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SSR Medical College Admission

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Established : 1999 | Affiliated : University of Mauritius
Courses Fee Structure
Courses Fee
Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria/Cut-off for Admissions 2020

Course Name Minimum Eligibility Selection Criteria
MBBS Passed 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with minimum 50% marks (40% marks for reserved category) NEET UG score
MD Candidates must meet all the requirements set by the Medical Council of India. NEET PG score 
MS Candidates must have an MBBS degree from an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India. They must complete their internship on or before 30th April.  
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Live B.Tech Application Form 2020

Asked Question

santasked on 19-Jul-2020 02:50:54
when admission to mbbs 2020-21 session with SSR Medical College will start?

replied on 21-Jul-2020 17:14:53

Only after the NEET entrance exam followed by the announcement of results MBBS admissions to SSR Medical College will take place.

Adityaasked on 12-Feb-2020 04:30:17
on what basis seats will be given in SRM college

replied on 12-Feb-2020 09:38:12

On basis of merit and entrance exam score SSR Medical College admission to MBBS will be offered.

Ranjeet Sawantasked on 23-Jan-2020 09:14:48
all the information for taking admission to MBBS course in college at Mauritius.

replied on 24-Jan-2020 07:19:13

Candidates with minimum 60% aggregate in 10th, 12th in PCB stream will be eligible to apply for the college, in the college official website candidates can fill the admission form and seek for SSR Medical College MBBS admissions.

Viquar Husainasked on 02-Oct-2019 16:04:57
Full admission procedure of MBBS in SSR Medical College with fees

replied on 03-Oct-2019 12:59:30

Hi Viquar, Full admission procedure of MBBS in SSR Medical College is simple firstly students need to have secured marks in 12th level and NEET is a compulsory exam to clear to seek admission for MBBS in SSR Medical College. If you are eligible can fill the application form for the admission of MBBS in SSR Medical College. Fees of MBBS is available in the official website of the college once can visit for further details.

Jitendra Mauryaasked on 14-Aug-2019 12:41:42
I want to know about SSR Medical College MBBS admission

replied on 03-Oct-2019 13:33:23

Hi Jitendra, SSR Medical College MBBS admission will be offered for students but firstly need to fill the application form of the college through official website that is online mode by providing the exact details. Before filling the form make sure that candidate is eligible and has appeared for NEET so based on that SSR Medical College MBBS admission will be offered.

Jitendraasked on 14-Aug-2019 12:39:07
Admission and Playsment

Thuloshne Shunmoogamasked on 04-Aug-2019 13:37:28
Documents required for admission of MBBS for SSR Medical College?

replied on 03-Oct-2019 13:34:25

Hi, During admission of MBBS for SSR Medical College you need to carry the documents and certificates of previous academics and related to that. Once the counselling of NEET is done and if the candidate is selected admission of MBBS for SSR Medical College will be provided

Dr Muhammad Aslamasked on 28-Jul-2019 15:21:04
Inquiry for admission in MD Medicine post graduate course

replied on 03-Dec-2019 11:50:56

Hi Dr Muhammad Aslam,

MD Post graduate course admission in SSR Medical College is done through the basis of score secured in under graduation degree along with internship training and also should have a valid registration in the medical Council.  Through NEET PG score the selection process is done in this medical college.

Thuloshne Shunmoogamasked on 25-Jul-2019 14:41:40
I would like to know what are the application requirements and what is the application deadlines for

replied on 06-Dec-2019 04:37:20

Hi Thuloshne Shunmoogam,

  • Documents that are required at the admission time are:
  • Admission form
  • 10th & 12th pass certificate
  • Age proof
  • Conduct certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Application last date will be in the month of February.

SURESHasked on 15-Jul-2019 07:17:21
Looking for the admission for my Son - Neet Score : 402,

K S DHIVIYAasked on 12-Jun-2019 10:10:44
how to apply

Rabindra Kumar Beheraasked on 09-Jun-2019 09:25:28
Fee structure

Neel kanwal Khagejaasked on 08-Jun-2019 08:47:59
II live in ahmedabad i want to register myself for interview, can i register myself online and the

replied on 15-Jun-2019 12:55:53

According to college website its mentioned handwritten , please check college website for more details

Reuben Eapen Thomasasked on 08-Jun-2019 03:57:25
Can we come over there directly and join the course

replied on 15-Jun-2019 08:39:34

Hi, one can visit the college campus and seek for admissions to fill the application form and then can go on with the admissions process.

Reuben Eapen Thomasasked on 08-Jun-2019 03:52:27
Procedures to ensure admission to MBBS course

replied on 15-Jun-2019 08:39:44

Hi, one need to be from science background in intermediate with PCB as mains and should have scored in NEET to process with admissions.

AAINA ANANDasked on 07-Jun-2019 13:17:52
When wil be the admissions starts for MBBS course

replied on 14-Jun-2019 13:42:19

Hi, as soon as NEET results will be announced candidate can apply for the colleges and proceed with counselling. Once the applications are selected you will be selected for counselling and to take part in admissions.

Deepaliasked on 07-Jun-2019 07:51:57
Can i get admission if i get 72.2% in 12th and 178 in neet

replied on 14-Jun-2019 10:58:25

Hi, minimum 60% is required in +2 PCB and the cut-off depends on the number of students appeared for NEET and on the standards of the college. One can fill the application form and based on score you will be processed with counselling.

Uday Mishraasked on 29-May-2019 15:58:27
Internship confusing.

replied on 03-Jun-2019 07:42:14

Hi, candidate has to undergo 6 months internships according to the college guidelines after 5 years of MBBS course.

Ravi Kumar Jhaasked on 20-May-2019 03:02:38
admission process

replied on 22-May-2019 12:44:54


  • MBBA course in SSRM College is for 5 years and subdivided to 10 semesters. Candidates must have 60% aggregate in the 10+2 examination with biology, chemistry and English.
  • Application form should be submitted which is filled with their handwriting. The application form with all the mandatory documents should be submitted to Mauritius for students from there, Indian students can submit it at Delhi office of SSR College.
  • Student’s financial situations and status will be considered for selection process. They also check of the person can meet the financial demands to pursue education overseas.

Ravi Kumar Jhaasked on 20-May-2019 03:02:38
application form submissions for Mauritius

replied on 22-May-2019 12:46:06


The application form for Mauritius students can submit the application form the SSR College in Mauritius itself. The application form also can be obtained there only.

Ravi Kumar Jhaasked on 20-May-2019 03:02:37
admission process

Ravi Kumar Jhaasked on 20-May-2019 03:02:36
admission process

Ravi Kumar Jhaasked on 20-May-2019 03:02:35
admission process

Deepali Hansasked on 09-May-2019 12:19:26
i want to apply for MBBS in SSR medical college. i want to know the details for admissions.

replied on 09-May-2019 12:48:05


  • The MBBS courses is total of 5 years which includes 10 semester followed by mandatory 1 year internship.
  • Students have to obtain minimum of 60% aggregate in 12th exam as qualifying criteria with chemistry, physics, biology and English as obligatory subjects.
  • The selection process will be done on the merit of students and they also consider financial abilities of the students. The candidates who have been selected will have to face an interview conducted by admissions department.

Priyadarshan Sharmaasked on 06-May-2019 01:44:58
Admission details for MBBS

replied on 08-May-2019 12:57:16

Hi, MBBS is 5 years course which includes 1 year internship. The admissions to MBBS are based on the NEET score obtained by the candidates and the minimum marks to be obtained in 10+2 should be 60% and subjects that are mandatory are physics, biology and biotechnology and English as optional subjects.

Madhvi LIJHARAasked on 10-Apr-2019 18:46:42

replied on 11-Apr-2019 11:09:34


Admission at SSR Medical College for MBBS course candidates should have completed intermediate with minimum 50% aggregate followed by a valid score in NEET entrance test.

Kavita Jainasked on 02-Apr-2019 15:32:37
What are the fees per year for MBBS?What is the minimum cut-off score to get admission in this college?

Neena sablokasked on 23-Jan-2019 16:42:32
Admission to MBBS fees

PHILANIasked on 21-Jan-2019 11:53:05
Please help me with the ways of registration for admission

Ritam Samantaasked on 11-Dec-2018 11:27:56
How to get admitted and how to apply for admission in 2019?

Dr Moses John Wesleyasked on 01-Nov-2018 16:22:55
I would like to enquire about the admission procedure for MD in SSR Medical College Mauritius

Anvesha Sharmaasked on 22-Oct-2018 20:16:32
Want to know admission procedures and commencement of the session 2018

MONIKAasked on 06-Sep-2018 12:05:37
total fees

kiranjot kaurasked on 28-Jul-2018 06:57:24
fees and admission

kiranjot kaurasked on 28-Jul-2018 06:55:26
I want to get admission in mbbs course in your college but I think its too late now ..can you plz tell me its possible now to take admission as interview date date has gone

Shrikantasked on 14-Jul-2018 13:23:36
What's the date of fees deposit for mbbs admission 2018 ssr medical college

shrikant sharmaasked on 03-Jul-2018 12:34:23
now admission to the september batch 2018 may be possible for my son?. he have interviewed on 30-6-2016 in delhi office. his name is rishi kumar sharma from jaipur rajasthan.

Mohammad amsal saifiasked on 21-Jun-2018 16:37:49

anjantrikhaasked on 01-Jun-2018 06:57:32
Academics and reputation of the college

Meenakshi sharmaasked on 18-May-2018 06:36:37
Mbbs full course total just a rough idea of fees budget

Jahnviasked on 04-May-2018 13:48:44
How to get admission .

Kashish Sharmaasked on 25-Jan-2018 18:34:27
Required marks in NEET to get into SSR Mauritius

Radhe shyamasked on 27-Oct-2017 02:10:00
Sir pls help me about admission in Mauritius

Radhe shyamasked on 27-Oct-2017 02:09:14
Sir pls help me about admission in Mauritius

Radhe shyamasked on 06-Oct-2017 17:49:01
Sir pls help me about in Mbbs course for admission

replied on 17-Oct-2017 09:55:06

Hi Radhe Shyam,

     The admission procedure in SSR Medical College for MBBS is:-

  • You should passed 10+2 or equivalent in Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • On the basis of merit selection will happen
  • If you are selected you require to appear for an interview before the “Admission Pane”

Radhe shyanasked on 20-Sep-2017 01:08:50
Sir pls help me, I will study in your SSRM medical college for admission all details send me

Satyamasked on 10-Sep-2017 02:59:24
Neet 2017, 122 marks PCB% 55 and overall%58

Revanth gowda Bcasked on 09-Sep-2017 11:31:53
What is the fee structure

Manjit Dasasked on 01-Sep-2017 16:11:31
Admission process

Jayesh tannaasked on 21-Aug-2017 18:57:59
How to get admission

vidushi maheshwariasked on 15-Aug-2017 15:24:40
req for fees per year

Harshitaasked on 13-Aug-2017 10:23:40
I'd like to know about the admission procedure.

Dr John Mathaiasked on 09-Aug-2017 13:44:12
Seat for MD GeneralMedicine

Komal shahasked on 18-Jul-2017 17:54:29

J Rajashekarasked on 09-Jul-2017 08:02:37
My son got 92% marks in HSC State Syllabus and to join in Medical Couse (MBBS). pls provide details

Priyanka Karnasked on 08-Jul-2017 16:35:58
MBBS admission

Prakruthi. k.casked on 01-Jul-2017 10:32:56
for MBBS Admission

Ashishasked on 14-Jun-2017 04:31:06
I want to do mbbs in that college what can i do

Sakthivel kasked on 09-Jun-2017 04:41:20
Mci approval for2017-18 ,then fees structure for whole degree,international exposure?

Anumitha Shree palanisamyasked on 16-May-2017 04:32:59

Satyam Sumanasked on 07-Feb-2017 02:03:13
How much fee is required for direct admission

chanchalasked on 27-Jan-2017 07:11:09
I have 74% in 12th class can I take admission in ssr

mikhaeel khaleckasked on 16-Jan-2017 13:15:08
good day i am interested in attending SSR medical college, how would i go about applying? :)

ABHIJEET NARAYANasked on 02-Nov-2016 08:04:46
Academic eligibility criteria i.e marks in PCB? Is it considered individually?

ABHIJEET NARAYANasked on 02-Nov-2016 07:59:43
Acadmical eligibility criteria i.e percentage of marks in PCB? And is itconsiderd individually?

Shashindra Tripathiasked on 21-Oct-2016 20:57:11
What is the procedure of Admission and is is possible to get the admission in this sessions.

Sarwat parvezasked on 20-Oct-2016 13:54:07
I want admission in SSR university for MBBS course

Rahul Pondaasked on 09-Oct-2016 09:35:20
I have done A levels in Physics Chemistry Biology and Maths. Not done English. Did English in O le

kuldeep singh sainiasked on 23-Aug-2016 17:22:11
Admission procedure or eligibility or last date form filled up

sanchitasked on 23-Aug-2016 02:22:32
can I get admission in MBBS in ssr now.

udit bhardwajasked on 22-Aug-2016 06:13:48
Want to get admission in ssr

Kanishkasked on 29-Jul-2016 03:48:27
Is ssr medical college recognised by mci

PRIYANKA PANTasked on 18-Jul-2016 10:50:15
what is the fee structure for mbbs

vaishaliasked on 14-Jul-2016 14:24:29
wan admission for mbbs

Karishma sharmaasked on 06-Jul-2016 07:24:55
Want to know the Fee structure as per annum

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