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Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in CAT Competitive Exam

Updated: Aug 17, 2018 by Admin
Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in CAT Competitive Exam

The common admission test is a very important entrance test for those aspiring to pursue MBA.  The season of CAT is here and students who are aspiring to make a career in management are hoping for the best in this upcoming entrance test. But, one major problem candidate’s face is NEGATIVE MARKING.

Due to stress, confusion and pressure candidates tend to mark the answers wrong and sometimes they guess and answer which is a very crucial step to take. This season of CAT-2018-19 we have come up with the tips to avoid negative marking.

Please Read the Question precisely

Many students make the mistake of not reading the question completely or carefully, maybe due to stress or because they want to finish on time. But please avoid this, completing it on time is important but make sure you practice to skim read. Skim reading will help you read and understand faster. You will learn to understand the question as well as read it faster.

When you understand the question there will be no stress and you can be the judge of your own answer. If you don’t understand or don’t know the answer to it just ignore and in the end take some time to re-read the question to make sure if you can answer or not.

This is one of the ways to avoid negative morning. Whatever you do, just don’t read it once and come to the conclusion. Be very cautious and precise.

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Don’t Guess

Know the fact that every mark matters so much. Don’t take it for granted, you simply don’t want to lose what you’ve gained. If you don’t know the answer just ignore that question after reading it precisely. There’s no harm in doing so than guessing and losing marks.

Don’t come under pressure and guess, for some people guesswork might actually work but don’t do it unless and until you have an idea about the topic. Guessing will mess up your exam which will give you more stress leaving you with doubts.

Last Minute Answers

This is also probably a major mistake students do and be the prey of negative marking. Use your last minute to check your paper. Make sure you have entered the valid details. Do not use this time to answer, it will completely ruin your mind and answering in a hurry can cause a lot of mistakes.

Keep yourself calm and avoid answering in the last minute. You might have not understood the question and may be in a hurry you end up answering wrong, so don’t do that when you have the threat of negative marking.

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Take calculated risk

Even if you decide to guess and answer hoping it might gain you marks please be very sure to take limited risks only. Sometimes the guessing work doesn’t work well. Take chances but make sure not to cross your calculated risk.

Once you are happy about the performance you won’t be stressing out about negative marking as you will not have complete expectations on those answered questions.

Firstly answer the questions you are confident about, and then concentrate on those questions which Is slightly difficult for you to answer. This way you can save time and relax.

Do not overwrite, answer difficult questions first

Write with confidence, do not scribble or overwrite. This will not only leave you with a dirty answer sheet but a lot of confusion. Also this will leave an impression that you were not confident or thorough about the concept.

Answer difficult questions initially as you will need some time to think and answer or to understand the question. Next focus is on easy ones, after you have answered the both, do the guessing to a limited risk.

You can finish the exam relaxed and with no pressure or fear about the results. These are some basic tips to avoid negative marking which will actually work. Do not just answer without considering the risk of negative marking. Hope these tips will help you and all the very best for the upcoming CAT 2018-19.

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