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Diploma in Interior Design

Jan 08, 2023 by Admin
Diploma in Interior Design

A one- to three-year diploma program in interior design covers the fundamentals of decorating various locations, including offices, homes, and others. This course's major goal is to provide students with a thorough understanding of fundamental and fundamental ideas. There are several work options for students enrolled in the Diploma in Interior Design program in India and abroad in various industries, including the film and television industry, theatres, exhibition halls, construction companies, event management companies, etc. As a result, many people opt for a diploma in interior design.

Full Form

Diploma in Interior Design


2 Years


No age limit

Minimum Percentage


Diploma Interior Design  Fees

INR 20,000 - 2 LPA

Similar Options of Study

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma Interior Design  Average Salary

INR 2.5 - 10 LPA

Employment Roles

Interior Designer, Back end Developer, Automotive Interior Designer, Interior application Developer, Front End Developer,Wedding Decorator, Interior Designer.

Eligibility criteria for the Diploma in Interior Design

Admission to the Interior Design Diploma course in India requires applicants to complete their 12th with a minimum of 50% overall grades. In addition to the essential interior design course eligibility, students must also have passed the standard entrance exam. There is no age limit or specific criteria for admission to the interior design degree, as candidates of any age group can apply and take the course.

Diploma in Interior Design Admission

The admission process for an interior design degree in India is either on the premises of the college or online. Some universities offer both direct admission and admission based on entrance exams. Below are the different admission procedures for the interior design degree course:

How to apply?

Aspirants who wish to study an interior design degree can enroll in the course either online or offline. Candidates are pre-selected based on grades obtained in secondary or upper secondary education and results obtained in entrance examinations for the course. Candidates can obtain an admission form from the university or institution websites to apply for the interior design degree program. After completing the college or university application form, candidates are invited to participate in a written exam, a one-on-one interview, a discussion panel, and counseling.

Selection process

The study program selection process is based on the secondary or upper-secondary entrance examination results. The Diploma in Interior Design course After completing a written test, personal interview, counseling, and group discussion by the university or college, applicants are assigned places based on various admission criteria for the Diploma in Interior Design that they have met. In addition, you need to score 50% in any stream for Diploma in Interior Designing after 12th.

An interior design degree is in high demand in India and abroad, and there is a wide range for students to choose from. Furniture designers, exhibition designers, lighting designers, fabric designers, stylists, and set designers are just some of the job opportunities available for interior design. A fresher Interior Design graduate aspirant can earn up to INR 5 LPA depending on their critical skills, grades, and the university they graduated from.

Diploma in Interior Design Job Scope

After the Diploma in Interior Design, the salary for the course is reasonable. An average Diploma in Interior Design Salary Per month in India is approx. 25k. The Diploma in Interior Design course offers excellent career opportunities for private and public sector students of various reputable organizations in India and abroad.

Some of the Jobs for Diploma in Interior Design Freshers

  • Image collector
  • Interior decorator
  • Graphic
  • CAD designer
  • photo editors
  • Space designer

Some of the best interior design jobs opportunities for applicants with experience are:

  • Image collector
  • Senior Interior Designer
  • senior graphic designer
  • Senior CAD Draftsman
  • photo editors

Areas of Recruitment for the Diploma in Interior Design

A diploma in Interior Design students is required for any field of recruitment, such as infrastructure, regional development, urban development, projects, subways, and many more. Jobs for Interior Design Diploma students are in several fields with a flawless salary package. Some areas of recruitment for the course are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Product Design
  • Graphics
  • Construction

Salary packages for interior design graduate students

The Diploma in Interior Design Job salary structure may increase depending on the student's skills, techniques, and work experience. Some of the best jobs with the highest salary for Interior Design Diploma students in India after the course are as follows:


Salary Per Month

Assistant Designer


Interior and Spatial Designer


Visual Merchandiser


Assistant Exhibition Designer


Interior Designer


Government Jobs for Diploma Interior Design Candidates

Students who have completed a Diploma in interior design have a professional priority and are respected in almost every association in the government sector. After an interior design degree in India, the career field in the government sector is broad for graduates and highly rewarding for students. Some of the best interior design degrees in the government sector are:

Top Government Companies

Job Profiles





Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL)

Senior Interior Designer


Central Public Work Department

Interior Designer


Some of the Best Government Jobs for Interior Design in India are:

  • Urban planner
  • Regional Development Officer
  • Senior Interior Designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Urban development manager

Private Jobs for Diploma in Interior Design Candidates

Some of the best private companies that hire graduate interior design students are listed below.

Top Private Companies

Job Profiles


Expressions in Design Inc.

Interior Designer


 The Karighars

Senior Interior Designer


  P.G.Patki Architects

Senior Interior Designer


Diploma in Interior Design Subjects and Syllabus

The diploma in interior design syllabus consists of an in-depth design and construction program emphasizing student knowledge. Additionally, the course imparts students specific practical and theoretical knowledge in subject areas such as design and construction. Therefore, the program is aimed at students interested in constructing interiors, rooms, offices, kitchens, interior elements, and infrastructures.

Semester Wise Diploma in Interior Design

A diploma in Interior Design is a semester-by-semester course covering building techniques, interior landscaping, and other practical modules that meet modern architectural needs. The course curriculum consists of four parts: foundations, seminars, core, practices, and projects.

  • Art and Graphics
  • Design Skills 1
  • Design Skills 2
  • Computer-Aided Graphic Design
  • Construction and Design
  • Interior Design Theory

Interior Design Degree: Future Scope

After completing the Diploma course, You can continue your studies and obtain a bachelor's degree. After that, they can pursue postgraduate studies and a doctorate. It will improve their skills and provide them with more knowledge. Graduates can work in the public and private sectors.

B Des is a 4-year degree program that explores the balance between creativity and sensitive, pragmatic design thinking. The BDes course in Interior Design focuses on the art and science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Admission to this degree is based on entrance exams, including VEE, MHT CET, VITEEE, etc.

BA Interior Design: Bachelor of Arts Interior Design is a 3-year architecture course that includes housing construction, design and maintenance, and space management skills. The course fundamental objective is ??transforming a space or area into a unique space that meets its needs and requirements. Admission to this training is based on a track record or an entrance test (CET), which the institutes themselves carry out

Learning Methodologies and Techniques for Interior Design

The Diploma in Interior Design degree program curriculum includes a variety of teaching methods and techniques that help students understand multiple topics taught in their classrooms. Some of the different teaching methods and techniques applied in the curriculum of the Interior Design degree program are as follows:

  • Drawing and Sketching sessions
  • The Emphasis of Practical Learning
  • Experimentation
  • Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshop
  • Group Assignment and Discussion
  • Learning through Industrial Visit

Project Topics for the Diploma in Interior Design is a fantastic resource for students to complement their education further. It prepares the student with basic knowledge and a clear understanding of the field. Some of the degrees in interior design are:

  • Ideas for the kitchen
  • Nautical bedroom ideas
  • Ideas for a country kitchen
  • Wool duvet vs down
  • Eggshell versus satin
  • Ideas for an open living room

Why Choose an Interior Design Degree?

Numerous novel and interesting options might result from earning a degree in interior design. This course aids in the development of practical design, building, projecting, estimating, etc., expertise. Interior design is a fast-expanding discipline in the infrastructural age of today. The speed of development in this area is good. Large corporations invest heavily in it, and new business prospects emerge.

What Does a Diploma in Interior Design Candidates Do?

Students in the interior design course have a basic knowledge of interior design, which provides a solid foundation for further career opportunities. Here are some qualities that a graduate student in interior design possesses:

Creative and Drawing Skills: A interior design student should be creative and produce original ideas and styles that complement the client's preferences and personality. It is a talent that calls for adaptability. In addition, an interior design graduate student should possess a keen aesthetic sense, which may be cultivated by reading periodicals and exploring a variety of websites about interior design. A student may also research their works by viewing a variety of the best designers' websites.

Reasons why an interior design degree can lead you to a rewarding career

  • A diploma degree in interior design is one of the most well-liked educational options available today.
  • If students are enthusiastic about building, designing, business organization, sketching, and computer abilities, they undoubtedly already know that having a solid foundation in this area may pave the way for a profitable future.
  • An interior design degree is necessary as they are deep infrastructure developers with modern technology. You have many job opportunities worldwide in all areas of talent.