: IGNOU maintains an official YouTube channel to upload lectures, educational content, and informational videos. These videos cover various subjects and topics, providing additional learning resources for students.

Indian Journal of Open Learning (IJOL): The Indian Journal of Open Learning is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal published by IGNOU. It features research articles, case studies, and academic papers on open and distance learning. The journal is available online, providing valuable insights to researchers and scholars.

University Publications: IGNOU publishes various books, research papers, and journals related to different subjects and academic disciplines. These publications are available for purchase or download through the official IGNOU website.

SWAYAM Prabha Channels: SWAYAM Prabha is an initiative by the Ministry of Education to provide 32 high-quality educational channels through DTH (Direct-to-Home) services. IGNOU contributes educational content to these channels, making academic material accessible to learners nationwide.

These resources are part of IGNOU's commitment to providing quality education and enabling learners to access learning materials through various platforms, catering to their diverse needs and preferences. Learners can use these resources to supplement their studies, gain additional knowledge, and enhance their learning experience at IGNOU.

IGNOU Kohima Courses and Fees

IGNOU Kohima Regional Centre offers a variety of courses through distance education mode. The courses cover diverse disciplines, including arts, science, commerce, and management. Each course has its unique fee structure, and the IGNOU Kohima fees may vary depending on the program's duration and level (undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, or certificate).



IGNOU Fee Structure


Tourism Studies


INR 3,700

(1st Year Fees)



INR 6000

(Total Fees)



INR 50,00

(Total Fees)


Social Work

INR 18,300 (Total)


Library and Information Science

INR 8,300 (Total)


Preparatory Programme

INR 3000


Creative Writing in English

Early Childhood Care and Education

HIV and Family Education


Nursing Administration

Nutrition and Health Education


Tourism Studies

Value-Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables

Women's Empowerment & Development



Community Radio

Consumer Protection

Disaster Management

Early Childhood Special Education

(Mental Retardation)

Energy Technology and Management

Food and Nutrition

Food Safety


Health Care Waste Management

HIV and Family Education

Human Rights

Information Technology

Literacy programme

Maternal and Child Health Care

Newborn and Infant Care

Nutrition and Childcare

Rural Development

Teaching English as a Second Language

Tourism Studies

Visual Arts - Applied Arts

Visual Arts - Painting

Women's Empowerment & Development

Empowering Women Through Self-Help Groups

Teaching Primary School Mathematics



Distance Education






Political Science

Public Administration

Rural Development


Tourism Management


INR 6,800

(1st Year Fees)



Business Policy and Corporate Governance

Finance & Taxation

INR 8,500

(1st Year Fees)



INR 37,800

(Total Fees)


Library and Information Science

INR 10,800 (1st year fees)


Social work

INR 18,000 (1st year fees)

PG Diploma

Education Management and Administration


Book Publishing

Corporate Governance

Disaster Management

International Business Operations

Rural Development

Special Education in Mental Retardation

Adult Education: Participatory Adult Learning,

Documentation and Information Networking

Distance Education

District Health Management

Education Technology

Environment and Sustainable Development

Folklore and Culture Studies

Geriatric Medicine

Higher Education

Hospital and Health Management

Intellectual Property Rights

Journalism and Mass Communication

Library Automation and Networking

Maternal and Child Health

Radio Programme Production


PG and Certificate Advance

Special Education - Hearing Impairment

Special Education in Mental Retardation

Agriculture Policy


Non-Certificate Programm

 Motor Cycle Service and Repair


IGNOU Kohima Course fee structure

MBA - Finance Request 2 years
MBA - Human Resource Management Request 2 years
MBA - Information Technology Request 2 years
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Contact Information

Contact Numbers:

0370 – 2260366 / 167

Email ID:



IGNOU Regional Centre-20,Near Mt. Hermon School,DBHSS Road Kenuozou,
, Kohima, Nagaland, India

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