Andhra University Visakhapatnam Fee Structure

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Courses Fee Structure of Andhra University Visakhapatnam

Course Duration Fees Per Year Total Course Fees

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Hospitality Management 4.0 years, fulltime
Travel & Tourism 4.0 years, fulltime
Hotels and Hospitality Management 4.0 years, fulltime
Food Production / Catering 4.0 years, fulltime
Culinary Arts 4.0 years, fulltime

Master of Engineering/Technology

Chemical Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Civil Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Computer Science Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Electrical Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Mechanical Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Biotechnology Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Signal Processing 2.0 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Engineering/Technology (B.E/B.Tech)

Chemical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Civil Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Computer Science Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Electrical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Environmental Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Information Technology 4.0 years, fulltime
Marine Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Mechanical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Metallurgical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Biotechnology Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Electronics 4.0 years, fulltime
Bioinformatic Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Industrial Bio-Technology 4.0 years, fulltime

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Q : How much fees for MBA

Dakka veeranjineyulu asked on 07-Dec-2020 09:52:18

In general fee structure of MBA in Andhra University Visakhapatnam will be around INR 3 lakhs for complete course. The fee when settled per academic yearly basis it will be approx. INR 1.5 lakh.

Q : How much would be the fee of Andhra University

Guest asked on 26-Mar-2020 05:54:31

Andhra university fee structure for the course will be INR 345,044 per annum

Q : In Andhra University, what will be the MBA fees

Guest asked on 26-Mar-2020 05:54:05

The MBA fee is INR 150,000 for 1st year  and INR 150,000 in 2nd year in the Andhra university.

Q : Can I know the hostel fee in Andhra University

Guest asked on 26-Mar-2020 05:53:58

Andhra University hostel fee is INR 31,450- INR 33,850 per annum.

Q : What is the fee structure for MSC food nutrition and Dietetics.

Jahnavi sai asked on 26-May-2017 02:14:36

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