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How To Determine a Good Score in NEET UG 2024?

Apr 30, 2024 by Admin
How To Determine a Good Score in NEET UG 2024?

The NEET 2024 exam, organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is scheduled for May 5, 2024. Meanwhile, the NEET 2024 Result Date is scheduled for June 14. NEET has a total of 720 marks, and students often wonder what constitutes a good score.

Scoring between 650 to 710 out of 720 in the NEET UG 2024 Exam is considered excellent. Students achieving this score have a high chance of getting into Top Medical or Dental Colleges in India for MBBS or BDS programs. Those who score above 650 are likely to secure admission to premier government medical colleges, while scores ranging from 550 to 650 can still secure admission to other government medical or dental colleges. Furthermore, students aiming for NEET, even if their scores fall between 510 and 430, have the opportunity to enroll in the top private medical or dental colleges within the state.

Factors Influencing Good Scores in NEET UG

Many things can influence a student's NEET UG 2024 score and rank. These factors include:

  • Exam Difficulty: The level of difficulty in the NEET UG 2024 exam can greatly affect a student's score and ranking. If the exam is harder than in previous years, it could lead to lower scores and rankings.
  • Reservation Category: NEET UG 2024 has different reservation categories, such as OBC, SC, ST, and PwD. Students in these categories might have different eligibility criteria and a lower minimum score requirement, which can impact their rankings.
  • No. of Students: The total number of students taking the NEET UG 2024 exam can impact scores and rankings. When there's intense competition, it might result in raised cutoff marks and lower individual scores and rankings.
  • Exam Structure and Content: Changes in the exam pattern and NEET Syllabus 2024 can also influence a student's performance and ranking. Adapting study methods to accommodate any alterations in these aspects is essential for achieving better scores.
  • Minimum Marks Required: The NEET Cutoff 2024 plays a crucial role in defining a student's rank and eligibility for admission to medical colleges. It signifies the minimum marks necessary to qualify.

How Can Students determine a good score in NEET UG 2024?

Before the NEET 2024 results are out, candidates can figure out their likely scores using the marking scheme and the NEET 2024 answer key once it's available. Here's how you can calculate your NEET 2024 scores:

  • Compare your answers with the official NEET 2024 answer key, making sure to match the question paper code provided on both your OMR sheet and the answer key.
  • Check the language and sets mentioned at the beginning of the OMR sheet and NEET answer key.
  • Count how many of your answers match the correct ones on the answer key. If you've marked more than one answer for a question, you won't get any marks for that question.
  • To calculate your NEET 2024 scores, use this simple formula:
    • NEET 2024 score = [4 x (Number of Correct Responses)] – [1 x (Number of Incorrect Responses)]

What Is A Good Score NEET UG 2024

To figure out what qualifies as a good score in NEET, we need to look at past patterns. Along with the score, the All India Rank is also taken into account. The rank isn't the same thing as the score. Here's a table based on studying scores and trends from previous years:

Score Type

Score Range

Very Good Score

650 to 700

Good Score

550 to 650

Average Score

400 to 550

Low Score

200 to 400

How To Score Well in NEET Exam 2024

To secure a spot in a respected government medical college, candidates should target a NEET score of 580 or higher. Since the NEET cutoff varies yearly, it's wise to aim for a higher score to rise your chances of getting into your preferred college.

Here's some helpful insight based on an analysis:

  • If you aim for a score of 650 or above, you stand a good chance of getting into MAMC.
  • To secure a seat in any Delhi Medical College, aim for a score of 635 or higher.
  • A score of 610 or higher can land you a seat in esteemed institutions like Seth GS, BHU, IMS, GMC Chandigarh, and others.
  • For state quota admissions, aiming for a score of 590 or above could secure a spot in one of the state's finest institutions. If not available, the All India Quota is the next best choice.
  • A score of 560 or higher can lead to admission to top institutions through the state quota (less certain in Delhi but more certain in MP) and other reputable medical colleges nationwide.
  • A score of 540 or higher is adequate for admission to good medical schools in your home state, including the best in MP.
  • A score of 510 or higher can secure admission to in-state institutions, with less chance through the All India Quota.
  • A score of 490 or above is sufficient for a state seat, although it's not the best option for the All India Quota.
  • A score of 480 or higher is just sufficient for the State quota, and this is where admission to private medical schools begins.

What To Do If Students Didn't Get Good Scores in NEET

Not reaching a satisfactory score in NEET UG 2024 might feel disheartening for students who've worked hard for it. But it's essential to know that not scoring well doesn't close doors for those dreaming of a medical career.

There are various paths for students who don't get their desired scores in NEET UG 2024:

  • Take a Gap Year: If you feel you could have prepared better for the NEET UG 2025 exam or if unexpected things affected your performance, you might think about taking a year off to get ready. During this time, you can concentrate on improving the subjects you're not strong in, practice more questions, and take practice tests.
  • Explore Other Career Paths: If you don't get into a good medical college because of your NEET UG score, you could think about other careers in healthcare, like nursing, physiotherapy, or medical research.
  • Look into Different Medical Courses: If you can't get into MBBS, you can consider other medical courses, like BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, etc. These courses also offer good opportunities in the healthcare field.
  • Give it Another Shot: If you're not happy with your score, you can also consider giving NEET UG 2025 another try. Just remember, you'll need to work even harder and smarter to improve your score and get into a good medical college.