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M.Sc Chemistry Scope

Jan 14, 2023 by Admin
M.Sc Chemistry Scope

A two-year postgraduate degree, the M.Sc. in Chemistry, is divided into four semesters. The course imparts knowledge of natural and chemical processes and a grasp of various physical and biological phenomena. Students interested in learning about the characteristics, modifications, sites of chemical reactions, and chemical makeup of substances should take this course. It comprises subjects like biology, earth & environment, physics, and maths.

It incorporates scientific and professional knowledge and advanced theoretical and practical aspects of Chemistry, such as lab testing, research, and other activities.

Students who want to pursue an MSc in chemistry should have a B.Sc. or an associated field from an accredited college with at least a 50 per cent or higher grade point average. Entrance tests are used to determine who gets into the best colleges. The degree offers numerous lucrative career options in the industry, including those as a data scientist, chemist, clinical research specialist, laboratory technician, and many more.

One area of science that has continued to enjoy continuous popularity among students is chemistry. As a result, opportunities abound for both higher education and employment. Various employment with high sustainability and opportunities for advancement to high ranks are available to students.

In contrast, MSc Chemistry students who pursue higher education can apply for employment that pays more and work in research and development. The two most popular options for this second option are a PhD and an M.Phil. However, there are a lot of alternative options.

MSc Chemistry Eligibility Criteria

One must first satisfy the prerequisites for the Master of Science in Chemistry program before applying. Once all requirements have been satisfied, candidates are admitted. It would help if you were a science major with a bachelor's degree. Specifically, the undergraduate degree in Chemistry should have a general grade point average of at least 55% to 60%. The candidates can then sit the written exam and apply for admission.

MSc Chemistry Entrance Exam

Entrance Exams


Exam Dates











September– October








Top Colleges in India Offering MSc in Chemistry

In actuality, most institutions with a Science division provide chemistry. However, several distinguish due to their locations, ranks, and infrastructure. In addition, a written exam and an in-person interview are required for admission to most universities that grant an MSc in Chemistry. Therefore, it is worthwhile for prospective applicants to learn more about these universities and what they offer.

University of Delhi

One of the top universities in Delhi University is located in the country's capital. Additionally, admittance to this university is among the most difficult. The university holds an entrance exam for enrollment in the MSc Chemistry program every year. In addition, there is additional merit-based admission for applicants with a cumulative GPA of over 60%. Each year, 306 students in total are accepted into the course.

Christ University Bangalore

One of Bangalore's top universities, Christ University, offers three concentrations for its MSc in Chemistry program. General, analytical, and materials chemistry are among them. They want to help pupils learn to approach their subject matter analytically. Admission to their program is based only on an academic exam, a presentation, and an in-person interview. Specifically, one must have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and at least 50% marks.

Oxford College of Science

The Oxford College of Science is a Bangalore-based private institution that offers all courses affiliated with affiliation to Bangalore University. The institute specifically offers a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry. Candidates with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a 40% score must pass a qualifying exam, much like most institutions. Before being admitted, selected candidates participate in a personal interview phase after the written exam.

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is another of the top institutions to research employment alternatives after earning an MSc in Chemistry. Students are also admitted to this two-year program via a university-level entrance exam. The test results will determine the candidates' admission and eligibility for scholarships. However, a chemistry bachelor's degree is required to take the test.

University of Jamia Milia

Jamia Milia University is the only institution that provides full-time and part-time master's degrees in Chemistry. As a result, are 44 students in each class at this major university. Choose from the following concentrations: Materials, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. Depending on the university, admission is granted.

MSc Chemistry Fees Structure

Check out the Top MSC Chemistry Colleges and their fee structure and average placement package, which students earned all these years.

College Name

Average Annual Fees

Average Package Offered

Hindu College

INR 16,690

INR 7 to 9 LPA

Miranda House

INR 16,170

INR 6.6 to 8LPA

Hansraj College

INR 16,554

INR 5 to 5.5 LPA

Fergusson College

INR 50,780

INR 6 to 10 LPA

Ramjas College,

INR 14,404

INR 7 to 9 LPA

Stella Maris College

INR 15,000

INR 5 to 6 LPA

Sri Venkateswara College

INR 13,191

INR 4.4 to 7 LPA

Christ University

INR 1,10,000

INR 6 to 8 LPA

The Oxford College of Science

INR 50,000

INR 3 to 6 LPA

Chandigarh University

INR 1,06,000

INR 4.5 to 6 LPA

Different universities have different master's in chemistry course offerings. However, candidates can use a sample syllabus as a guide.

First Semester

Second Semester

Inorganic Chemistry 1

Inorganic Chemistry 2

Organic Chemistry 1 and 2

Organic Chemistry 3

Physical Chemistry 1

Physical Chemistry 2

Mathematics for Chemists

Spectroscopy 1


Biophysical and Photochemistry

Chemistry of Selected Elements

Photoinorganic Chemistry


Chemistry of Selected Elements

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Spectroscopy 2

Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis

Solid State Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms and Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides

Chemistry of Materials


Spectroscopy 3



Scope for M.Sc Chemistry

MSc Chemistry has become one of the most sought-after curricula in India over the past few years. It is because students can delve into broad subject areas during the course. As a result, the scope of the MSc in Chemistry keeps growing.

After completing this course, one may pursue a research career, practice as a scientist, or even look for employment in the education industry. After completing MSc Chemistry courses, students may consider obtaining a higher degree. The two most common options for graduate study among students are an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Master of Philosophy in Chemistry: A postgraduate philosophy course in chemistry is taught for a full year. It centres on matter's characteristics, content, behaviour, structure, and the alterations that occur during chemical processes.

MSc Chemistry Job Opportunities

A typical student might anticipate several work prospects after earning their MSc in Chemistry. For example, the position is available in sales, laboratories, and research and development, among other fields. Therefore, it is best to look at the private and public jobs available to chemistry students to appreciate the range of a chemistry degree and career prospects.

Private Jobs after MSc Chemistry

Many scientific career positions are available in the private sector at various product producers. For instance, some industries that hire the most MSc Chemistry graduates are the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. Therefore, a successful career in the private sector is possible for the right candidate with the necessary abilities and mindset.

Manager of Quality Control

"Quality Control Manager" is a general title many businesses and sectors use. This position is largely offered in pharmaceutical or cosmetics businesses for degrees in chemistry. The quality check manager will test and inspect the manufactured goods to satisfy all requirements. They then documented their findings in a report and forwarded it to higher management for adjustment. No crops are sent to be sold out in the market without the involvement of a Quality Control Manager. No matter the industry, a Quality Control Manager typically earns INR 6,22,611 LPA.

Pharma Sales Managers

Companies that produce pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and have various items have a separate sales division. Sales Executives are hired under this department, and their main duty is to increase sales and attract new clients. They often possess a relevant degree, such as an MSc in Chemistry, and are experts in the product. Typically, pharmaceutical sales representatives approach hospitals and physicians to present their products. One must pay close attention to detail and possess persuasive skills to grasp what the client requires. They work toward monthly and yearly goals for which they are paid regularly in addition to commissions. Particularly for this position, the average pay is INR 3,10,000 LPA.

Research Scientist

Specifically, the position of a Research Scientist is one of the most sought-after MSc Chemistry positions. Research scientists use chemicals and analyze them to create various products and treatments in the business sector. The Research Scientist typically collaborates with other team members in this crucial laboratory function. In addition to the tests and experiments, they will also analyze the information and outcomes. Other responsibilities include overseeing junior employees, preparing reports, and liaising with top management. The research scientist must also stay current with chemistry's most recent advancements. Most firms pay their research scientists INR 7,09,657 LPA.


They are specialists who use biology and chemistry to assess whether or not specific compounds are toxic. In this particular position, the worker performs all jobs in a lab environment while carrying out testing and research. The experiments are conducted on people or animals in a controlled environment, and the results are subsequently used in many sectors. In addition, toxicologists evaluate their safety for use and consumption, particularly concerning medications and pharmaceuticals. They will also produce instructions or training materials on how to use these substances. It is a well-paying position with a potential salary of INR 7,50,757 LPA.

Government Jobs After MSc Chemistry

Government employment opportunities for students studying chemistry are often available in institutions and government-run research facilities. These organizations frequently conduct an admission exam and a round of in-person interviews to choose candidates. Like the commercial sector, the government has various occupations and employers.

Research Assistant

One role is self-explanatory, and that is this one. In laboratories, laboratory assistants will mostly assist senior scientists. They are there to help the scientists in whatever manner they can. Everything from preparing for the tests and experiments to documenting the results, cleaning, sterilizing, and writing reports. Additionally, the laboratory assistant will gather and manage test samples and handle administrative responsibilities for the senior scientist. The beginning salary for this position is INR 2,13,999 LPA.


They work exclusively with various chemicals, evaluating and analyzing them as part of their main chemistry job duties. They are working to develop a new, more secure product that is also more reliable. The chemist will consider the results of the test by

Associate Clinical Research

Associates who carry out clinical experiments at government or privately-owned laboratories. They run the tests to determine any advantages and hazards and how to employ them. The majority of clinical research associates conduct human drug testing. The Clinical Research Associate is responsible for setting up the test, starting it, and monitoring the findings. With the help of drug authorities and doctors, this work is completed. In this position, one may anticipate making about INR 3,36,543 LPA.

Job Position

Average Annual Salary



Clinical Research Associate


Lab Assistant




Pharmaceutical Sales Executive