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Government Jobs after BA LLB

Feb 09, 2023 by Admin
Government Jobs after BA LLB

The BA LLB program offers students with a inclusive understanding of the law, government, and the arts. After completing the program, students can pursue a legal career, become lawyers or advocates, judges, or pursue other related career paths. There are many Government Jobs for BA LLB Graduates Freshers available as well. In addition, it is a well-reputed course that can offer attractive income upon gaining experience.

BA LLB Course Details

Course Name

Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws


5 Years

Average Fees

INR 2 -7 LPA

Average Salary

INR 3 - 6 LPA

Employment Roles

Legal Advisor, Lawyer, Public Prosecutor, Judge, Company SecretaryAdvocate, Paralegal, Junior Lawyer, Law Lecturer, Law Associate, State Prosecutor Private Practice, Legal Administrator, Law Officer

Eligibility Criteria for BA LLB

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB) course, candidates must have:

  • Completed class 12th with aggregate 50-60%
  • Age limit of 20 years
  • Cleared acceptable entrance examinations like CLAT, AILET, CUET, and so on

How to Get Admission for BA LLB? To be admitted to the course and get good BA LLB job opportunities, you must meet the requirements specified in the admissions policy, such as passing an entrance exam or scoring high on a merit basis. In addition, you must follow a specific admission procedure, such as submitting your application and documents online or in person. In general, there are types of admission processes followed for admission in BA LLB in India: Based on the Entrance Examination To be admitted to a law program, you must take an acceptable entrance exam. Some of these exams are administered by law schools, and others are conducted by agencies such as CLAT/LSAT or AILET. If you want to study law, be sure to know which exams are used to assess your eligibility.

Based on Merit

Several law colleges and universities also accept admission applications for a BA LLB degree based on the candidates' marks from qualifying exams, such as class 12th marks.

Selection Criteria

After the results of the respective exams are released, students can check the cutoff marks. After that, the candidates who have cleared the cutoff will be invited to an online counseling session. During this session, the candidates will choose which colleges they want to attend. Then, based on their rankings, the counseling body will assign seats to the candidates.

Top BA LLB Colleges in India

NIRF Ranking

Top Colleges for BA LLB


National Law School of India University Bengaluru


National Law University Delhi


Nalsar University of Law Telangana


IIT Kharagpur


National Law University Jodhpur


West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences


Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar


Symbiosis Law School Pune


Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi


Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law

BA LLB Specializations

Most law curricula require students to choose a specific legal field of study and consider specialization after enrolling in the course. Choosing these is important for getting government jobs after BA LLB as well. Here are some popular legal fields offered in India and what each includes.

Tax Law

An individual or organization may have to pay many different types of taxes, such as income, property, inheritance, and franchise taxes. Tax law studies can help you learn about government policies, rules and regulations, and possible remedies for people who may have failed to pay their taxes.

Criminal Law

This area of law focuses on crimes against society or the state. The specialization in criminal law involves working with clients and witnesses in court and preparing cases for defense. One also participates in interviews and interrogations of witnesses.

International Law

International Law will talk about treaties and agreements between nations. These govern how nations interact, including their citizens and business entities.

Popular Entrance Exams for BA LLB While there are national entrance examinations for law programs, some states even have state exams and Government Exams after BA LLB, which are important for admission. Below are some of the most popular exams:

  • CLAT
  • LSAT

Syllabus and Subjects for BA LLB

The curriculum includes practical, core, and elective courses. While the general curriculum may be the same, electives may vary from college to college. Moot courts, case studies, and classroom lectures are also included in the syllabus. The following papers make up the general syllabus for BA LLB fresher in India: legal method, contract law, business law, family law, constitutional law, and criminal law. Below are the incline of some of the common subjects in the BA LLB course:

  • Administrative Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Economics
  • Advocacy Skills
  • Constitutional Law
  • Election Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Banking Law and Insurance Law
  • Criminology
  • Family Law
  • Business Law

Reasons Why BA LLB Can be a Rewarding Career?

The law occupation is one of the most in-demand fields, with high salaries and prestige. However, there are many reasons why this course can be rewarding, including the high pay and the social standing the job brings.

High earnings:

Unlike a classic desk job, one can benefit from ample employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the legal field. In addition, as your experience increases as a legal professional, your earnings will also rise significantly.

Wanting to solve social issues:

The legal profession is a decent place to start if you are strongly inclined toward social justice and morals. As a result, whether an aspiring lawyer is interested in human rights or family law, law is a profession that will allow them to help people professionally.

Pervasive Skills:

Legal knowledge is an indispensable asset in the global and urban world. No matter what field you specialize in later on, a law background will always be a strong support.

Scope for Higher Education

A BA LLB graduate can pursue various higher education options, including an LLM (Masters of Law) degree if they want to study further. Additionally, a BA LLB graduate can pursue an MBA if they plan to make a career in management. The management field offers many opportunities and courses students can take to prepare for a career in this field.

Salary of a BA LLB Graduate

Salaries for graduates in this field vary depending on their qualifications, experience, and skills. The average salary for someone starting in this field is around 3-6 LPA (US$60-100,000 p.a.). Location, job type, and company size also play a role in salary.

Career Options After BA LLB

As discussed earlier, lawyers and legal professionals are needed in almost every industry. Hence, ample employment opportunities are available in the market for young aspirants. Some possible options include working in private practice, in the government, or starting a business. In addition, many law graduates take placement exams and pursue higher education, such as studying for the UPSC or the PCS and HJS exams.

Following is a brief list of job profiles you will come across in the legal field:

  • Prosecutor
  • Judge
  • Company SecretaryAdvocate
  • Paralegal
  • Junior Lawyer
  • Law Lecturer
  • Law Associate
  • State Prosecutor
  • Private Practice
  • Legal Administrator
  • Law Office
  • Attorney General

Areas of Recruitment For BA LLB

The BA LLB program in India offers a great range of career opportunities. After completing the program, most students choose to work in the private or public sectors or start their businesses. These options are for BA LLB job opportunities in abroad too. Legal counsel, judges, trial lawyers, business clerks, and corporate employees are some of the many career paths available. If students want to continue their education, they can enroll in higher education and pursue a Master in Law (LLM) or an MBA, as explained above. Below are some areas of recruitment for the legal field:

  • Employment with banks and Financial Services
  • Finance and Account Department
  • HR Dept
  • Jobs in Supply Chain Management or SCM
  • Jobs in the tourism industry
  • Entry-level/ trainee. Internship roles in a Business consultancy
  • Careers in Investment Banking
  • Positions in the E-Commerce industry
  • Government jobs
  • IT

Salary Packages For BA LLB Professionals

Below is an average estimate of salary packages offered across India, including BA LLB fresher salary in Bengaluru, Karnataka, to give a better idea about the field opportunities:


Average Salary

Average BA LLB salary per month


Highest Salary


BA LLB  fresher salary


Here is a brief overview of salary packages based on the job profiles offered in the sector:


Average Salary


INR 2 – 3 LPA

Corporate Lawyer


Legal Analyst

INR 2 – 3 LPA

Civil Lawyer

INR 2 – 3 LPA

BA LLB: Salary Trends

Many jobs for ba LLB freshers are available, and the pay they receive depends on their work field. For example, if someone chooses to work as an independent lawyer, they may earn more than someone who works in a corporate setting. Additionally, having a university degree is also seen as a positive factor in determining pay.

Job Profile

Starting Salary

Senior Level Salary


INR 2 – 3 LPA

INR 9 – 10 LPA

Corporate Lawyer



Legal Analyst

INR 2 – 3 LPA


Civil Lawyer

INR 2 – 3 LPA


Government Jobs For BA LLB Aspirants

Top Government Companies

Job Profile

Average Salary


Assistant Public Prosecutor



JAG Officer


Reserve Bank of India

Legal Officer


National High-Speed Rail Corporation

Law Clerk


Private Jobs For BA LLB Aspirants

There are many opportunities for law aspirants in the private sector. Some of the top jobs for BA LLB holders include working in law firms, government agencies, and private companies, which are highlighted below:

Top Private Companies

Job Profile

Average Salary

AZB & Partners

Law Associate


Luthra & Luthra Law Offices

Junior Partner


Aparajitha Corporate Services

Corporate Lawyer


Clutch Group

Legal Consultant


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