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The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education is a prestigious institution in Hyderabad, India. It has been declared a Deemed-to-be-University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. The University has achieved significant recognition and accreditation for its academic programs. IFHE has received the highest grade of "A++" in the NAAC Accreditation, with an impressive score of 3.59 out of 4. This accreditation signifies the institution's commitment to maintaining high educational standards and providing quality education.

The ICFAI University online MBA holds the esteemed AACSB International Accreditation, a global benchmark for business education. ICFAI Online MBA Ranking is 1st among the Top 25 Online MBA Colleges in India, showcasing its excellence in management education. IFHE is a member of the AIU and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). These memberships facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities with other esteemed Indian and international universities.

The Online MBA in IFHE Hyderabad offers a flexible and convenient learning environment for working professionals and individuals seeking to enhance their managerial skills. By opting for the online mode of study, students can access high-quality education while balancing other personal and professional commitments. IFHE online MBA course offers an opportunity to acquire essential business knowledge and expertise through a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced faculty members.



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Is ICFAI Online MBA Valid?

MBA degree has long been recognized as a gateway to lucrative career opportunities and enhanced managerial skills. With the advent of online education, pursuing an MBA has become more convenient and flexible than ever before. One such institution providing a comprehensive online MBA program is ICFAI University.

  • ICFAI  has received an A++ grade accreditation from NAAC, showcasing its commitment to quality education. Besides, it has achieved accreditation from AACSB, a globally recognized accreditation for business education.
  • IFHE has obtained notable rankings in various surveys and rankings, reflecting its quality and performance.
  • It is a member of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), further enhancing its reputation.
  • The institution emphasizes innovation, research, and industry relevance, providing students with practical skills and knowledge.
  • The flexibility of its online programs caters to the needs of working experts & individuals with other commitments, as emphasized by the ICFAI online MBA review.
  • ICFAI's Online MBA offers ample networking opportunities for students. Students can build connections and engage in meaningful discussions through virtual forums, group projects, and interactive sessions with faculty and peers. This networking can be valuable for professional growth and future career prospects.

ICFAI Online MBA Fees

The fee structure of the ICFAI University Online MBA program varies from semester to semester. However, it is essential to note that the ICFAI's fee structure is competitive and comparatively affordable. The institution aims to provide quality education without burdening students with exorbitant fees. Prospective applicants are advised to visit the ICFAI website or contact the admissions office for detailed fee information.

Candidates participating in the selection process must pay the ICFAI Online MBA registration fee of Rs. 1000. However, this amount will be adjusted against the admission fee upon selection.

For semester-wise fee payment, the 1st-semester fee is Rs. 65,000 (Rs. 20,000 admission fee + Rs. 45,000 tuition fee). Upon selection, candidates need to pay Rs. 64,000 after adjusting the previously paid registration fee. For year-wise fee payment, the 1st year fee is Rs. 1,10,000 (Rs. 20,000 admission fee + Rs. 90,000 tuition fee). Upon selection, candidates need to pay Rs. 1,09,000 after adjusting the previously paid registration fee.

Here we have tabulated the ICFAI Online MBA Fees Details for better understanding:

Fee Structure

Amount in INR

Admission Fees


Tuition Fees


Total Program Fees


Payment Options:

A) Year-Wise: Fee Payment


Amount in INR

Admission Fee


Tuition Fee - 1st Year


Tuition Fee - 2nd Year




B) Semester-Wise Fee Payment


Amount in INR

Admission Fee


Tuition Fee - 1st Semester


Tuition Fee - 2nd Semester


Tuition Fee - 3rd Semester


Tuition Fee - 4th Semester




ICFAI University Online MBA Admission Process

[A] Submission of Application:

To apply for the program, candidates must complete the ICFAI online MBA application form and upload scanned copies of specific documents using the ICFAI online MBA login credentials. (Generated During the registration process). These documents include the latest photograph with a signature, 10th Class Certificate, 12th  Class Certificate, Degree Certificate, Aadhaar, and a copy of the passport for international students. Candidates should also provide a TOEFL/NELT/IELTS score report if applicable. All documents should be self-attested in blue ink along with the date.

[B] ICFAI Online MBA Selection Process:

Upon submission of the application and required documents, candidates undergo a Selection Process consisting of a Micro Presentation and a Personal Interview. A non-refundable ICFAI Online MBA selection process fee of Rs. 1,000 will be paid online. This fee will be adjusted against the ICFAI Online MBA Admission Fee upon selection. Candidates must select a suitable time slot for the selection process and can proceed to book the slot after payment.

[C] Post-Selection Formalities:

Selected candidates are required to complete the admission process by paying the applicable Admission Fee. The Admissions Office will provide:

  • Information regarding the payment of the Program fee
  • Any additional documents needed
  • The deadline for completing the admission process
  • The dates for the orientation program and regular classes

ICFAI online MBA Eligibility Criteria

The MBA online program at ICFAI is open to many individuals, including graduates, working professionals, and international students.

  • To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a graduate degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • The medium of instruction during their previous education should have been English.
  • Candidates who have completed their education in a language other than English must submit their TOEFL, NELT, or IELTS score reports.
  • All applicants will experience a rigorous selection process conducted by the selection committee.
  • The committee will holistically evaluate each candidate, and their recommendation for admission will be final.

ICFAI Online MBA Syllabus and Programme Structure

Upon completing the first year in the online MBA Program, learners will demonstrate the application of acquired knowledge and skills in foundational and functional management areas. They will develop the necessary competencies to assess business challenges from an integrative perspective, identify solution areas, and design integrated business solutions at both beginner and intermediate levels.

By the conclusion of the second year, learners will have further enhanced their knowledge, skills, and competencies, specifically relevant to the corporate world. They will be capable of designing business plans and innovative solutions and actively participating in decision-making processes within a specific sector or business function. It will address defined market conditions, customer requirements, and organizational challenges, ultimately leading to growth and sustainability.

ICFAI Online MBA Placement

The ICFAI Online MBA program recognizes that students may have unique career aspirations and goals. The program aims to comprehensively assess the student's profile to tailor their learning experience accordingly. This assessment considers various factors, including the student's background and desired career path.

A Personal Development Plan is formulated based on this profile assessment, providing students with periodic feedback and counselling options. Students are encouraged to self-assess, set realistic goals, and define personal learning outcomes and milestones they aim to achieve throughout the program. This process aligns their learning strategies and engagements within and outside the program with their career objectives.

By the end of the first year, students should have gained self-awareness and explored different career options through extensive research. It enables them to make informed decisions about their career path and appropriate elective choices.

In the second year, students focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies required by recruiters in their chosen field. They are encouraged to showcase their achievements through a Student Portfolio, highlighting their unique capabilities and accomplishments.

IFHE Course fee structure

MBA - Management 200000 2 years

ICFAI Online MBA Course structure

The online MBA from ICFAI offers a structured curriculum comprising 22 courses, 15 core courses, six elective selections from 4 streams, and a practicum/project. This well-designed program aims to deliver a comprehensive online MBA experience to aspiring professionals.

The core courses of the ICFAI MBA syllabus cover foundational, standard functional, and capstone areas that all potential managers must understand. They equip students with the tools and frameworks for analyzing and addressing challenges from specific and integrative perspectives.

First semester -students take core courses such as

  • Management and Organization Behavior
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Foundations of Accounting and Finance
  • Business Environment

The second semester -  focuses on subjects like

  • Economics for Business
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Communication.

Third semester - students delve into subjects such as

  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • International Business
  • Leadership and Change Management, and three elective courses.

The elective options are available in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and IT and Operations streams. These electives give students a deeper understanding of functional issues and possibilities, enabling them to develop better solutions.

ICFAI Online MBA Learning Methodology

The pedagogy employed in the ICFAI business school online MBA incorporates several unique approaches to enhance the learning experience:

1. Micro-learning: The program utilizes multi-format content such as videos, audio-visuals, visually enriched text, and a comprehensive glossary. These learning materials are presented as bite-sized learning nuggets, ranging from 2 to 15 minutes in length.

2. Context-in-Context (C-in-C) Approach: Recognizing that management is an applied discipline, academic concepts and frameworks are presented within real-life contexts. This approach helps learners understand how theoretical concepts can be applied in practical situations.

3. Practice-Precept-Practice (P2P) Exercises: The program emphasizes a cycle of learning and employability through engagement exercises based on real-life situations. These exercises encourage learners to relate, reflect, and recreate scenarios, enhancing their employability skills.

4. Gamification: Gamification techniques motivate learners and foster a sense of healthy competition within peer groups. This approach encourages learners to focus on individual progress within a group setting, enhancing their engagement and motivation.

By incorporating these pedagogical approaches, the Online MBA Program at ICFAI aims to create an interactive and dynamic learning environment that facilitates effective knowledge acquisition, practical application, and the development of essential employability skills.


By Suman Nath
Class of 2024

ICFAI University’s MBA program is an online course that is executed in two years for graduates and working professionals. The program is approved by UGC which makes it a program of high standard. The ICFAI Online MBA envisages the provision of MBA education delivered through an effective online system. The ICFAI University online MBA fee is INR 2,00,000, and thus it could be considered valuable for candidates who need improvement in managerial competencies. The curriculum is intended to give the students a solid foundation of business principles, complemented by theoretical concepts along with their practical implementation using enhanced learning approaches.

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