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Established : 1977 | Accredited/Approved : AICTE | Affiliated : University Of Mumbai

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, or WeSchool, is a premier business school in Mumbai, India. Established in 1977, the institute has built a strong reputation for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. As a constituent of the Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali (SPM) Trust, WeSchool has constantly strived to provide quality education and develop business leaders with a holistic approach. The institute offers full-time management programs across various disciplines, such as business administration, human resources, marketing, finance, and operations.

Besides the full-time programme, WeSchool Mumbai does offer admission to Hybrid Programmes PG Diploma in Management (PGDM), which is commonly compared to distance learning mode due to its flexibility and mode of education. WeSchool Mumbai MBA equivalent PGDM is available in 18 specializations. It is specifically curated for working professionals.

The Welingkar Mumbai Hybrid PGDM  is a two-year full-time course with four semesters. It follows a trimester system, each lasting approximately three months. The program structure is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of core business areas while incorporating the latest industry practices. It covers marketing, finance, operations, human resources, strategy, and more.

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Is Welingkar Distance MBA Good?

WeSchool Mumbai Hybrid learning blends the accessibility of distance education with the key advantages of full-time learning and online learning models. It gives you an edge over colleagues who settle for traditional, online or distance learning models regarding growth opportunities. Thus, WeSchool offers two year PGDM Hybrid Learning Programme.

1: Blended Learning Model: The Hybrid PGDM in Welingkar Mumbai adopts a blended learning model, combining the best face-to-face classroom sessions with online learning. This hybrid approach allows students to study independently, collaborate with peers, and access learning materials anytime. It allows working professionals to balance their work commitments while pursuing their education.

2. Industry Integrated Curriculum: Welingkar Mumbai Syllabus of the Hybrid PGDM at Welingkar Mumbai is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It focuses on building industry-ready professionals by incorporating practical learning experiences, case studies, projects, and internships. The institute also has tie-ups with corporate partners for industry visits, guest lectures, and live projects to expose students to real-world scenarios. The prospectus is frequently updated to keep pace with the evolving business landscape and industry demands.

3. Faculty and Mentors: Welingkar Mumbai has a dedicated team of highly experienced faculty members who bring a perfect blend of academic expertise and industry exposure. They guide students throughout their learning journey, providing insights, mentoring, and support. The faculty members are known for their research contributions, publications, and consultancy projects. The institute also invites industry experts and professionals as guest faculty to facilitate practical learning and industry exposure.

4: Alumni Network: Welingkar Mumbai takes pride in its extensive alumni network spread across various industries and domains. The alumni network provides a platform for current students to connect with successful professionals, seek guidance, and explore internship or job opportunities. The institute organizes alumni meetups, networking events, and webinars to foster a strong bond between its alumni and students.

Welingkar Mumbai Fees Structure

The hybrid PGDM program at Welingkar Mumbai offers a contemporary and flexible approach to management education. With its industry-integrated curriculum, blended learning model, esteemed faculty, and strong industry collaborations, the program aims to nurture business leaders and professionals who can thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

This innovative program provides students with the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, practical exposure, and networking opportunities, making it a preferred choice for aspiring managers. WeSchool Distance MBA fees (PGDM-Hybrid) vary from course to course.

Welingkar Mumbai Courses list

Welingkar Mumbai PGDM Fees

Marketing management


Finance management


Human resource management


Retail management


Operations management


Supply chain management


Business administration


E-business management


Banking, investment & insurance management


Rural & agribusiness management


Hospitality management


Healthcare management


Services excellence


Travel and tourism management

1,01,000 - 2 years

IT project management

1,01,000 - 2 years

E-commerce management


International business management


Media & advertising management


Welingkar Mumbai Hybrid PGDM Course Details

The Hybrid PGDM is a 2-year program. The maximum duration is 4 years to allow sufficient time to balance your professional and academic commitments. If you cannot complete the program (even a pending project report will be considered incompletion) in this time frame, you can pre-register for the program by paying Rs.8000 for a year's extension.

It offers various specializations and elective courses to cater to students' diverse interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Business Design, E-commerce, Retail, etc. They can also choose electives from various subjects to build expertise in specific domains.

PGDM in Marketing Management - Master management ideas within a rapidly changing marketing ecosystem that incorporates technology, data, sophisticated customer behaviour, and multichannel experiences for brands. To learn flexibly and conveniently, choose from 4 batch schedules instead of part-time and online management programs with strict deadlines.

  • Strong understanding of various marketing principles
  • Exposure to varied branding elements/strategies
  • Learn how to utilize CRM effectively for improved business success.
  • Master various soft skills from experienced trainers

The complete fee for the program is Rs. 1,01,000. It is without PCP (Personal contact program); with PCP, the fee is Rs. 1,04,600.

The total fee for overseas candidates is US $2000. In addition, school fees can be paid in Indian rupees. It costs Rs. 1,50,000/-. You enhance your access to various learning perks that favourably affect your daily routine and career when you enrol in a Hybrid PGDM in Marketing Management.

PGDM in Finance Management - In the framework of the global market, master financial ideas and management principles. Instead of part-time and online management programs with strict deadlines, choose from 4 batch schedules for convenient and adaptable learning for:

  • Easy understanding of financial fundamentals
  • Knowledge of various trade finance
  • Learn from professionals about the different components of project evaluation and how to raise money.
  • Master several soft skills from expert trainers

The entire fee of the course is Rs. 1,01,000, which has to be paid in advance without PCP or Rs. 1,04,600 will be with PCP.

PGDM in Human resource management - Learn the best HR practices and management principles in the global market context. The 4 batch schedules from which students can select as per their flexibility and convenient learning method are:

  • Easy understanding of various functions involved in HRM
  • Learn effective training program design & execution
  • Learn the latest techniques in recruitment
  • Explore various soft skills from subject matter expert

When you enlist, you may learn about a more exclusive range of activities and subjects closely related to the general goal and themes. Instead of choosing a typical management program, choose a syllabus to help you reach your full potential. Graduation from an Indian or foreign institution approved by IGNOU, UGC, AIU, or other associations is the prerequisite for this program.

PGDM in Retail Management - Learn how to use management principles in rapidly evolving consumer behaviour, a dynamic retail marketing environment, and intensely customer-focused brand experiences. The 4 batch schedules that are completely convenient to learn to have rigid deadlines for:

  • Acquire merchandising skills from field experts
  • Discover various strategies for promoting retail products from industry professionals.
  • To gain an advantage, research worldwide franchising patterns.
  • Master various soft skills from experienced trainers

Opt for a curriculum that, unlike traditional management programs, is geared to help you reach your full potential. Unlike traditional part-time and online management programs, you will experience a rapid and stress-free admissions process. The fee for the complete course is Rs. 1,01,000. It has to be paid in advance without PCP, and it will be Rs. 1,04,600 with PCP. You enhance your access to various learning perks that favourably affect your daily routine and career when you enrol in a Hybrid PGDM in Retail Management.

PGDM in Operations Management- Master the management theories and best practices worldwide that are necessary for a business to run successfully. Choosing from 4 batch schedules will allow you to learn flexibly and conveniently as opposed to part-time and online management programs with strict deadlines for:

  • Acquire lean manufacturing techniques from experts
  • Learn production planning techniques from field experts
  • Understand the global supply chain management process
  • Master various soft skills from experienced trainers

PGDM in Supply chain management - Discover how you can support businesses in delivering top-notch manufacturing in a fiercely competitive global market. You can learn flexibly and comfortably by selecting from 4 batch schedules as opposed to part-time and online management programs with rigid deadlines for:

  • Exposure to various means of optimizing inventories by different controlling techniques
  • Learn professional purchase management skills from experts
  • Understand the global supply chain management process
  • Master the art of leadership

PGDM in Business Administration - Learn the facets of running a company in the modern world; develop and flourish as a leader who can lead teams across sectors.

  • Learn how to execute talent management and how to overcome implementation obstacles.
  • Understand the different strategies required for taking correct investment decisions.
  • Learn how to advertise and promote the brand.
  • The ability to make a vision a reality is what it means to be a leader. "Learn from the successes of business leaders."

PGDM in E-business management - Develop into a successful leader with the correct combination of technical expertise and managerial skills for complicated IT and technology-based project planning and management. Instead of part-time and online management programs with strict deadlines, choose from 4 batch schedules for flexible and convenient learning for:

  • Understand the implications of big data and five Vs: volume, velocity, variety, integrity, and value
  • Get insights from experts on how to develop an E-commerce business model
  • Learn about how to manage IT infrastructure efficiently
  • The ability to make a vision a reality is what leadership is. "Learn from the achievements of industry leaders."

PGDM in Rural & agribusiness management - Find out how characteristics specific to the rural agribusiness ecosystem affect business and how you can increase earnings globally.

  • Discover cutting-edge tactics for reaching rural markets from professionals.
  • Learn about numerous sources and programmes for agricultural financing
  • Learn how to manage risk in the agriculture sector
  • Master the arts of leadership and other managerial skills

PGDM in Hospitality management - Develop the subject expertise and management abilities necessary for a prosperous career in the hospitality industry, including hotels, catering, and aviation.

  • Understand various aspects of hospitality management from industry experts
  • Learn qualities essential to best from the office staff
  • Learn the value of providing excellent customer service by first getting to know your customers.
  • Master several soft skills from expert trainers

PGDM in Healthcare Management - Learn about many business processes that hospitals and healthcare organizations use to run successfully. Instead of part-time and online management programs with strict deadlines, choose from 4 batch schedules for flexible and convenient learning for:

  • Learn about the various hospital management functions from field experts
  • Recognize the significance of managing medical data in hospitals.
  • Learn how to manage medical-legal issues
  • Learn managerial skills from experienced trainers

PGDM in Travel & tourism management - To become a more effective team leader, have a deeper awareness of the many industry functions, business trends, and industry rules in the travel and tourist industry:

  • Learn tourism product marketing techniques
  • Become familiar with the numerous facets of international tourism
  • Learn online marketing strategies from experts
  • Master several soft skills from expert trainers

PGDM in IT project management - Learn the management theories and project management techniques necessary to succeed as a leader in the IT sector.

  • Explore a variety of online software used for scheduling & tracking projects.
  • For implementation to be successful, learn how to control human dynamics
  • Understand various enterprise solutions
  • Understand the scope, boundary, and future of business analytics from industry experts.

PGDM in E-commerce management - Recognize and develop the numerous management techniques required in today's competitive industry to make an online business successful. The 4 schedules of the batches with rigid timelines are:

  • Learn what elements are core to designing a powerful e-commerce website
  • Understand the significance of logistics management in the E-commerce industry
  • Learn about venture capital and crowdfunding sources to raise finance for an e-commerce venture
  • Master various soft skills from experienced trainers

PGDM in International business management - In today's extremely volatile global climate, excel at managerial skills and industry knowledge essential for operating a worldwide firm.

  • Learn from experts various strategies for entry into international markets
  • Master the art of raising funds from the international equity market
  • Gain an understanding of various factors which affect international business
  • Discover the success formula and how leaders deliver sustainable value

PGDM in Media & advertising management - Enrol in a program that will help you become a leader with a thorough awareness of market trends and managerial expertise.

  • Learn the science and art of networking to create sincere connections.
  • Learn brand positioning techniques to establish a unique position and value in the minds of your target audience.
  • Learn the many abilities needed to be a culinary media planner.
  • Learn a variety of soft skills from qualified instructors.

Welingkar Mumbai Admission Process

The Hybrid PGDM is structured in every way to assist you in conquering your professional objectives more quickly. In contrast to traditional, part-time, distance learning, and online management programs, this includes a stress-free admissions process. After your two-year program, receive Hybrid PGDM certification accepted by the AICTE and advance your profession.

The WeSchool Mumbai admission process will be conducted twice yearly: January and July.

  1. Welingkar Mumbai Eligibility: Bachelor's degree from an accredited Indian university. IGNOU, UGC, AIU, state institutions, or organizations like AMBA, AACSB, or EQUIS recognition of graduation from an international university. For the WeSchool Hybrid PGDM, there are no entrance exams or group discussions required. Only the graduation requirements must be satisfied.
  2. Documents: Some of the important documents required:
  • Degree or provisional certificate photocopy
  • Passport size colour photographs (2)
  1. Welingkar Mumbai Admission Fees: In the event of online admission, fees may be paid by net banking, debit card, or credit card; in the case of on-campus admission, fees may be paid by cheque, demand draft, or bank transfer.

Course fees



Hybrid PGDM (2 years)

Rs. 1,01,000 (at enrollment time)

Rs. 53,500 & Rs. 52,500 (1 or 2 years)

Personal contact program (PCP)

Rs. 3600 (at admission time)

Rs. 400/subject (Opt for PCP later)

  1. How to apply for Welingkar Mumbai: Candidates willing to apply for admission must visit the Welingkar Mumbai official website. Select the Hybrid PGDM Programme and fill up an online application. Alternatively, students can visit the campus to obtain the forms.
  1. Welingkar Mumbai Admission Cancellation policies: We would appreciate your choice if you choose to reconsider your Hybrid PGDM and professional growth goals. After being admitted, you can ask for cancellation up to 45 days after the registration date. Following the imposition of the following cancellation fees, we will refund your program payments:

Request period

Cancellation charges

Admission within 1-15 days

10% of 2-year course fees

Admission within 16-30 days

20% of 2-year course fees

Admission within 31-45 days

50% of 2-year course fees

Welingkar Mumbai Learning Methodology

To facilitate the hybrid learning experience, Welingkar Mumbai provides students with access to various learning platforms. The institute has a learning management system (LMS) known as We-School Learning System (WSLS). WSLS provides a user-friendly interface where students can access course materials, assignments, and discussions and interact with faculty members. Additionally, the institute leverages digital technologies for live webinars, virtual classrooms, and video lectures.

Welingkar Mumbai Placements for PGDM Hybrid Programmes

Welingkar Mumbai has a dedicated placement cell that works closely with students to provide placement assistance and guidance. The institute has a strong network of corporate partners and recruiters who regularly participate in campus placements. Students are also provided with training and support to enhance their employability skills, resume building, interview preparation, and networking abilities. The institute boasts a high placement record with students securing placement offers from leading companies across sectors.

Welingkar Mumbai Scholarships

  • Dr G. Sun Jewels Scholarship for PGDM Business Design - High-potential students from low-income or single-parent families who find it difficult to afford the PGDM Program's mandatory tuition costs are encouraged by the scholarship. Additionally, the chosen student must meet WeSchool's continual assessment requirements. This initiative provides one complete scholarship for the cost of tuition for those who choose to pursue a PGDM in Business Design.
  • Dr. Rinti Banerjee Scholarship for PGDM Healthcare Management - One female PGDM Healthcare student with an MBBS background will have 50% of her fees paid for by this scholarship. The scholarship was established in 2022 to motivate female MBBS students to pursue a career in healthcare management education. This scholarship aims to enhance the number of women in management and medical fields and the proportion of women in senior roles in the healthcare industry.

Course fee structure

MMS - Finance 562562 2 years
MMS - Marketing Management 562562 2 years
MMS - Human Resources 562562 2 years
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WeSchool PGDM Admissions 2024 Open

WeSchool PGDM Admissions 2024 Open

Admissions are now open for full-time PGDM programs at the Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool) in Bangalo

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