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10 Ways to Get Good Score in Medical Entrance Exams

Updated: Jul 31, 2018 by Admin
10 Ways to Get Good Score in Medical Entrance Exams


Every year from the month of April to June goes in preparation for medical entrance exams. Burning the midnight oil is a common thing for every medical aspirant at that time. Memorizing the facts and understanding them is their only motive to crack the medical exam. If you are medical student, then like every other aspirant, you need work in a streamlined manner that can help you score more very easily.

These medical exams are a straight way to get into a good medical college. One needs to prepare very seriously for these exams and study hard. Cracking medical entrance exam in the very first attempt is quite difficult but with some best tips, you can crack the exam. Everyone is aware of the general exam pattern and thus, studying for the exam in that pattern only helps an aspirant.

Know your syllabus: The syllabus of medical entrance exam consists of subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge. Before studying for the exams, you should figure out the important topics from all the four subjects and focus on studying by investing right amount of time and dedication. Most of the medical entrance exams cover NCERT syllabus, thus, it is important for you to study NCERT syllabus with mind and heart. You should know the every word of NCERT books. Optics, Thermodynamics, Mole Concept, Genetics, Cell Biology, Morphology, Biotechnology are some of the main topics that you should go through.

Study Material: Apart from NCERT Books, your success depends on the type of study material you study. Right study material is the most important. You can study from the books written by entrance exam experts and the subject experts. Along with this, also study toppers’ interviews as these can give you a right direction on studying as well as attempting the paper. You may also get new ideas for the preparation style. Mock tests, sample papers and assignments are some ways to practice the entrance exam.

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Study Plan: An effective study plan will help you make better use of your time and efforts. To set a goal, you should ask some questions to yourself. These questions include about the realistic element in your goal, and which all efforts you wish to put in to meet your goal. The answers to these questions will aid in making a great and effective study plan to help you crack the entrance exam.

Work on Weaker areas: It is obvious that there would be some areas that you are weak at. Study and work hard on your weaker sections, not just before the exams but right from the beginning. You can also seek help from your peers and seniors.

Practice: Time limitation is one of the major challenges when you sit to give a medical entrance exam. You need to leverage that time and work for the best. And this is only possible if you practice mock test papers, sample papers and previous test papers. You would need to learn time management in order to excel in the exam. Also, focus on the questions that are frequently asked.

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Study Breaks: Studying 20 hours a day is not the key to crack a medical exam or any other exam. Regular study breaks should be the part of your study time table. You body needs rest and that rest is required more when your brain is at work. During your break time, take a power nap, listen to songs and do whatever you feel can boost your level of concentration. And yes, walk is also in the list.

Leverage Technology: If you are not a book person or want to learn from different sources, you can leverage the technology by studying through online tools, blogs, videos and mobile apps. This would make you learning interesting and easy.

Maintain health: Many students ignore their health while they study hard. At this time, it is necessary for the students to eat healthy and stay healthy. They should remember that a health mind exists in a healthy body only.

Guesswork: Most of the times, students go into guesswork and try to solve the questions in their unique methods but that work when it is about the facts. Students can leave the questions if they don’t know the right answer.

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