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The Worth of MBA in Distance Education

Jun 08, 2024 by Admin
The Worth of MBA in Distance Education

We are all aware that getting an MBA degree is among the best decisions one can make. However, having a full-time job makes earning a traditional MBA degree very impossible because you cannot take a two-year leave of absence from work to finish your further education. A distance MBA program can help you in this situation.

These days, distance learning is quite familiar among young candidates. They chose the distance mode because of its affordability and flexibility. This flexible education is perfect for those who have commitments like full-time work, family responsibility, and other personal matters. Thus, the distance MBA is the best option for working professionals.

Technology has made distance learning courses more accessible and engaging. It also permits colleges to deliver quality education to candidates worldwide. They use online platforms to instruct candidates. The online learning methodology includes video lectures, virtual labs, discussion forms, etc. Candidates can access the learning materials anytime via online mode without time constraints. Thus, it makes it easier to balance their studies and other personal commitments.

In addition, an online platform enables students to have instant communication with tutors. As digital tools continue to progress, distance education is likely to become even more effective.

So you might wonder “ Does a distance MBA have any value? So in this article, we will explore the value of getting an MBA via distance education and how it can benefit your career.

Benefits of Distance MBA

Let’s explore the advantages of the Distance MBA in detail:

Study at your own pace: One of the main advantages of the Distance MBA is its flexibility. Candidates can learn at their convenience. You can plan your study schedule. Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, you can complete the tasks or assignments at your own pace.

Balance work and study: Basically, working professionals prefer distance MBAs. The flexible nature allows the working professionals to manage the work full-time while earning the degree. That means you are not required to leave the job for the sake of pursuing further education.

Learn from Anywhere: You can study the distance MBA from any place. This mode of learning is helpful for students who keep on traveling. Or,  live in remote areas where it is difficult to attend campus for a regular MBA. Whether you are traveling, working, or at home, you can easily access the recorded video lectures without any disruption. However, good internet is recommended.

Lower Fees Structure: Distance MBA fees are usually less compared to regular MBAs. This makes it more accessible and affordable for a wide range of candidates to pursue an MBA.

Save additional cost: As you know the delivery of instructions is completely online, no need to attend campus. By learning through the online platform, you can save money. You are not required to pay for the traveling, accommodation, and other expenses related to attending class in person.

Earn while learning: You can continue working while pursuing a Master’s. You are not required to give up your income to pursue further education. This helps you to manage the financial aspects without quitting a job. 

Manage personal commitments: By choosing the Distance MBA rather than the regular MBA, you can make time for both personal commitments alongside studies. You can plan the study schedule by considering your commitments. So you will be able to balance work-life.

Reduce Stress: The capability to study at your own pace and flexible time can reduce stress. You don’t need to attend the classes regularly. So you are not up to juggling work. This can lead you to a productive learning experience.

Connect with diverse groups: This distance learning MBA attracts candidates from various locations. This diversity helps you to connect with candidates from different backgrounds and expand your professional network.

Online Interaction: Many distance MBA colleges organize online forums and virtual meetings. This permits you to interact with peers and industry specialists.

Alumni Network: Many Top Distance MBA Colleges have strong alumni networks. You can advance your career by connecting with successful professionals with the help of alumni. 

Access to resources:  Distance learning students will have access to many resources such as Online Libraries & Database and Digital Learning Tools. Many distance learning centers provide student support services. This includes academic advising and career counseling.

Technological Advancements: Modern Technology makes distance learning more cooperative. Through online platforms, you can access live webinars, interactive sessions, video lectures, and many more. This enhances the learning experience.

Career Advancement: Obtaining a Master's degree will boost your career. Whereas an MBA equips the necessary business & Management skills. These skills are valued by employers. It can open doors for advanced career opportunities. With an MBA degree, you will land in high-paying jobs and higher-level job positions.

Personalized Learning Experience: Many colleges offer a variety of specializations in Distance MBA. You are free to choose the streams as per your interests. In addition, Teachers are available to assist you. Teachers are there to provide personal attention. You can clear your doubts on time. This individual support makes it easier to learn the topics.

Challenges of a Distance MBA: Overcome the obstacles to success

Pursuing a Distance MBA is rewarding. At the same time, one must face certain challenges too. So we have listed the tips to overcome hurdles.

Stay Motivated and Disciplined: While using an online platform to study, it is quite common for you to lose focus and get diverted. To stay inspired,

  • you need to set a clear vision.
  • Prepare a study schedule and stick to it no matter what.
  • Divide your tasks and try to manage them.
  • When you complete the tasks, reward yourself.

Inadequate Face-to-Face Interaction: Not being physically present in the classroom can make it harder to interact with faculties or mentors. Also, it is quite difficult to clear the doubts without face-to-face interaction. To overcome this:

  • You have to make time to take part in an online group discussion.
  • You can make use of video chats to interact with tutors or teachers. This will lead to better communication with the faculty team.

Technical Issues: Good internet connectivity is mandatory for attending online classes. To avoid problems:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection to attend online classes. Also, your computer/laptop must be good in condition.
  • Also, you must know how to use the online learning platform.
  • Address the technical issue immediately.

Balancing Study Work: Candidates who are pursuing distance education have full-time jobs and other personal responsibilities: To balance both study and work:

  • You need to prioritize your task
  • Divide the daily schedule for work, and studying. Also, relaxation is a must.
  • Make use of time management tools which is very helpful to balance work-life.

Lack of Credibility: Some companies might not prefer a Distance MBA. Since they don't know the significance of it. To prove distance MBA worthy:

  • Candidates must choose an accredited distance MBA. Most of the Top colleges in India offer UGC-DEB-recognized Distance MBA. This is the testimony that a Distance MBA degree is valid. 
  • In your resume, you must highlight your accomplishments and industry-relevant skills. Employers recognize the skills.
  • Mention the experience which is an added advantage to crack the interview.
  • Connect with Alumni or any other industry professionals to build credibility.

Myths about Distance MBA

Several misconceptions about distance MBA can mislead students. Let’s clear those common myths.

Distance MBA is not valid compared to traditional MBAs: Some students think that distance MBAs do not hold any value. This is a false perception that everyone has about distance MBAs. If you are pursuing a distance MBA from UGC-recognized universities, then it holds value. Employers consider it. So choosing the right college is important. Also, the curriculum will be similar to a regular MBA.

There is no placement assistance for Distance MBA: Most Students do not prefer distance MBA because they think there is no placement assistance.  But, nowadays most of the well-known university offers placement opportunities. They conduct virtual job fairs and offer career development services.

No Teaching Support in Distance MBA: It is a very common myth that everyone has. Because in regular classes, faculty will support and train the students through face-to-face interaction. But, distance learners can make use of online learning platforms. Here, you get 24/7 assistance through the help desk. So as per the requirements, you can connect with tutors online. Many top distance MBA colleges have advanced technology to deliver teaching. Also, candidates get personalized attention.

Distance Learning Faculties are not highly skilled: This is another misbelief that applicants have. They think that courses are usually taught by the faculties who are not skilled. Also, they think they are not professional like on-campus lectures. It is a false perception. Both modes of learning either Distance or On-campus demand the faculties who have equivalent qualifications and skills.

Do not offer Extra-Curricular Activities: Many students believe that distance courses are quite isolating. So students think that they cannot participate in extracurricular activities. But it is not true. Nowadays, many Distance MBA universities like LPU, and Chandigarh University conduct activities. They also encourage distance learners to take part. Also, Punjab University conducts Sports activities, cultural fest, and workshops for students.

Low-quality education: Another common myth is that the quality of learning in distance MBA is comparatively lower than the regular MBA. But in reality, the course curriculum is similar for both modes of education. The lectures teach the same curriculum for both online and traditional learners. In this scenario, distance learners have more advantages than regular ones. Lectures use the latest technology to deliver the course content. This makes learning better and more engaging.

Distance MBA Job Scope

After the completion of the Distance MBA, students have access to many job opportunities. Distance MBA Courses enhance your business skills and knowledge. So you will be eligible for Management Roles in Top Industries. Whether you are looking for a promotion in your current job or switch jobs, a distance MBA assist you in achieving your goals. It will increase your earning potential too.

Also, Many Distance MBA grads continue their further education by opting Ph.D in Business Studies. Additionally, Many distance-learning universities offer placement opportunities to students. Through a recruitment drive, students will be placed in top-notch companies. 

Here we have listed some of the best job opportunities after a Distance MBA

  • Sales Executive
  • Relationship Manager
  • HR Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Customer Relationship Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Department Manager
  • Business Analyst Trainee

To be noted, candidates who complete a distance MBA, have the option to work in both public and private sectors in business administration job roles. Here we have listed some of the areas of recruitment, where MBA grads get hired:

  • Business Consultancies
  • Non- Profit Organisations
  • Industrial Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Financial Organisations
  • Banks
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Personal Business
  • Multinational Companies
  • Export Companies

Distance MBA Salary in India

Many working professionals pursue this flexible distance MBA program alongside full-time work. Since they are already working and gained experience, they can earn better by switching jobs or through promotions. However salary for freshers after the completion of a distance MBA might vary depending on the reputation of the college, skills & knowledge, job roles, and other relevant factors.

To be noted, graduates completing distance MBA may lead to better jobs, high salaries, great business skills, etc. Investing in a distance MBA is an excellent choice for candidates who are willing to progress their career and income.

The average salary for a Distance MBA might vary between INR 2.5 to 5 LPA.

Job Profile



INR 12 Lakhs

Human Resource Manager

INR 6 Lakhs

Brand Manager

INR 8 Lakhs

Marketing Manager

INR 6 Lakhs

Business Development Manager

INR 5.98 Lakhs

Finance Analyst

INR 4.14 Lakhs

Finance Manager

INR 9.96 Lakhs

In conclusion, a distance MBA program is a valuable investment for career improvement. It offers an opportunity to progress your education without quitting your job. It offers several benefits like low fees, flexibility to study, access to online resources, and many more. Although you need to face the challenges efficiently. However, it is quite important to choose a recognized university to pursue a distance MBA. This brings value to your education and leads you to good job opportunities.