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MSc computer science VS mca

Feb 25, 2023 by Admin
MSc computer science VS mca

After completing an undergraduate degree in computer science, many students are uncertain about their next step. There are many different paths a computer science graduate could pursue. Whether they join the workforce or continue further education, the choice is theirs. And know Which Is Better, MCA Or MSc after BSc in Computer Science.

 The popular master's degrees in computer sciences are M.Sc. in Computer Science and MCA. Both of these courses are excellent opportunities to further one's career. But it is important to understand both courses' nitty-gritty to make an informed decision: Is MSc in computer science equivalent to MCA?

Course Highlights

MSc Computer Science and MCA programs are similar, but the two have some key variances. For example, the M.Sc. in Computer Science offers a more in-depth understanding of computer programming and development at an advanced level, which can help graduates secure high-paying jobs in the computer industry. On the other hand, the MCA program provides a broad overview of computer science concepts. So if you want to gain a deeper understanding of computer programming and development, the M.Sc. in Computer Science is better than the MCA.  


MSc Computer Science



2 years

2 years


50% in any undergraduate science or arts degree.

50% in BCA or B.Sc Computer Science or B.Tech CSE.

Average Course Fees

INR 2 - 4 LPA

INR 2 - 5 LPA

Average Salary

INR 4 - 10 LPA

INR 5 - 10 LPA

MSc computer science VS MCA: Course Overview

M.Sc CS is a postgraduate-level program that builds on the knowledge and understanding of undergraduate-level computer science courses. You will need more information to understand if an MSc in Computer science is good or bad. Admission to the program is based on performance in graduate-level courses. Candidates who have completed the M.Sc. in Computer Science program can work in various positions in the computer science field, including teaching, software development, testing, networking, and more.

Someone applying for an MCA course will cover computer languages, computer science applications, data structures, mathematics, and more. In addition, the course will cover various theoretical concepts in computational theory, programming, network and database management, mobile technologies, and electronics. 

M.Sc Computer Science  VS MCA - Eligibility Criteria

To be admitted into any computer science-based course, you must first have a background in computer science. For admission into postgraduate courses, you must have experience in the field.

 M.Sc. Computer Science Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants must have the following: 

  • Graduation in B.Sc.(H) Computer Science, B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Mathematics and Computer Science or B.Sc.(General) with Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Cleared merit-based and Entrance exam examinations criteria

MCA Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants must have the following: 

Graduation in BCA or any related fields.

Clear the entrance exam like GATE, NIMCET, and others entrance examinations.

M.Sc Computer Science vs MCA - Syllabus

Here is a brief overview of the MSc  computer science syllabus vs MCA syllabus for a better understanding of the respective courses: 

M.Sc Computer Science Syllabus

Basic MCA Syllabus

Operating Systems

Computer Networks

C++ Programming Lab

Dot NET Lab

Operating systems Lab – Unix & Shell Programming

DBMS & Case Tools Lab

Computer Organisation & Architecture

Business Systems and Applications

Computer Programming with C

Discrete Mathematical Structure

Business English and Communication

Micro Programming & Architecture 

C Programming

Business presentation and language

M.Sc Computer Science VS  MCA - Career Options 

Both degrees have good job prospects in the current market due to the increasing demand for IT professionals and the pandemic scare. In addition, both degrees are equally respected in the job market, and graduates are often hired in the most senior positions.

Top Job Designations for M.Sc CS

  • System Administrator
  • Software Programmer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Analyst 
  • Database Manager

Top Job Designations for M.Sc CS

  • Software Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • Software Application Architect
  • Software Consultant
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Systems Developer/Engineer
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Technical Writer

M.Sc Computer Science vs MCA - Salary

M.Sc Computer Science and MCA graduates generally receive higher pay than those with only a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering. The average pay scale offered after graduation is something to remember when pursuing an MCA or MSc. Some of the major factors that affect pay include job designation, job sector, demand for the position, the reputation of the company, and more. 

 Average Salary of M.Sc Computer Science


Average Salary(Per annum)

Software Engineer

5.5 lakh

Senior Software Engineer

9 lakh

Software Developer

5.4 lakh

Web Developer

3 lakh

Java Developer

3 lakh

Data Analyst

4 lakh

Average Salary of MCA


Average Salary(Per annum)

Java Developer

4.5 lakh

PHP Developer

3 lakh

Android Software Developer

3.2 lakh

Web Developer

2.5 lakh

Software Engineer

4.5 lakh

Software Developer

3.5 lakh

M.Sc CS VS MCA - Top Colleges

Some of the best colleges in India for studying computer science (M.Sc) are listed below:

Top Colleges for M.Sc  Computer Science

Top Colleges for MCA