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Established : 1992 | Accredited/Approved : UGC | Affiliated : AICTE

Indian School of Business Management & Administration was set up in 1992 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, to provide dynamic yet pragmatic management-based education to students, working professionals, and skilled executives. Furthermore, it is considered one of India's most popular distance-learning B schools.

ISBM Distance Education allows students to pursue higher education while balancing personal and professional commitments. ISBM is a well-established institution that aims to deliver quality education through distance learning, empowering learners with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their chosen fields.

ISBM Lucknow offers a range of disciplines under different categories of UG, PG, DOCTORATE, DIPLOMA, and CERTIFICATE programs. Students must meet the basic merit eligibility criteria and have good working experience to seek admission. Since all these courses are offered on a correspondence basis, students can earn their degrees from the comfort of their homes and with affordable course fees. Aside from Lucknow, ISBM is located in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc.


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ISBM Learning Methodology

ISBM's learning methodology aims to provide its students with a holistic and engaging educational experience. While the specific details of the learning methodology may vary based on the program and course, here are some key components that are commonly part of ISBM's learning approach:

ISBM Lucknow specializes in distance learning programs, allowing students to study from the comfort of their homes or any location of their choice. The distance learning mode enables students to balance their education with other commitments, making it particularly suitable for working professionals and individuals with busy schedules.

Online Learning Platform: ISBM provides an interactive online learning platform where students can access study materials, e-books, video lectures, webinars, and other digital resources. The platform fosters self-paced learning and enables students to flexibly engage with the course content.

Printed Study Materials: Alongside the online learning platform, ISBM provides printed study materials to distance learners. These materials cover the entire curriculum and serve as comprehensive resources for students to study offline, refer to key concepts, and take notes as needed.

Faculty Interactions: ISBM emphasizes student-faculty interactions to enhance the learning process. Faculty members can address students' queries and provide academic support through various communication channels, including email, online chat, or telephone.

Assignments and Projects: As part of the continuous assessment process, students must submit assignments and projects related to the course content. These assignments and projects play a crucial role in evaluating students' understanding of the subject matter and their practical application of knowledge.

Doubt-Clearing Sessions: ISBM often organizes doubt-clearing sessions and webinars to facilitate a better understanding of course concepts and address any challenges or doubts that students may have.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: ISBM's learning methodology incorporates an industry-relevant curriculum designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge applicable in real-world scenarios. The curriculum is regularly updated to align with the latest trends and developments in the business world.

Self-Directed Learning: ISBM encourages self-directed learning, allowing students to own their educational journey and set their learning pace according to their convenience.

ISBM Examinations: Lastly, the university conducts end-term exams only, wherein students will have 3 ways of attempting the paper. They can attempt it on an online platform with a 3-hour duration, on an offline centre with a similar time restriction, or attend it at their homes within 10 days and then submit the exam.

ISBM Fees Structure

ISBM Distance Learning Courses are often recognized and accredited by relevant educational bodies. The institute's accreditation status ensures that the qualifications offered by ISBM hold value in the job market and are accepted by employers and other educational institutions.

Name of the course

ISBM Distance Courses fee For Indian Students

Course Fee for Foreign Students

Graduate Programme in Management Studies (GMS)

INR 30,900

1900 USD

Post Graduate Certificate In Management (PGCM)

 INR 29900

1800 USD

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)

INR 49000

2700 USD

Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGPM)

INR 35900

2100 USD

Chartered Certified Accountant (CCA)

INR 20900

1200 USD


INR 7900 INR

500 USD


INR 14900 INR

1000 USD


INR 5900

300 USD

Executive Diploma

14900 INR

1000 USD

ISBM Admission Process

ISBM Lucknow Admission process for Distance Courses is designed to be accessible, straightforward, and transparent. ISBM offers various management and business-related programs through distance learning, allowing students to pursue their education conveniently. Here is an overview of the ISBM admission process:

ISBM UG Admission

ISBM Lucknow offers admission in its 3-year Graduate program in management studies based on the applicant's merit in the previous qualifying examinations.

All those who have cleared their HSC exams under approved boards or hold a valid diploma are eligible to apply. Also, those who wish to complete this course sooner can do it in a year by earning the necessary number of credits via project work and work experience. The course fee will be Rs. 30,900 for national students and 1900 dollars for international candidates. Interested applicants can apply on the website or by visiting any of the university's study centres.

ISBM PG Admission

  • The university offers several PG programs, including PG Certificate in Management, PG Program in Management, Executive PG Program in Management, PG Diploma Program, Chartered Certified Accountant, and Chartered Finance Manager.
  • Students can either complete these programs in a 2-year or fast-track their degree in 6 months by earning the minimum required credits.
  • To be eligible for admission, candidates must have a valid graduate degree from a national/international institute or a DBM from an Indian university.

ISBM Doctorate in Management Studies (PhD)

  • Since this is considered a prestigious doctorate course, the course fee will be comparatively higher than other programs, i.e. Rs. 69,900 for Indian applicants and 5500 dollars for those from abroad.
  • Enrolled students can complete their degree in 2 years or fast-track it in a year by making exemplary coursework and project submissions.
  • The university will only accept those students in this program with a UG or a PG degree and 5 years of working experience.

ISBM Advanced Diploma Admission

Students wishing to seek admission in the Advanced Diploma courses offered by ISBM Lucknow must at least pass their class 12th /HEC/Pre-University exams under approved boards and English as a mandatory subject. Selected students will then be allowed to complete their degree in 3 months or 1 year without fast-tracking.

The course fee will be Rs. 14,900 for Indian students, while those from abroad must pay at least 1000 dollars. Some of the disciplines provided by the university in advanced diplomas are given below.

ISBM Advanced Diploma Specializations

  • Hospitality management
  • Tax consultancy
  • Project management
  • Operations management
  • Total quality management
  • Textile management
  • Hotel management
  • Fashion management
  • Information technology
  • Hardware management
  • Production management
  • Industrial management
  • Banking, finance, and insurance
  • Business management
  • Finance management
  • Foreign trade
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing management
  • Materials management
  • Retail management
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Brand management
  • Risk and safety management
  • Biotechnology management
  • Food and nutrition management
  • Purchase management
  • Store management
  • Interior design management
  • Construction management
  • Clinical management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Corporate law
  • Shipping management
  • Mass communication management
  • Aviation and hospitality management
  • Packaging management
  • Leisure and recreation management


To secure admission in ISBM Lucknow's advanced certificate courses, students need to pass their class 10th or equivalent examinations, and that too under-recognized boards. Since this is just a year-long program, the course fee is just Rs. 5900.

ISBM Advanced Certificate Specializations

  • Advanced Certificate in Accounting
  • Advanced Certificate in Actuarial Principles and Practices
  • Advance Certificate in Auditing
  • Advance Certificate in Bank Marketing
  • Advanced Certificate in Banking-finance
  • Advance Certificate in Banking Laws and Loan Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Banking Operations
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Communication
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Economics
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Ethics
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Law
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Research Methods
  • Advanced Certificate in Business Strategy
  • Advanced Certificate in Central Banking
  • Advanced Certificate in Civil Engineering
  • Advanced Certificate in Claims Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Commercial Banking
  • Advanced Certificate in Consumer Behavior
  • Advance Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Advanced Certificate in Credit Management
  • Advance Certificate in Debt Valuation
  • Advance Certificate in Derivative Valuation
  • Advance Certificate in Direct Taxation
  • Advance Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management


Like the advanced certificate programs, the basic eligibility criteria for seeking admission in the year-long diploma courses is passing the class 10th exam or any equivalent test. Applicants can also opt to fast-track their degree by completing it in 3 months by taking the necessary credit-based projects.

Indian School of Business and Management Diploma Specializations

  • Business management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Big data analytics
  • Export management
  • Entrepreneurship management
  • Corporate ethics, governance, and social responsibility
  • Principles of direct, database, and digital marketing
  • Social media marketing

ISBM Management Development Program Admission

Unlike other programs available in ISBM Lucknow, there are no eligibility criteria or merit requirements for admission to Management Development Program. Anyone with decent working experience can be admitted to the program.

It will again be a year-long course without any facility to fast-track it.

Indian School of Business and Management Management Development Program Specializations

  • Project management
  • Social media marketing and content management
  • Finance for non-finance executives
  • Data Analytics
  • Client communication in business analytics
  • Cyber security and privacy: protect your identity
  • Digital communication and marketing strategies
  • Strategy consultancy
  • E-Governance and digital transformation
  • six sigma for quality improvement
  • Business process change and IT Applications
  • Transforming organizations through proactive people management
  • Strategies for online businesses
  • The Art of successful leadership and Management
  • E-Governance and Government Process Change
  • Storytelling and theater techniques for effective communication
  • Effective communication for managers and leaders

ISBM, Lucknow Application process

The application process for ISBM Lucknow's distance education programs typically involves the following steps:

Program Selection: Visit the official ISBM website or contact the Lucknow branch to explore the various distance education programs offered by ISBM. Choose the course that bring into line with your career goals and interests.

Online Application: Fill out your chosen program's ISBM online application form. You can find the application form on the official ISBM website or obtain it from the Lucknow branch. Provide all the required personal details, educational qualifications, and information accurately.

Document Submission: Gather all the required documents as specified in the application form. These documents may include academic transcripts, certificates, ID proof, passport-size photographs, and any other documents needed for the program you are applying to.

Application Fee: Pay the application fee as mentioned in the application form. The fee can usually be paid online through various payment modes, as the website or application form mentions.

Confirmation: After submitting the application form and making the payment, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application. The confirmation may be sent to your registered email address or through SMS.

Eligibility Verification: The admissions team at ISBM Lucknow will verify your eligibility based on the provided documents and educational qualifications. They will review your application to ensure you meet the program's eligibility criteria.

Interview or Interaction (if applicable): Some programs at ISBM may involve a personal interview or Interaction as part of the admission process. If required, you will be informed about the interview schedule and mode of Interaction.

Admission Offer: Upon successfully verifying your eligibility and completing the interview (if applicable), ISBM Lucknow will issue an admission offer to selected candidates. The admission offer letter will contain details about the program, course fee, and other relevant information

Payment of Course Fee: If you receive an admission offer, you must pay the course fee within the specified timeframe to secure your admission to the program.

Enrollment and Course Access: After payment of the course fee, you will be officially enrolled in the program. ISBM Lucknow will provide you access to the online learning platform and other study materials required for your chosen course.

List of ISBM Branches in India

Other than Lucknow, ISBM is located in major cities across the country.

Name of the City

Centre Code








700141, 61, 700032










Dr. Mohan Singh Street























SCDL Course fee structure

MBA - Finance 49900 2 years
MBA - Human Resource Management 49900 2 years
MBA - Information Technology and Management 49900 2 years
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Asked question

What is the fees for an ISBM distance MBA?
Asked by guest
replied on 07-Sep-2023 19:37:32

ISBM PGPM/MBA fees for Indian students is INR 49,900 INR, including course materials. The tuition and
materials fees for international students are 2,700 USD. It's important to note that tax rates may apply.
The cost structure includes tuition and exam fees for the ISBMA distance PGPM program.

How can I get admission to the ISBMA distance MBA?
Asked by guest
replied on 07-Sep-2023 19:37:35

ISBM offers admission to the distance PGPM, similar to the Distance MBA Program Outcome. This
program is designed for people who want to succeed in business. It focuses on two management areas
and includes a project to assess your skills. Eligibility criteria include being a graduate or diploma holder
with work experience. You can choose between two options: a fast program that takes 12 months or a
regular program that takes 2 years. To apply, fill out the online admission form on the ISBMA website.
The form includes essential personal details and course preferences. You can pay online using the link or
download the form, fill it out, and submit it to your nearest ISBMA centre.

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VIII, 1st Floor, Chintels House, 16, Station Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India- 226001, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

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