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B.Sc. Mathematics Honours

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B.Sc. Mathematics Honours

BSc Mathematics Hons is the study and examination of structure, quantity, and space. Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Differential Geometry, Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Lap Lace Transforms, Statistics for Mathematics, Numerical Methods, and others are typically covered in this program. In addition to studying for a fundamental Undergraduate degree in mathematics, you can also study discrete mathematics and various theories in mathematics-related fields like computer science or statistics.

This course develops an understanding of analytical capabilities, practical talents, and mathematical competencies. In addition, the program focuses on understanding the basic applications of mathematical techniques used to generalize ideas outside theoretical mathematics.

Applicants capable of performing observational and experimental research, analyzing the data, overseeing the identification of patterns, making conclusions, and having a basic understanding of computer programs to assist the subjects. Another fundamental skill is the capacity to approach problems analytically and rigorously, develop theories, and use those ideas to address problems.

In addition, the candidate must have advanced numeracy abilities, the capacity to study significant amounts of information, and the ability to demonstrate mathematical contentions and findings with clarity and correctness.

Numerous colleges and universities nationwide offer the program on and off their main campuses. After completing courses, numerous job opportunities are available to BSc Mathematics Hons graduates.

Course Level


Duration of the Course

3 years

Examination Type

Semester and Annual


10+2 or equivalent education

Admission Process

Entrance exams and Merit-Based

Average Course Fee

INR 5000 to 2 lacs

BSc Mathematics Hons Average Salary

INR 2 to 8 lacs

Top Recruiting Companies

Videocon, LG, Samsung, Edward Jones, McKinsey and Company, Intel, Qualcomm, Google, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Takshashila Consulting, TCS Innovation Lab, Weizmann Institute, Ernst & Young, Tiger Analytics, etc.

Top Job Roles

Actuarial Sciences, Banks and Investment Firms, Business and Industry, Commerce Industry, Colleges and Universities, Financial Sector, Research and Development Firms, Indian Civil Services, Insurance Agencies, Inventory Management, Statistics, Technical, Journals, Utility Companies, etc.

BSc Maths Honours Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have earned their undergraduate degree from an accredited institution or college in any relevant discipline with a minimum average of 50% aggregate marks to be admitted to the B.Sc. Maths honours program. The age range for the B.Sc. Math. Hons. program is 17 to 24 years old.

Candidates have two options for applying: online or offline. The application process is solely entrance- and merit-based. The applicants can enrol in the program by downloading the online admissions form or filling out the form online. The colleges conduct discussion rounds, personal interviews, and counselling sessions before applicants are accepted into the program.

BSc Maths Honours Selection Process

The student's scores on relevant management entrance tests are taken into account. After an interview, seats are given to deserving candidates. The institution of choice determines the application process. Any applicant who wishes to apply for admission must complete the online application. When that happens, the college or university will announce a cut-off that will guarantee admission to every applicant. However, in some colleges, admissions are granted based on merit.

The admission process for enrolment in B.Sc. Honors Mathematics differs from institution to college. For example, entrance exams are used in some institutions to determine admissions, whereas merit-based admissions are used in other colleges. Three rounds make up the typical admissions procedure that most institutions take into account. These rounds are discussed below.

  • Round 1: An entrance exam that is written is included. In this round, knowledge of fundamental ideas is examined.
  • Round 2: A group discussion is part of this round. It assesses the candidates' capacity for collaboration and leadership.
  • Round 3: A personal interview will be the basis of the third round. In this phase, candidates' confidence is assessed.

Top Colleges for BSc Maths Honours

Most colleges in India and abroad offer B.Sc Maths Honours as it is one of the introductory courses in the nation. Some of the B.Sc Hons Top colleges in India, which help the aspirants to pursue an excellent B.Sc Maths Hons career, are

S. No.

Name of the College




Hindu College Delhi University


Miranda House Delhi University



Hans Raj College Delhi University


St. Xavier's College Ahmedabad



Acharya Narendra Dev College New Delhi


Ravenshaw University Cuttack

BSc Maths Honours Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II


Mechanics I


Differential Equations I

Algebra I

Algebra II

Semester III

Semester IV

Mechanics II

Vector Analysis

Differential Equations II

Differential Equations III

Analysis I

Analysis II

Semester V

Semester V

Numerical Methods

Probability Theory

Numerical Methods Practical using C

Linear Programming and Optimization

Algebra III

Algebra IV

Analysis III

Analysis IV

BSc Maths Honours Fees Structure

The fee structure of colleges and universities varies from each other. While the government runs some colleges, others are by private organizations. The typical cost of a B.Sc. Hons. Ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 200,000 in mathematics.

Below are some of the top institutes in India that offer the course.

Name of Institute


Average Fees

Christ University


INR 29,700

Quantum University


INR 56,456

Fergusson College


INR 12,000

The Oxford College of Science


INR 25,000

Mount Carmel College


INR 51,900

ST Joseph's College


INR 3,080

Elphinstone College


INR 5,350

St. Xavier's College


INR 12,000

National Post Graduate College


INR 20,000

Jai Hind College


INR 5,020

Hindu College


INR 16,200

Jyoti Nivas College


INR 30,000

University of Lucknow


INR 10,300

Ranchi University


INR 2,380

BSc Maths Hons Career Scope

In the discipline of mathematics, there are numerous employment options. Candidates in this discipline work for universities, schools, public and commercial companies, and various industries. Candidates have the option to operate their coaching facilities as well as serve as teachers in institutions and schools. Candidates may also apply for banking positions in public and commercial sectors, such as bank POs. Additionally, their degree is accepted in public administration, banking, accounting, investing, insurance, and commercial services.

All businesses and financial models employ mathematical principles. Mathematics encompasses various topics, including statistics, operations management, actuarial sciences, and accounting. Course participants receive training in doing financial analysis to determine the profitability or

There are numerous employment options available to B.Sc. with honours in mathematics graduates. They can choose from various jobs, including those as an investment banker, actuary, chartered accountant, stockbroker, equities analyst, risk management analyst, financial advisors, and more.

Those who continue their education can choose M.Sc. honours in mathematics or related specialization. They can then pursue a PhD or M.Phil.

IT Industry

If you enjoy creating computer algorithms, you may want to consider the information and communication technology sector. You have the ideal opportunity in this sector to use your honours degree in mathematics.

Actuarial sciences

Actuaries utilize statistical and mathematical modelling to predict the future and assess how it will financially affect an organization. The actuarial profession has many exciting opportunities in a province that is expanding quickly.


After completing your B.Sc. in Mathematics, you can work as a retail or investment banker. Large enterprises, governments, and well-off people can all benefit from investment banking's advice and services in the financial sector. Investment banking is a fast-paced and extremely rewarding profession. Retail banking refers to the activities of the numerous high street banks that offer personal and commercial customers financial services and goods. There are a great many

Operations Research Analysts Career

The science of increasing productivity and making optimal judgments is known as operations research. You can apply your statistical and quantitative skills to help organizations enhance their strategy as an operational research analyst. In addition, it's tremendously satisfying to use your mathematical knowledge to address problems in the actual world.

Teaching Career

You can fulfil your dream by enrolling in a Master's program and earning a PhD. Your understanding of a certain field will improve as a result. You might also change your topic of study or earn a professional credential. Getting a PhD in mathematics offers a fantastic chance to contribute something new.

BSc Maths Hons Job and Salary





A statistician is responsible for assessing, interpreting, compiling, and presenting quantitative data and information.

INR 3 to 4 Lacs

Business Analyst

The role of the occupational analyst is to create solutions that, in addition to looking at requirements and paperwork for expanding sales efforts, can also technically address business difficulties.

INR 8 to 9 Lacs


The mathematician is responsible for using formulas, ideas, and models to support or refute the theories. In addition, they employ methods for resolving problems in engineering, business, etc.

INR 9 to 10 Lacs

Risk Analyst

The responsibility of a risk analyst is to keep track of the financial risks associated with investments and association operations. Typically, they work for banks and other financial organizations.

INR 5 to 6 Lacs

Data Analyst

Data analysts gather data for market research, logistics, or transportation and use that data to guide decisions.

INR 3 to 4 Lacs


Benefits of Pursuing a B.Sc Maths Hons.

A BSc Hons mathematics curriculum is structured so students in the programme learn and develop specific analytical skills. They gain knowledge of the basic mathematical concepts needed to do financial analysis. The BSc. Hons. The mathematics program teaches students how to comprehend and analyze the information obtained.

Anticipated Salary

The pay for B.Sc. Hons. mathematics graduates vary depending on several variables. The ability of candidates to persuade the employer to pay a greater salary is crucial. Geographical location and the size of the hiring organization are further factors that influence the wage.



1-3 years

5-6 lakhs

5-9 years

7-8 lakhs

10-19 years

8-9 lakhs