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Top 10 Online MBA Colleges for Data Science in India 2024

Jul 11, 2024 by Admin
Top 10 Online MBA Colleges for Data Science in India 2024

The Online MBA in Data Science course aims to develop management professionals in the data science field. Students will obtain analytics competencies and work with hands-on tools in the areas of data sciences, hence making them suitable for business and techno-functional jobs in data sciences and analytics projects.

Data science is the art of utilizing technology to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions, and recognize valuable information. There are quite several Universities in India presently offering an Online MBA in data science.

Why choose an online MBA in data science?

  • Flexibility: It is advantageous to opt for an online MBA in data science because it lets you get your course done from anywhere. However, traditional courses require that one be present for regular face-to-face classes. Depending on the time of day, online degree courses also employ flexible arrangements.
  • Accessibility to study notes: An online learning course also allows one to access some of the course materials at any time. You can refer back to the notes you have taken, depending on the online platforms provided.
  • Value for money: Although you can complete online courses from the comfort of your home, they are less expensive than regular classes. Online MBA data science fees will range from Rs. 1–4 lakhs. However, a traditional course will cost you INR 10 lakh in total.
  • Career advancement: Enrolling in an online degree provides you with a wealth of knowledge. It does not necessitate that you quit your job to take the course. However, the finalization of this MBA Online helps to enhance your current career and existing knowledge base.

 Online MBA Data Science Eligibility Criteria

An individual must fulfill certain requirements to qualify for the online MBA in Data Science. The common eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Candidates should possess a university degree in engineering, mathematics, or information technology.
  • Candidates must be students of IT, analytics, statistics, big data, or machine learning.
  • Students in their final year of graduation may also be eligible to apply in certain cases. In certain situations, only students who are final-year graduates are eligible to apply.

Top Online MBA Colleges for Data Science

  1. Manipal University

Manipal University delivers the online MBA in Analytics and Data Science coursework. It focuses on providing you with tools and methodologies used in contemporary data science practice. You can use it to transition into data science roles or to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in the field. The curriculum focuses on imparting advanced knowledge in data science. This way, you will acquire the competencies required for employment across the business world in such positions as a data analyst, business intelligence manager, or data scientist. Manipal University's Online MBA in Data Science fees is INR 1.7 lakh.

  1. Shiv Nadar University

Online MBAs with data science are spread over 8 quarters. The course assists the learners in acquiring managerial, technical, and analytical tools, which in turn improves their job opportunities. The programs include the specialized online MBA in New Age Technology for the Digital Economy, which has +900 hours of learning from international faculty, including Shiv Nadar University. The program is suitable for recent graduates, aspiring entrepreneurs, and new managers seeking to understand the essential requirements and qualities for business expansion. Shiv Nadar University Online MBA in Data Science fees are INR 5 lakhs.

  1. Lovely Professional University

UGC-approved online MBAs for data science are available at LPU. An online MBA in Data Science for working professionals focusing on data science includes practical lessons in a packed schedule of 12+ live classes per course per week. The syllabuses cover financial reporting, statements and analysis, the legal environment of business, business analytics, and other subjects. The advantages of the course include a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) with an enhanced mobile app and new useful functions for a successful teaching-learning process, a Career Center and Services Zone, master classes, mentoring and workshops by industry professionals, and more. LPU Online MBA Data Science fees are INR 1.6 lakh.

  1. KL University

The postgraduate course is an MBA in Data Science offered at KL University, and it takes two years to complete. Ensuring that students are acquainted with managerial concepts when it comes to business and analyzing data, shapes them for the industry. This online MBA for data science in India provides the fundamentals of management, mathematics for data science, and the building blocks of a database management system. KL University's Online MBA Data Science program also includes internships in the third and fourth semesters. This makes sure that the student graduates with skills and experience that employers in the data science field value. This program is most suitable for executives with prior business experience who want to diversify their specialization in data science. The KL University Online MBA fee for data science is INR 85,000.

  1. Amity University

An online MBA with a specialization in data science is available at Amity University. MBA programs are highly flexible and since they are done online, one can do it from the comfort of their workplace or home. The program prepares you with today’s most sought-after data science competencies and instruments. Along with the core data science classes, you will also study business foundation courses such as accounting, finance, and marketing. Amity University's Online MBA in Data Science costs INR 1.79 lakh.

  1. Jain University

Jain offers the MBA Data Science program in an online learning format. This program is suitable for those who seek to advance in the field of data science but still maintain a flexible schedule. The online MBA in Data Science offered by Jain University prepares learners to work and excel in various data-related industries. It incorporates a more project-based and case-based approach and is more applied in its approach. It is specifically advantageous for people who have a business background, and, as of now, want to incorporate data science skills into their arsenal. Jain University's Online MBA in Data Science has a total fee of INR 2 lakhs.

  1. Shoolini University

The online MBA data program takes two years to complete. It provides the student with business management tools as well as data analysis expertise. This will give you a solid understanding of management's academic and practical fundamentals, as well as strategic approaches in the role of a data scientist. Such a balanced curriculum prepares you for career mobility in data analysis, business intelligence, and management, with an emphasis on data. The Online MBA Fee at Shoolini University is INR 1.5 lakh.

  1. DY Patil University

The university provides an online MBA in data science offered in online mode. It includes business knowledge and data science skills. It is therefore suitable for those with prior business experience who want to diversify their data science training. The course benefits people who already have experience in data science, but who would like to deepen their business-related knowledge to progress in data-oriented professions. The curriculum comprises generic business fields such as accounting, finance, and marketing, as well as data science courses like statistics and probability data analysis, data mining and warehousing, machine learning, business intelligence, and data visualization. D.Y. Patil University's Online MBA Data Science fees are INR 1.4 lakhs.

  1. Mizoram University

Online MBAs in Data Science at Mizoram University include advanced analytics, machine learning, and data mining, among other areas and courses aimed at solving data issues in today's business environment. This approach makes this program ideal for learners seeking a focused online MBA that emphasizes data science and the jobs associated with this field. This program may offer useful knowledge and skills for people who want to become data analysts, business intelligence managers, or data scientists.

  1. Sharda University

Sharda University Provides an Online MBA in Data Science that combines the fundamentals of business administration with advanced concepts related to data science and technologies. The program incorporates business administration, data analysis, and technology abilities. This brings a wider perspective in terms of content as opposed to a program that would strictly deal with data science. The core courses lie within finance, marketing, and management areas, with supporting areas in statistics, data mining, and business intelligence.

Career Scope of an Online MBA in Data Science

The following career options for an online MBA in data science will give readers an understanding of diverse professional sectors and the experience they can gain in various fields. Since the field of data science has expanded vastly, the opportunity to do an online MBA in data science course provides you with admission to numerous professions.

Some of the job roles one can pursue after an online MBA in a Data Science program are as follows:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect

Job Role

MBA in Data Science Average Salary (INR LPA)


Data Analyst


Uses analysis to make recommendations as to how the given data can be used.

Data Engineer


Devises and/or constructs methods for data acquisition and processing.

Data Scientist


Applies superior statistics and logic for precise problem management.

Research Analyst


Data acquisition and investigations of different areas of interest and concerns.

Machine Learning Engineer


Contributes to the creation of the algorithms and models for the process of machine learning.

Assistant Professor


Teaches and trains learners in academic institutions.

Data Science Consultant


Specialized in advisory and consultations regarding data science strategies and approaches.

Operations Engineer


Oversees the intensity and efficiency of the business’s functional activities and structures.

Technology Consultant


Serves as a consultant in matters to do with technology and Information Technology.