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Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management Executive MBA

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Established : 1995 | Accredited/Approved : AICTE | Affiliated : IIT Bombay

To foster interdisciplinary learning, IIT Bombay established its management school in 1995. In 2000, the School was renamed Shailesh J Mehta School of Management in tribute to a distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay.


SJMSOM takes pride in leading the way in preparing graduates to tackle emerging challenges by leveraging the diverse intellectual resources of IIT Bombay. The School offers an exceptional and innovative management education program that equips students to excel professionally. These include a postgraduate program (MBA) and a doctoral program (PhD). In addition, it offers an executive program (EMBA) specially designed for working executives in collaboration with the esteemed Olin Business School of Washington University. The institution also provides short and long-duration management development programs (MDPs) encompassing company-specific training initiatives.


SJMSOM IIT Bombay Executive MBA

IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis jointly offer the executive MBA program. Shailesh J Mehta's Executive MBA spans over 18 months and is conveniently structured into four days per month, starting on Thursday morning and extending through Sunday evening.


During the program, participants complete 17 modules in Mumbai, followed by two weeks spent in Washington DC and St. Louis, where they finish the remaining coursework and have the opportunity to visit American companies.


Upon successful conclusion of the executive MBA program, each participant is granted a joint postgraduate degree in Business Administration from both IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis, adding to the academic prestige of the program.



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IT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076

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+91 22 2576 7781

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42 lakhs INR

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Is an Executive MBA from SJMSOM IIT Bombay worth it?

The Executive MBA from IIT Bombay is well-regarded and highly acclaimed. It is designed for experienced professionals with demonstrated leadership abilities and focuses on enterprise leadership, preparing participants to serve the best interests of their organizations.


1. Leadership Development: The 18-month program focuses on grooming professionals with domain expertise to take leadership roles. It is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in challenging managerial positions.


2. Convenient Schedule: The IIT Bombay EMBA structure is designed to quarter the busy schedules of working professionals. Classes are held four consecutive days every month, from Thursday to Sunday, allowing participants to balance work and study.


3. Global Exposure: The program includes 17 Residency Teaching Modules in India and 3 in Washington, DC, and St. Louis. It allows participants to gain international exposure and understand global business dynamics.


4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: IIT Bombay's Mumbai campus classes provide access to state-of-the-art classrooms and accommodations, ensuring a conducive learning environment.


5. Executive Coaching: Participants receive personalized one-on-one Executive Coaching tailored to their career development needs. This guidance enhances their leadership abilities and empowers them to tackle real-world challenges effectively.


6. Dual Alumni Status: Graduates of the program are bestowed with the prestigious alum status and privileges of both IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis. This expansive alumni network opens doors to valuable connections and opportunities.


7. Lifetime Email ID Access: Participants are granted lifetime access to an exclusive email ID, enabling ongoing communication and networking within the program's community.


8. Return on Investment: While the program may require a significant monetary investment, the long-term benefits of career advancement and higher earning potential may justify the cost.


SJMSOM IIT Bombay Executive MBA fees

The course fee for EMBA is Rs 42 lakhs (INR Forty-two Lakhs) and is considered non-refundable. The tuition fees cover the academic expenses, including the costs of textbooks and study materials, ensuring that students have access to the necessary resources to excel in their studies.


In addition to academic provisions, the fee also includes lodging and meals for the residency periods. During the 17 Residency Teaching Modules in India and 3 in Washington, DC, and St. Louis, participants are accommodated and provided with meals to facilitate a focused and immersive learning environment.




Instalment 1

INR 5 Lakhs

Instalment 2

INR 6 Lakhs

Installment 3

INR 14 Lakhs

Instalment 4

INR 14 Lakhs


The payment schedule requires INR 3 Lakhs to be paid within seven days of accepting the admission offer letter. The booking amount, once paid, is non-refundable but can be carried forward to the following year. Program fee payments are to be made via RTGS or Demand Draft. Adherence to the specified deadlines for program fee remittance is expected for a seamless enrollment in the joint Executive MBA program by IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis. Assistance can be sought from the admissions team.


SJMSOM IIT Bombay Executive MBA Syllabus

The EMBA course curriculum is thoughtfully divided into core and advanced functional modules. This approach allows for a thorough review of functional fundamentals, cross-functional training, strategic and leadership courses, people management, and enhancement of business communication skills. The curriculum is delivered through a well-balanced combination of classroom learning, case analysis, brief papers on specific topics, and more comprehensive long-term papers. Participant evaluation is conducted individually and in teams.


SJMSOM IIT Bombay Executive MBA placements

IIT Bombay accepts top professionals for the EMBA Batch. Hence, there are no campus placements explicitly held for the batch. Instead, the institute helps derive a return on investment made in this degree by offering best-in-class experience.


IIT Bombay Executive MBA ROI (Return On Investment)

Investment in the IIT Bombay-WashU executive MBA program has proven instrumental in establishing a robust leadership pipeline within organizations, aligning with their corporate objectives, and enabling domain experts to transition into broader enterprise management roles. The institution maintains an ongoing dialogue with industry partners, which has led them to develop internal benchmarks for evaluating program success.


These benchmarks include participant-specific measurements to assess their post-program progress in actionable terms and organization-specific evaluations to gauge candidates' alignment with company strategy and their tangible contributions to organizational growth.


As a result, the joint degree executive MBA from IIT Bombay-WashU offers a remarkable return on investment (ROI) in multiple dimensions. This EMBA program provides an exponentially higher ROI than similar courses outside India. 

Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management Executive MBA Course fee structure

EMBA - Finance 3600000 1.6 years
EMBA - Marketing Management 3600000 1.6 years
EMBA - Strategic Management 3600000 1.6 years
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Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management Executive MBA Entrance exams required for Admission 2024

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+91 22 2576 7781, +91 22 2576 8781

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admissions@som.iitb.ac.in, hod@som.iitb.ac.in


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