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SASTRA Deemed University's Online MBA caters to the career progression aspirations of working professionals in the present-day business landscape. This unique program has been meticulously curated to encompass the academic content of traditional management domains while incorporating the demands of a modern and complex business environment. Combining contemporary aspects within these traditional domains particularly appeals to corporate recruiters, who seek candidates with structured knowledge in these areas.

One of the distinguishing features of this program is the inclusion of a masterclass series conducted by industry experts. These sessions allow participants to learn from seasoned professionals' experiences, effectively bridging the much-discussed "industry-academia gap." These live and interactive sessions provide experiential learning, enabling participants to gain practical skills through hands-on experience. In addition, simulation games and group exercises foster collaborative learning and create many networking opportunities.

SASTRA University Online MBA offers highly customized and personalized career support services. Every participant is provided one-on-one assistance from professional mentors who help identify individual career goals and chart a pathway toward achieving them. Whether participants aim for career progression within their current positions or aspire to transition into new roles, this personalized support ensures their needs are met. Furthermore, for those contemplating entrepreneurial ventures, the program offers a structured course on setting up a start-up, with the option to seek support from established start-up accelerators in the country.



Course name

Online MBA

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Post Graduation

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Graduation / any Working Profesional


2 years

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Is SASTRA good for an Online MBA?

SASTRA University is considered a reputable institution for pursuing an online MBA program. Here are some factors that contribute to its positive reputation:

Accreditation and Recognition: SASTRA University is accredited by the NBA and recognized by UGC. This accreditation and recognition ensure that the programs offered by SASTRA University, including the online MBA, meet the necessary quality standards and are recognized by regulatory bodies.

Industry Relevance: Industry experts conduct masterclasses, allowing participants to interact and learn from experienced professionals. Real-time working environments and the nature, challenges, and complexities encountered in job responsibilities are shared, enabling a comprehensive understanding.

Advanced Learning Methodologies: Immersive learning is facilitated through live and interactive sessions, carefully designed to incorporate various management concepts. Relevant case studies, engaging simulation games, workshops, insights from industry experts, interactive class exercises, and group discussions form integral components of the learning process. Additionally, participants can identify real-time problem statements and collaborate on solutions through group projects.

Career Advancement: Personalized career support services are provided for six months, tailored to individual needs. These services are delivered by a global leader in career transition, ensuring solutions align with specific career progression aspirations. SASTRA University's online MBA program graduates are well-positioned to advance their careers in various industries and pursue leadership roles.

Entrepreneurship: Exclusive access to a start-up boot camp is granted, catering to participants interested in embarking on entrepreneurial journeys. A self-paced course and world-class mentorship are available to crystallize and accelerate start-up ideas. Select start-ups receive fast-track acceleration support from INDIA ACCELERATOR.

Flexibility and Convenience: The online nature of SASTRA University's MBA program offers flexibility and convenience for working professionals who wish to pursue higher education without interrupting their current professional commitments. Students can access study materials and lectures at their own pace and convenience.

SASTRA University Online MBA Syllabus and Course Structure

The online MBA courses at SASTRA University follow a carefully structured scheme of study designed to provide pupils with an inclusive understanding of management principles and practices. This academic roadmap encompasses four semesters, each offering a range of courses that contribute to the overall credit requirements for the degree.

During the first semester, students undertake foundational courses that lay the groundwork for their MBA journey. These include "Foundations of Management and Organizational Behaviour," "Economics for Decision Making," "Accounting for Managers," and "Business Research Methods." Together, these courses carry 16 credits, establishing a solid academic foundation.

Students delve into more advanced topics in the second semester. Courses such as "Contemporary Marketing Management," "People Management," "Financial Management," and "Operations" build upon the fundamentals learned in the first semester. Additionally, students participate in an experiential masterclass conducted by industry experts, further enhancing their practical understanding of business concepts. The second semester comprises a total of 18 credits.

Moving into the third semester, students explore strategic aspects of management. Courses such as "Strategic Management," "Business Analytics and Data Visualization," "Services Marketing," "Human Capital Strategy and Performance Management," and "Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management" provide insights into critical areas of business strategy and decision-making. The third semester accounts for 20 credits.

An immersive learning experience characterizes the final semester. Courses such as "Corporate Laws and Governance," "Phygital Retailing," "Leadership," and "Project Management" contribute to a deeper understanding of specialized areas within the business landscape. Additionally, students engage in another experiential masterclass conducted by industry experts. The program's culmination is a comprehensive project, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios. The fourth semester carries the highest credit load of 26 credits.

Students complete 80 credits over the four semesters, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded MBA education. This scheme of study ensures that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their future managerial roles and make informed business decisions.

SASTRA University Online MBA Learning Outcomes

Upon successful conclusion of this program, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Acquire Structured Knowledge: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant business concepts and principles that are currently applied in the industry. This knowledge will serve as a solid foundation for their professional endeavors.
  • Apply Best Practices: Participants will develop the ability to identify and apply best practices to address managerial challenges effectively. Drawing upon established frameworks and successful strategies will enable them to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes.
  • Enhance Analytical and Critical Thinking: The program fosters the development of analytical
  • and critical thinking abilities essential for effective business problem-solving. Participants will refine their skills in analyzing complex situations, evaluating options, and making well-reasoned decisions.
  • Tackle Real-Life Business Problems: Through engagement in live projects, participants can apply their learning to real-life business problems. This practical experience will enable them to bridge the gap between theory and practice, developing the skills to navigate challenges in a dynamic business environment.
  • Set and Achieve Career Goals: The program recognizes the importance of individual career aspirations and provides support in setting personalized career goals and pathways. Participants will be empowered to define their professional journey and work towards achieving their specific career objectives.

By accomplishing these outcomes, participants will be well-prepared to thrive in business. They will possess a solid foundation of knowledge, the ability to apply best practices, strong analytical and critical thinking skills, practical problem-solving experience, and a clear vision for their career progression. These achievements will contribute to their success and enable them to make meaningful contributions in their chosen fields.

SASTRA University Online MBA Learning Methodology

SASTRA Deemed University utilizes SWAYAM, a MOOC platform developed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). SWAYAM offers participants access to four quadrants of course content.

  • In Quadrant 1, video lectures delivered by experienced instructors provide in-depth explanations of the course topics.
  • Quadrant 2 provides supporting reading material such as e-books and articles.
  • Quadrant 3 offers additional online resources like interactive simulations and virtual labs.
  • Quadrant 4 includes continuous and final assessments for evaluating participants' understanding and progress.

The platform also facilitates regular virtual contact classes through webinars and webcasts, allowing participants to interact with instructors and engage in discussions. Furthermore, SWAYAM provides a virtual community where participants can connect with peers, fostering interactive sharing and learning. Through SWAYAM, SASTRA Deemed University ensures participants have access to comprehensive course materials, interactive resources, continuous evaluation, and opportunities for collaboration, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

SASTRA University Online MBA Fees

The fees for the Online MBA in SASTRA vary for students in India and international students. For students in India, the yearly fee is INR 1,25,000, with a total program fee of INR 2,50,000. International students have an annual fee of USD 2500, with a total program fee of USD 5000.

Programme Fees for Students in India


Yearly Fee

Total Sastra University fees for online MBA  (Lumpsum for two years)

Programme Fee

INR 1,25,000

INR 2,50,000

Fee with Early Bird Benefit

INR 1,10,000

INR 2,10,000

Programme Fees for International Students


Yearly Fee

Total Programme Fee (Lumpsum for 2 years)

Programme Fee

USD 2500

USD 5000

Fee with Early Bird Benefit

USD 2200

USD 4200

Participants enrolling in the MBA program at SASTRA Deemed University can expect a comprehensive range of inclusions as part of their fee. These include access to interactive learning content and self-learning materials (SLM). These materials facilitate an engaging and interactive learning experience, providing participants with the necessary resources to enhance their understanding of the course content. In addition, participants can attend live interactive sessions conducted by industry experts. Contact classes specified in the program will also be covered under the fee.

Furthermore, the fee includes the semester examination fees for all four semesters. Participants can rest assured that the necessary fees associated with their examinations are included, ensuring a seamless examination process and allowing them to focus on their academic progress. While the fee covers a comprehensive range of inclusions, a few items still need to be covered. Re-examination fees for any subsequent attempts are not included in the fee structure.

It is also important to note that the program fee does not cover any other administrative charges not explicitly mentioned above. Participants should consult the university or program administration for specific details on any additional charges that may be applicable.

SASTRA University Online MBA eligibility

Prospective applicants for the MBA program at SASTRA Deemed University must hold a Graduate/Bachelor's degree (10+2+3/10+2+4) or a corresponding qualification in any discipline from a recognized university. The program welcomes applicants from diverse educational backgrounds and requires a proficient level of English, as the medium of instruction is English.

How to apply for Sastra University online MBA?

SASTRA University's online MBA selection criteria are based on merit. To initiate the application process, interested candidates must visit the official website at https://www.sastra.edu/onlinedodeform/ and access the online MBA application form. However, prior registration is required before proceeding with the application. Applicants must first register on the website by creating an account.

Once registered, applicants can log in to their accounts and complete the SASTRA University online MBA application form. The form will require essential personal and educational details, including academic qualifications and work experience. It is important to carefully complete all the required fields and ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

After filling out the form, applicants must review the information provided and verify its correctness. It is recommended that applicants double-check all entries before applying to avoid any errors or omissions. Applicants should adhere to the prescribed deadlines and submit their completed online MBA application form within the specified timeframe. It is advisable to keep track of important dates and notifications the university provides regarding the application process.

SASTRA University Online MBA Placement

SASTRA Deemed University offers participants two distinct career pathways to explore and pursue based on their interests and aspirations.

Career Pathway 1 - Personalized Career Support Services:

Participants can access comprehensive and individualized career support services tailored to their career progression goals. These services extend for six months, providing continuous guidance and support. Through one-on-one sessions with handpicked mentors, participants engage in in-depth discussions to chart their career growth path and develop action plans to achieve their goals. Additionally, focused job search support includes regular updates on job opportunities and connections with recruiters and companies based on specific requirements. These professional career support services are offered by Right Management India, a unit of Manpower Group and a renowned global leader in Career Transitioning and Management.

Career Pathway 2 - Explore Entrepreneurial Journey:

Designed for participants with an entrepreneurial interest, this pathway offers a structured, self-paced course divided into three modules. Each module is accompanied by live individual mentor reviews, ensuring progressive growth and milestone achievements. Upon conclusion of all three modules, participants can submit their start-up ideas to India Accelerator, one of the largest start-up accelerators in the country. Start-up ideas with adequate potential are assessed and supported by India Accelerator. This pathway is ideal for participants who possess a start-up idea and seek a deeper understanding of starting a business.

It is important to note that participants can select the pathway that aligns with their career interests and goals. Whether they opt for personalized career support services or embark on an entrepreneurial journey, SASTRA Deemed University provides the necessary resources and opportunities to empower participants in pursuing their chosen career pathways.

SUDODE Course fee structure

MBA - Management 250000 2 years
MCA - Computer Application 123000 2 years
BBM - Finance 120000 3 years
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Asked question

How much are the fees for an online MBA at Sastra University?
Asked by Guest
replied on 13-Jan-2024 02:58:10

MBA is a 2-year program at PG level. The per annum Sastra University fee structure for the Online MBA program is INR 1.25 lakhs.

What are the admission criteria for the SASTRA University Online MBA?
Asked by Guest
replied on 13-Jan-2024 02:58:41

To be eligible for the MBA program at Sastra University, the applicants must have a Graduate/Bachelor's degree (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university.

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