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Established : 2009 | Accredited/Approved : Ministry of Education, Government of India

O.P. Jindal Global University is a distinguished, research-oriented university operating as a non-profit institution. It boasts a fully residential campus, accommodating over 10,000 students and supported by a faculty of more than 1,000 full-time members. The university has earned significant recognition for its academic excellence, ranking as India's top private university in the QS World University Rankings 2023. Additionally, JGU has been acknowledged globally, securing a position among the Top 150 universities under QS Young University Rankings. Besides, JGU was honoured as an 'Institution of Eminence' by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

One Year Online  MBA offered by Jindal Global Business School, an integral part of  O.P Jindal University, is specifically crafted to nurture future managers and business executives. The curriculum is thoughtfully developed and taught by esteemed school faculty members, incorporating recorded lectures and interactive live sessions focused on real-life cases and practical applications.

Throughout the program, students will acquire various fundamental management skills through hands-on experiential projects. Moreover, they can specialize in four dynamic areas: Finance, Digital Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership.

The O.P. Jindal Global University Online MBA Programme provides a holistic understanding of business domains from both tactical and strategic perspectives, empowering students to become adept problem solvers in various corporate scenarios. Additionally, applicants will have the knowledge and expertise to leverage analytics tools effectively, contributing to more informed and data-driven business decisions.

Upon completing the Online MBA program, Students hold an O.P. Jindal Global University alumni status. They become part of the vibrant JGU alumni community, joining a network of accomplished professionals and leaders from various fields worldwide. Being an alumnus/alumna of JGU provides numerous benefits, including access to lifelong learning opportunities, networking events, career services, and staying connected with the university's academic and research developments.

How is O P Jindal University for an Online MBA?

O P Jindal Online Degree MBA is highly regarded for their quality and flexibility.

  • The institute emphasizes networking opportunities for online MBA students, organizing virtual events, guest lectures, and alumni interactions. These activities facilitate connections with industry professionals and expand students' professional networks.
  • The reputation of  O P Jindal College adds to the credibility and value of the Online MBA program. The School is known for its academic excellence, and graduates of the program benefit from the recognition and prestige associated with the institution.
  • The Online MBA program at JGU incorporates experiential learning projects, which allow students to gain practical skills and apply theoretical knowledge to real-world business challenges.
  • The Online MBA program is designed and delivered by top faculty members who bring their expertise to recorded lectures and live sessions. The university's multi-disciplinary approach and experienced faculty contribute to a well-rounded learning experience.

O P Jindal Global University Online MBA Fees

One year Online MBA fees at JGU is INR 1,50,000, including taxes. This fee applies to the first batch of learners and is provided as a limited-period offer. The original program fee is Rs 1,75,000, but the reduced fee is designed to make the program more affordable and attractive to prospective students.

To further facilitate affordability, the college offers EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) options starting at Rs. 4,746 per month. Allows students to spread out the program's cost over time, making it more manageable for their financial situation.

Online MBA Course Specializations are offered

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Digital Finance

O P Jindal Global University Online MBA Syllabus

Jindal Online MBA allows learners to specialize in their chosen domain, showcased through an additional specialization certificate. Learners can choose among four specializations: Strategy & Leadership, Marketing, Finance, and Digital Finance. By selecting a specialization, students can delve deeper into their interests and gain in-depth knowledge and skills.

The program structure consists of courses taught by university professors, with some modules led by industry leaders to provide practical learning and industry-specific cases. The course content is delivered through various formats, including videos, cases, projects, assignments, and live sessions. This ensures a comprehensive learning experience and facilitates the application of theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Throughout the program, learners engage in experiential courses that provide practical learning and application. These courses include Business Communication, Capstone Projects, and Independent Research Projects, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in practical settings.

In terms of specialization courses, each specialization option consists of four courses. However, learners who opt for a General MBA can select four courses from the specialization options based on their interests and career goals.

The specializations cover a wide range of topics relevant to each domain. For example, in the Strategy and leadership specialization, topics such as Strategic Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship and new Venture Creation, and Leadership Essentials for Business are covered. Similarly, each specialization focuses on specific subjects and skills necessary for success in the respective fields.

Why use an upgrad platform of JGU?

One of the key advantages of upGrad, as highlighted by Jindal Global Business School Online MBA, is the range of benefits it offers learners. These advantages are aimed at enhancing the learning experience, supporting career growth, and providing opportunities for professional development. Some of the advantages include:

1. Career Services: upGrad has a vast network of over 500 hiring partners, including top multinational companies (MNCs) and startups. Learners gain access to job postings from these partners, increasing their chances of finding relevant career opportunities. The career portal is regularly updated with vacancies across industries, offering a diverse range of roles across different seniority levels.

2. Resume Building: upGrad provides an AI-powered resume builder tool that offers detailed feedback to enhance learners' resumes. This tool helps individuals present their skills and experiences best, increasing their chances of standing out in the job market.

3. Flexible Learning: upGrad's courses are designed to provide flexibility to learners. The programs incorporate a mix of live classes and recorded lectures, allowing individuals to access course content conveniently. This blended learning approach ensures learners can balance their education with other commitments.

4. Exclusive Learning Platform: upGrad offers a best-in-industry learning platform that enables learners to access course materials and resources anytime, anywhere. This platform provides a seamless learning experience and facilitates learning on the go, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the programs.

5. Learning Support: upGrad provides personalized expert feedback on assignments and projects, ensuring learners receive valuable insights to improve their skills and knowledge. Live classes conducted by industry experts are also available to clarify any doubts or questions related to course content. UpGrad offers 24/7 student support through dedicated channels such as "Talk to Us" options and email ID, ensuring quick doubt resolution and assistance whenever needed.

These advantages collectively contribute to a comprehensive and supportive learning experience, allowing learners to acquire in-demand skills, gain industry-relevant knowledge, and enhance their career prospects. upGrad's commitment to providing flexible learning options, robust career services, and ongoing support sets it apart as a platform that caters to the holistic needs of learners.

O P Jindal Global University Online MBA Placement

The institution offers robust placement services to enhance student's career prospects. Here are the relevant details regarding placement services:

1. Dedicated student support: The institution offers dedicated support services to students, focusing on career planning and development. This support includes guidance on resume building, interview preparation, and overall career advancement strategies. Students receive personalized assistance to enhance their employability and make informed career decisions.

2. Learn from world-class university professors: The MBA program allows students to learn from world-class professors. These esteemed professors bring extensive academic expertise and industry experience, ensuring students receive high-quality education aligned with global business trends. Learning from such accomplished professionals enhances students' knowledge and prepares them for the job market.

3. Experiential projects for practical learning: The program incorporates experiential projects that enable students to gain hands-on experience & apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business challenges. These practical projects enhance problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. Such valuable exposure enhances students' readiness for the job market.

The placement services provided by the institution aim to equip students with the necessary skills and support for successful career outcomes. Dedicated student support, learning from renowned professors, practical and experiential projects, and AACSB accreditation collectively enhance students' career prospects and facilitate placement opportunities.

O.P. Jindal Global University Online MBA Course fee structure

Online MBA - Marketing Management 150000 2 years
Online MBA - Finance 150000 2 years
MBA - Logistics Request
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