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CLAT 2021 Second round of seat allotment will be released on 09 August 2021.

Aug 03, 2021 by Admin
CLAT 2021 Second round of seat allotment will be released on 09 August 2021.

CLAT 2021: Second round of seat allotment will be released on 09 August 2021.

NLU conducts the CLAT exam, and their first round of seat allocation was released on 01 August 2021. The students have time till 05 August 2021 at 5 pm to accept the first round of seat allotment results. The students who have got their seat allotment in the first round can take it or can apply for an upgrade. If not, the second round of the admission list will be released on 09 August 2021. Only the students who have registered their names for CLAT counselling will log in to their account and look for the seat allotment. The official CLAT website is at- consortiumofnlus.ac.in.
If the already registered candidates aren’t willing to participate in the admission process, they can also choose to exit from the admission process.  
The detailed instructions for participating in the counselling process are given below-How to check the seat allotment list of CLAT 2021. 

  • Students must log in to their CLAT account with the login credentials.
  • They must click on the tab of the first/ second list of allotment of seats, respectively.  
  • The concerned list will appear on the screen, and the candidates can search for their roll number to know their seat allotment status.

Once the seat allotment is done, the students have three options to do- firstly, they can accept the allotted seat, or they can apply for an upgrade, and lastly, they can exit from the whole admission process itself.  
Talking about the first option: Accepting the allotted seat
Once the seat allotment results are out, either in the first round or in the second round, they can accept it and claim for the allotment if they are satisfied with that allotment. Once the acceptance is made, no changes will be considered for upgrading.  
Candidates must first upload the documents on their registered CLAT account-Make payment of a requisite fee to the allotted NLU-Update the fee payment status in your CLAT account.
To know further details of fees, students must visit the official website of NLU.

Apply for upgrade

Candidates may apply for an upgrade if they want to change their allotted NLU. In this case, the candidate will accept the allotted seat and apply for an upgrade option in the next round of allotment, which means the candidate will lose the assigned seat. However, there is no guarantee of getting a higher chance.
Steps to follow if the candidate has applied for an upgrade:
They must pay the required fees specified by the University-Attach or clip-in documents through the candidate’s CLAT account-Then; they must upgrade the payment status in their CLAT account.  
Exit from the admission process
Candidates can exit from the admission process who are not interested in NLU. Suppose the candidate is opting for this option. In that case, they cannot claim the allotted seat in the CLAT consortium, i.e. they will lose the currently allotted seat and will not be allowed in the upcoming round of the admission process.