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School of Commerce, NMIMS University, Bangalore

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| Accredited/Approved : AICTE | Affiliated : NMIMS University Bangalore

NMIMS Bangalore has established the School of Commerce. That sets a new standard for undergraduate business education. NMIMS is known for pioneering educational advancements. This institution brought a new approach to academics by updating the curriculum and teaching methods. They moved away from traditional rote learning and outdated subject matter.

The NMIMS School of Commerce BBA program demonstrates its dedication to staying current with industry demands. The syllabus is frequently updated to meet the changing needs of the business world. During their final year, students can specialize in either finance or marketing. That allows them to align their education with global standards. In addition, the third-year specialization courses offer customized, career-oriented content. That ensures that graduates have the necessary skills and knowledge. They ready the students to enter the workforce as competent and versatile managers.

The NMIMS Bannerghatta Campus offers BBA, B.Sc. (Finance) programs, and B.Com. (Hons.). These programs demonstrate the institution's commitment to providing a well-rounded education. It equips students for success in the fast-paced and competitive commerce industry.



Name of the College

School of Commerce, NMIMS University

Short Name

School of Commerce

Established in




Type of College


Affiliated by

NMIMS University Bangalore





Courses offered

  • BBA
  • B.Sc.(Finance)
  • B.Com. (Hons.)

Admission Criteria

Entrance exam-based

Application mode


Top recruiters

Extramarks Education India Private Limited, Metricstream, Tesco, Pikkal, Accenture, Fidelity Investments, Middle Earth, Thomson Reuters, Polaris FT, ACT TV, Firstsource, etc.

Contact number

080 – 35021235 /25126000

Email Id



Kalkere Post, Anekal Taluk,

Bannerghatta Road,

Bangalore– 560083,

Karnataka, India.



Why join the NMIMS School of Commerce?

Joining the NMIMS offers several compelling reasons:

1. Innovative Education: The institution is committed to breaking the mould of traditional education. By joining, you become part of an innovative learning environment. They emphasize modern teaching methods, updated curricula, and a departure from rote learning.

2. Industry Relevance: The programs offered are designed to meet the current and future demands of the business world. The School of Commerce collaborates with industry partners. It ensures that students get the specialized skills and knowledge that employers seek.

3. Customization: The BBA program allows you to specialize in finance or marketing. They also have specialization courses that provide the opportunity for customized, career-focused content. This tailored approach prepares you for a specific career path.

4. Global Standards: The curriculum benchmarks its content against global standards. It ensures that you receive a well-rounded education that is recognized internationally.

5. Holistic View: The programs offer a holistic view of various subjects. They develop into well-rounded and capable managers at the entry-level. They have a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of commerce.

6. Variety of Programs: The School of Commerce provides a range of programs to choose from, including BBA, B.Sc. (Finance), and B.Com. (Hons.), offering options to suit your academic and career goals.

7. NMIMS Legacy: NMIMS has a reputation for excellence in education. By joining, you become part of this esteemed legacy. It will benefit them from its established network, resources, and expertise.

NMIMS School of Commerce Fees Structure

The NMIMS School of Commerce provides undergraduate programs, including BBA, BSc, and BCom. These courses equip candidates with essential skills & knowledge in the commerce domain. NMIMS Syllabus focuses on a diverse range of subjects in commerce. The School ensures a holistic educational experience for students aspiring for careers in commerce, preparing them for professional success. The structure provides students with a foundation for various specializations and sets a strong groundwork for their future pursuits in the field of commerce.



Fees Structure (for first year)


Marketing & Finance

INR 315,000



INR 310,000



INR 165,000

NMIMS School of Commerce  Admission Process

Admission to the UG Courses is based on the NMIMS Entrance Exam, commonly known as NPAT. These exams are held nationwide. To apply for the exam, candidates must fulfil the eligibility standards.

  • The NMIMS-NPAT exam has three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Each section has 40 questions, making a total of 40 marks. There is no negative marking.
  • To register, you need to go to the official website. Create an account and choose the test category, School, program, and campus preferences.
  • Finally, select the number of attempts you want.
  • Once candidates have registered and paid, they can schedule their exams through slot booking.
  • It can be done by selecting test dates and centres, but availability is limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.

NMIMS School of Commerce Placement

The placement is promising since the School of Commerce is a unit of NMIMS University. Since its first graduating class in 2012, NMIMS Bengaluru has maintained an impressive track record of placing students with a consistent 100% placement rate, a success that persisted through the 2022-23 academic year. The placement season saw a remarkable response from loyal and new recruiters,

with over 70 corporate recruiters visiting NMIMS Bengaluru to provide Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) from esteemed companies. The dedicated faculty, accumulating over 30 years of collective industry experience, has nurtured graduates, instilling comprehensive skills highly valued by recruiters. The institution's 'We Care' program, fostering social sensitivity, also stands out as a unique feature. The Summer Internships have significantly contributed to preparing students for the professional world, making them adept and job-ready.

Top Recruiters

Accenture, Aegis Global, Airtel, Mind Tree, Bajaj Alliance, Bank of Baroda, Capgemini, Cisco, RBI, HDFC, Oracle

NMIMS School of Commerce Facilities

The NMIMS Bangalore campus is located on 8.5 acres of green land. It has a built-up area of 6,600 sq. m. The campus is designed to have open spaces and use natural light and fresh air. It creates a good environment for learning. The facilities provided aim to ensure a modern and comfortable experience for students. Classrooms have modern amenities like laptops, PCs, and LCD projectors. These amenities encourage interactive and technology-enhanced learning. A Wi-Fi network is available across the entire campus to ensure students can access online resources. In addition, the campus has a cafeteria for convenient dining.

The NMIMS Bangalore Hostel is a fully furnished flat with various amenities. These amenities include beds, study tables, refrigerators, newspapers, and kitchen areas. All of these amenities contribute to creating a comfortable living environment. The campus has two locations: Bannerghatta Road and Koramangala. It makes it more accessible and widespread. NMIMS Bangalore is known as one of India's top business schools, highlighting its position in the education sector. It has become popular for those seeking management education and career advancement.

School of Commerce, NMIMS University, Bangalore Course fee structure

BBM - Marketing Management 915000 3 years
BCom - General 465000 3 years
BSc - Economics 710000 3 years
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Contact Information

Contact Numbers:

080 – 35021235 /25126000

Email ID:



Kalkere Post, Anekal Taluk,
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore– 560083
, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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