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The Border Security Force as its name suggests, is one of India's four border forces and one of the seven Central Police Forces (CPF) under the controller of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The BSF, the world's largest border guard, covers the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders. Border security is the primary function of the BSF. Still, with growing security threats within India, other duties such as counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, disaster management, and domestic peacekeeping have been assigned to BSF.

BSF also serves as the Government of India's representative in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. Although the BSF has achieved much to secure India's borders and strengthen core security.

BSF was formed from the amalgamation of 25 state police border battalions. Five of the twelve Indian reserve battalions were added to this new force. BSF was originally established under the CRPF Act. Congress passed the Border Patrol Act of 1968, which contains the BSF Regulations. A specific task was to guard the border between India and Pakistan. The establishment of the BSF coincided with a cessation of hostilities with Pakistan. The army's first real test occurred in 1971 when he acted as the first line of defense against Pakistani invaders.

Led by the Executive Director, the BSF consists of 159 battalions with 220,000 soldiers. Delegated duties are performed by various departments, such as operations, intelligence, IT, training, and administration. The BSF is also one of the few armed forces in India with maritime and air capabilities.

The BSF recruitment service depends on various factors and various posts. Authority recruits graduates and candidates eligible for the posts through CET and various medical fitness tests to ensure the fulfillment and requirements of the posts. However, aside from patriotism and country service, one of the major perks of BSF recruitment is attractive pay which lures many candidates.

BSF Salary in India ranges from INR 37,400 to INR 67,000 per month. Salary depends on the length of service and length of service. However, BSF salaries also differ for Gazette and non-Gazette positions.

BSF salaries are made up of three components.

  1. Grade Pay
  2. Allowances
  3. Basic Pay

Learn more about BSF Salary for all positions here. In addition, candidates interested in a Monthly career remuneration received by selected candidates include basic salary, additional allowances, and other benefits. BSF is part of the CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Government. As a reputable organization guarding India's borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan, the selected candidate will receive an attractive BSF salary package.

We have detailed the BSF monthly salary here to give you an idea of the rewards you will be offered if you are selected. In addition, aspiring candidates can find salary structure and rank information below.

Here you can find all information about promotions, job profiles, and salaries at BSF. Also, check out his latest BSF salary, salary grades, incentives, and more.

BSF Salary Structure

BSF's salary structure varies depending on the candidate's position. A candidate's monthly salary includes certain general and other variables. The salary structure was revised after the 7th Salary Commission, resulting in significant salary increases and a clear distinction between salaries between different posts within the Border Guard.

According to the official salary structure, a basic BSF payslip consists of the following elements: Posts are provided here. When applying for the post, candidates can choose their favorite occupation.

Basic salaries for recruits range from Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 69,100/-. The SI post usually takes on the role of the captain, his engine driver, or in the workshop. For Sub-Inspector posts, below are the BSF salary details.

BSF Salary

Service Position

Pay Band

Grade Pay

In-hand Salary (Approximate)



Special Director-General

PB4: Rs. 37400 – Rs. 67000

Rs. 12000

Rs. 105000

Additional Director General

PB4: Rs. 37400 – Rs. 67000

Rs. 12000

Rs. 105000

Inspector General

PB4: Rs. 37400 – Rs. 67000

Rs. 10000

Rs. 95000

Deputy Inspector General

PB4: Rs. 37400 – Rs. 67000

Rs. 8900

Rs. 85000


PB4: Rs. 37400 – INR 67000

Rs. 8700

Rs. 82000


PB3: Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100

Rs. 7600

Rs. 73000

Deputy Commandant

PB3: Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100

Rs. 6600

Rs. 65000

Assistant Commandant

PB3: Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100

Rs. 5400

Rs. 52000

Subedar Major

PB2: Rs. 9300 -Rs. 34800

INR 4800

INR 45000


PB2: Rs. 9300 – Rs. 34800

Rs. 4600

Rs. 40000


PB2: Rs. 9300 – Rs. 34800

Rs. 4200

Rs. 35000

Assistant Sub-Inspector

PB1: Rs. 5200 – Rs. 20200

Rs. 2800

Rs. 31000

Head Constable

PB1: Rs. 5200 – Rs. 20200

Rs. 2400

Rs. 27000


PB1: Rs. 5200 – Rs. 20200

Rs. 2000

Rs. 23000

Enrolled Follower

PBIS: Rs. 4440 – Rs. 7440

Rs. 1300

Rs. 18000

The BSF salary scale varies by position. Higher-ranked BSF Officers receive more perks. The government sets the pay scale for various positions and the benefits included in it. The BSF pay scale may remain the same for various positions, with salary grades increasing according to seniority.

Salary Benefits by BSF Rank In addition to the BSF base salary, civil servants have other benefits. BSF employees have incentives given by the government. In addition, there is an important allowance from the BSF authorities. These are health allowances, TA, and DA. Below we have listed some other BSF rank-wise salary allowance

1. Housing Rent Allowance

2. Transportation Allowance

3. Dearness Allowance

4. Medical Facilities

5. Canteen Facilities

6. Rental Facilities

7. Leisure Vacation Allowance

8. Daily Allowance

BSF Gazette and Non-Governmental Work

This section provides a list of positions. Published and unpublished by BSF. A BSF officer's job is to maintain peace and harmony within its borders and to maintain the country's legal system.

1. BSF Non-Gazetteer

2. Constable

3. Head Constable

4. Assistant Sub-Inspector

5. Sub-Inspector

6. Inspector

7. Subdermajor

8. BSF Gazette

9. Deputy Commander

10. Deputy Commander

11. Deputy Commander

12. Special Director

13. Director

How to Apply on an offline application?

Interested candidates may submit a completed application form in the form provided by BSF to any of the following addresses near the candidate. A current passport photo must be attached to the application form and admit card. The envelope containing the application must be marked in bold "APPLICATION FOR SUB-INSPECTOR (GD) POSITION ORDER BY LIMITED DEPARTMENTAL COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION" and "Examination Center" with central code.

List of documents attached to the application

  • Application and admission ticket in the correct format.
  • Two recent identical passport photos in uniform. (Attach one each to the application form duly authenticated by the Official Gazette and to the admission ticket).
  • Service Record in the required form (signed by office director/appointing authority).
  • Acceptance of Applicant with Attached Performance.
  • 10th or her 12th Passport Certificate to confirm the date of birth.
  • Official certificate of completion with annual grades issued separately by an accredited university.
  • SC/ST Category Certificate A copy of the certificate supporting the
  • physical standard relaxation request.

"Practice makes perfect" this quote is perfect for the BSF SI exam. Of course, a candidate should be familiar with other aspects of the BSF-SI exam, such as the syllabus, exam pattern, etc Still, at the same time, he should be familiar with BSF-SI exam preparation strategies. Below are some strategies to follow to get a better score and pass this exam.

Awareness:- Always familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and paper style first.

Syllabus:- Familiarize yourself with the syllabus.

Hours:- Time management is very important. So prioritize your work and get things done quickly.

Notes: - Notes never go out of trend. Make quick notes on syllabus topics.

Revisions:- There's no point in making notes if you don't make revisions. So always repeat what you have learned before.

Practice:- Again, practice is key. The more sample questions you answer, the easier it is to pass this exam.

Newspaper:- Always read the newspaper. it creates your general consciousness

Now that you have understood the BSF SI Exam Syllabus

exam template, it is important to understand the BSF SI syllabus for the various sections mentioned in the exam template. There are slight differences in the syllabuses of the various subcategories under BSF SI and GD. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus of each sub-post. Given below is the exam pattern for BSF SI recruitment:

Topic Total Marks Total Questions Time Duration
Reasoning 50 25

120 minutes-210 minutes

Numerical Aptitude 50 25
General Awareness 50 25
Hindi/ English Language 50 25
TOTAL 200 100

BSF Exam Preparation Strategies:

Candidates should have a working knowledge of the BSF syllabus and exam pattern for the position they are applying for. As previously mentioned, the selection process for various positions includes a physical examination. Therefore, candidates are advised to maintain their physical fitness. Candidates must be physically and mentally fit to go through all stages of the selection process.

Applicants are required to take regular breaks. Be sure to repeat once a week.

Candidates should create a timetable and allow sufficient time to complete the practice set, series of tests, and previous year's assignments. Candidates must remain calm to perform well on the exam.