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The Career Advantages of Holding an MBA Degree

Jul 11, 2024 by Admin
The Career Advantages of Holding an MBA Degree

The MBA is the most demanding postgraduate course, not just in India but at the international level. MBA graduates acquire profound consistency in management principles. At the same time, they will be able to cultivate good business skills through their training, enabling them to handle any managerial post as their career grows. By pursuing an MBA, you would be able to intern at some of the world’s biggest companies, which would help you get your dream job. It prepares you for a variety of careers with concentrations in finance, healthcare, supply chain, marketing, operations, business analytics, and many other areas. Students pursuing an MBA will improve their critical and creative thinking, leadership, and decision-making skills and be challenged to make informed decisions based on what they have learned throughout their MBA Program.




2 Years



Selection Criteria

Score on the Entrance Exam

Group Discussion

Individual Conversation

Eligibility Criteria

a bachelor's degree from an accredited university in any area, or its equivalent

a minimum score of 50% is required.

To get admitted into the management institute of their choice, applicants must pass the entrance exam and fulfill the MBA cutoff requirements.

Popular Exams in India



MBA programs offered include full-time, Online, Executive, One-year, Distance, Online, and part-time options.

An MBA degree from the Top B-school will make you easily switch from the middle level in a company to a higher management level. Various industries' job postings for organizational management positions emphasize the importance of an MBA, even though it's not a requirement. Almost all professions, not just one, require an MBA to advance to the Associate or higher level. Thus, the absence of the MBA degree may not be fatal; but it will nonetheless definitely stand as a significant impediment to professional growth.

Popular MBA specializations

  • Finance: Out of all the MBA specializations, finance is by far the most valuable. The MBA in Finance explains this with its comprehensive understanding and awareness of financial management and financial markets, enabling professionals to excel in their respective fields.
  • Healthcare Management: The adoption of new regulations and innovations has led to a rapid expansion in the healthcare industry. Competent executives are required to operate in today's healthcare environment. An MBA in healthcare management is a program that aims to produce qualified healthcare managers, healthcare coordinators, and other healthcare administrators.
  • International Business: The rise of multinational companies to an eminent level has been attributed to globalization. A specialization in international business is a good choice because it prepares you for the demands of the business world by sharpening your skills, as well as providing you with a sound knowledge of the current global economy.
  • Human Resource Management: Organizations have always been on the lookout for employees with good knowledge of the concept of human resource management. An MBA in Human Resources will provide you with an enriched understanding of organizational behavior, selection and training, and human resources management. Thus, you will enhance your managerial skills and your capacity to work under pressure.
  • Operations Management: Studies undertaken under this MBA in Operations Management equip the students with vast knowledge about how to effectively coordinate the functioning of a firm’s operations to ensure the production of quality goods and services on time. Students will gain an understanding of the effective and efficient use of resources to enhance the value of an organization.
  • Marketing Management: Presently, an MBA in Marketing has become one of the most preferred degrees by both graduates and organizations. The advantages attained by the company from the candidates possessing an MBA degree in Management reflected in abilities to understand the core area of marketing, the element of advertisement, the study of consumer behavior, and marketing techniques.

MBA Career Advantages

In India, earning an MBA offers special benefits tailored to the country's evolving corporate landscape. It provides access to attractive career prospects in the consulting, finance, and technology sectors. An MBA also significantly enhances one's comprehension of regional and international market dynamics in a diversified and rapidly developing economy. Networking opportunities with past students offer access to joint ventures and entrepreneurial ideas. Furthermore, the business sector highly values the leadership and managerial abilities gained through an MBA, positioning graduates for rapid career advancement and higher pay ranges.

  1. New opportunities

An MBA degree opens up career opportunities across a range of industries. Your ability to think strategically, lead effectively, and have business acumen makes you a viable candidate for positions in senior management. When you have an MBA in your hand, several opportunities are waiting for you. Most business schools have a large number of accomplished graduates who have made important contributions to their respective disciplines. As an MBA graduate, you have access to this network, which can provide mentorship, industry insights, and job connections. By utilizing this network, you can make big career advancements.

  1. New forms of employment

At times, the desire to change careers and pursue a different occupation may seem daunting, especially for someone who has dedicated their life to that particular field. One could easily learn new skills, which may help facilitate the transition from one career to another. You may not always have a background that matches the positions you want, so an MBA will teach you what you need to know to be more prepared.

  1. Potential Salary Increase

With an MBA, you can work in a variety of sectors and industries and advance to higher positions like manager, director, or executive. The potential for a higher compensation package is one of the main advantages of having an MBA. Especially in management and leadership roles, MBA graduates often earn significantly more than their non-graduate peers.

  1. Improved professional skills

A major advantage of taking an MBA is that it redesigns or boosts one’s knowledge of business structures and practices. Another critical aspect of achievement in any business is the army of “soft skills’ called interpersonal skills like communications, teaming, and leading. Whether you are in pursuit of a promotion or planning to start a business on your own, these are the skills that make the difference between succeeding or not.

  1. Higher job security

The current employment situation is much more volatile than in earlier times, and many people go to work with anxieties and the impending view of being left out. An MBA degree brings more versatility of skills and the possibility of having a better-secured job, which may also contribute to one's outlook on life. Skills that a person learns in MBA programs make him or her more marketable in the employment market in organizations.

  1. Enhanced World Perspective

An MBA prepares you from a world-class business standpoint and allows you to realize the specifics of functioning in a global environment. An internship is also an important aspect of many of today’s best programs. Graduate students are taken overseas so that they can experience how businesses can be managed in international markets. Selecting a program that gains the attention of the international market will also complement the diversity within the classrooms and enrich the day’s discussion.

  1. Better Networks

MBA graduates have access to a network that offers them valuable mentorship, information, and job opportunities. A network can help you achieve professional growth. The course itself will provide opportunities to make contacts with other students, professors, businessmen, and other helpful people from diverse backgrounds. As students progress in their working lives, these connections may provide them with sound advice, opportunities, and encouragement. The top MBA colleges in India boast a pool of successful graduates who have significantly impacted their respective fields.

  1. Better knowledge acquisition

MBAs enhance your understanding and skills in several areas of business administration. With the help of this program, it is possible to embrace technical skills, hard skills, and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, while studying the MBA course, one can understand the global market and the challenges that the business world is presently facing. An MBA will not only promote an employee's career, but it will also help the person grow in personal capacities. You can learn about various viewpoints, cultures, and approaches to problem-solving through an MBA program.

  1. Credibility

In the corporate world, specifically dealing with business organizations, an MBA is highly respected in society. Your certification holds significant value. Regardless of your choice, whether the program has leadership or global management, you will benefit from its status. At the same time, no matter if it is a new product or service, a divisional restructuring, or your own business, you can do it successfully. That is why organizations prefer MBA graduates in leadership and directional roles when making tactical decisions in a company or division.

  1. Entrepreneurial Skill

An MBA can give you the skills and knowledge you need to start your own successful company if you wish to do so. The course equips students with knowledge of entrepreneurship, company planning, and strategic management. It thus prepares them sufficiently for establishing and managing new ventures. Getting an MBA could also help you develop a profound professional brand in the corporate world. You may gain additional opportunities, respect, and recognition from partners, clients, and employers by developing a strong personal brand.

Scope of an MBA

An MBA degree is a ticket to first-grade managerial positions in all industries and operation categories. As the program developed with special reference to the needs of managerial education and training, it had several vocational advantages that were discernible when placed at the table for placement.

MBA is one of the preferred options among learners when it comes to choosing a PG course. Statistics prove that annually, over 5 million new firms are registered, globally, which, in turn, provides magnificent employment opportunities for MBA holders in the managerial and administrative fields.

One of the significant career advantages of MBA specialized management training in some areas of business like finance, operation, logistics and supply chain, marketing, human resource management, and so on, is that it is valuable to the company seeking employees.

The two components of an MBA education are theoretical and applied knowledge. Theoretical learning provides profound management knowledge, but practical learning experience enables MBA graduates to develop sound managerial skills.

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Team management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Stress handling skills
  • Solution designing skills

Jobs for MBA Degree Holders 

An MBA degree opens up numerous opportunities for top-tier managerial career positions in well-established companies, some of which are listed below:

Job Roles

Average Salary for MBA Graduates

Marketing Analyst

4.53 LPA

Marketing Executive


Sales Manager

4.57 LPA

Human Resource Manager

8.13 LPA

Talent Acquisition Specialist

6.5 LPA

Compensation Manager


Financial Analyst

3.5 LPA

Accounting Manager


Business Analyst


Information System Analyst


IT Strategist

10 LPA

Software Manager

15 LPA

An MBA is vital for growing your career since it gives you insights into global business, helps you grow as a leader, and opens opportunities to higher-paying professions. It enhances the idea of professional unity and helps one work on oneself and achieve professional success. Students pursuing an MBA in today’s ever-growing and highly dynamic business environment would be those who are excellent in entrepreneurship, corporate, or other careers. An MBA assists you in attaining such and other goals.