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7 Strategies to Crack NEET Exams with Good Scores

Updated: Jul 30, 2018 by Admin
7 Strategies to Crack NEET Exams with Good Scores


The time of the year has come to pass yet again when the scholarly sphere is thumped by the NEET experience. Everyone is busy surging over their books and guides, stocking up notes, studying all day all night long, and sitting at their davenport, imbibing on pens and trying to retain every formula feasible.

The social media has come to stand still and no one is found jibber jabbing with friends or watching television. Isn’t it a good thing to see the children this way, all busy and all working hard? At this pivotal time, it is important to have some tips and tricks to crack the NEET examination. Its time to pull up your socks and start preparing today! Take your leap of faith and hound these tips to crack NEET!

  1. Know the curriculum well

The syllabus and the curriculum is as boundless as an ocean, and you need to know the exact whereabouts for the supreme output. Abridge the secondary information and kingpin the important topics. This will give you sufficient time to centralize on the parts of the course that gave not been covered.

  1. Ethical gubbins

This is the major component that has to be kept in mind. Selecting the appropriate study medium can be a little puzzling, it can be simplified by concerning teachers and looking up for online expert assistance. Try viewing NEET topper inerviews and following the guidelines they provide.

  1. Efficacious scheme

Worth of time is beyond price. This is a well known fact, still many candidates neglect to make the proper use of time and take a sharp fall. Setting of an aim can be used as a policy to help the candidates bring an optimistic change in their lives.

  1. Work on frail section

There is a probability that you are very proficient in one subject and shaky in the other. Do not get demoralised by the thought of this. Try and work hard on the weaker areas to nourish them. Take help from your fellow friends or maybe seniors if required, or even go for an extra class for those subjects. This will vanquish your horrors on weakness efficiently.

  1. Exercise mock papers

One of the most difficult task of the NEET examination is the time management. A stipulated amount of time is given for answering. Time management is an obligatory skill that is required. Practice more and more mock tests and time yourself accordingly. Always keep the time limitation in mind.

  1. Big No to predictions

Many of us have the propensity of taking the guesswork passage for solving questions we have no answers to. This path might prove to be risky at times, leading to increased weightage of negative marking. Prefer hardwork instead of smart work.

  1. Optimism is crucial

Your attitude is the key to success and it decides the potency of the learning process. Pessimistic approach won’t help in learning. Sport a right frame of mind and the triumph will not be far away.