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Institute of Distance Education Rajiv Gandhi University

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Established : 1984 | Accredited/Approved : UGC | Affiliated : Rajiv Gandhi University

The Institute of Distance Education (IDE) at Rajiv Gandhi University (formerly known as Arunachal University) is a recognized institution that offers distance education programs to students who cannot pursue traditional full-time education due to various constraints. IDE aims to provide accessible and quality education to individuals, irrespective of their geographical location or personal circumstances.

The Distance Education Bureau has acknowledged and approved the Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education courses. In November 2005, a delegation of experts from the DEB visited the centre to assess its infrastructure, accessibility to course materials, delivery methods in detail, availability of student support services, and library resources, among other things.

At the DEB, New Delhi, a team of professionals evaluates the self-learning course materials created with the assistance of subject matter experts. Recently, IDE has started employing ICT for online education. The institution is developing content for a website and a computer centre that is now being built.

RGU-IDE offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Art Stream. These programs cater to students' diverse educational needs and interests. IDE's distance learning mode allows students to pursue their education at their own pace and convenience. Students have the flexibility to study from anywhere, at any time, and can balance their education with other personal and professional commitments.

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RGU, Itanagar

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BA and MA

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Rono Hills, Doimukh, Arunachal Pradesh-791 112, India.

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Is Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Good?

Rajiv Gandhi University's Institute of Distance Education (IDE) is a recognized institution that provides distance education programs. The quality of any distance education program, including that of Rajiv Gandhi University, can depend on several factors. Here are some points to consider when evaluating the quality of a distance education program:

  • Accreditation: Rajiv Gandhi University is a recognized institution by the UGC, and its distance education programs are approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB). This accreditation ensures that the programs meet certain quality standards and are recognized by employers and other educational institutions.
  • Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Syllabus and Course Design: The quality of a distance education program relies heavily on the curriculum and course design. It is important to assess if the program's curriculum aligns with industry standards, covers relevant and up-to-date content, and provides a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Study Materials and Resources: The availability of well-designed and comprehensive study materials is crucial for distance education. Assess whether Rajiv Gandhi University's IDE provides quality study materials in various formats, including print and digital, to support students' learning and understanding of the subjects.
  • Faculty and Academic Support: Qualified and experienced faculty members are essential for quality education. Look for information about the faculty members associated with the distance education programs at Rajiv Gandhi University. Additionally, consider the availability of academic support, such as counseling sessions, workshops, and contact classes, which can enhance the learning experience.
  • Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Assessment and Evaluation: A reliable assessment and evaluation process is important to gauge students' progress and understanding. Consider whether Rajiv Gandhi University's IDE follows a structured and fair evaluation system that provides regular student performance feedback.

Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Fees

Rajiv Gandhi University's IDE aims to provide accessible and affordable education to students who opt for distance learning. The fees' affordability can vary depending on factors such as the program of study, level of study, and the specific fee structure set by the University.





General, economics, education, English, history, political science, sociology, Hindi, music

Rs. 5200/year


Education, English, Hindi, history, political science, anthropology, defense and strategic studies, economics, tribal studies, sociology, mass communication, psychology

Rs. 12100/year

Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education BA

The institution's programs at the UG level include a range of specializations. Remote learning programs are an option for applicants who want to pursue a full-time degree but cannot travel to a college for regular classes.

Applicants for BA distance education courses must meet the requirements of the University or institution. Completing the 10+2 program from an accredited school or institution is normal. Students thoroughly understand many topics in the arts and humanities discipline after completing a distance learning BA program. The fee structure for the BA is approx. INR 5,200 per annum.

Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education MA

MA is a master's degree program in the humanities and arts in India and abroad. It is renowned for its wide range of courses, including language, history, philosophy, and politics. The two-year MA program offered through distance learning only offers theory-based instruction. The duration of the course is 2-4 years. Selection of the applicant is entirely based on merit.

Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Admission Process

You can obtain the Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Prospects from the IDE at Rajiv Gandhi University or download it from the official website.

The prospectus contains detailed information about the program, admission process, and application form.

  • Fill out the application manually and include the necessary paperwork with a cheque made payable to the registrar of Rajiv Gandhi University and made out to SBI Itanagar (Itanagar Branch Code: 6091) or Vijaya Bank (Itanagar Branch Code: 8802) or Vijaya Bank (Arunachal University Branch Code: 8802).
  • Candidates may also pay NEFT fees to the Institute of Distance Education, Vijaya Bank, Arunachal University Branch, IFSC Code: VIJB0008802. The account number is 880201010001672.
  • The students must apply and submit the Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education admission form before the deadline.
  • Admission to the BA or MA programs at IDE may be granted based on merit. The selection process may involve evaluating academic performance and the availability of seats.
  • After the selection process, shortlisted candidates may be called for counseling or enrollment, where they can complete the necessary formalities, choose their study centre, and confirm their admission to the BA or MA program.

Rajiv Gandhi University Study Centres

  • Centre of Endangered Languages
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • NET coaching centre
  • Women Studies and Research Centre
  • Bioinformatics infrastructure facility
  • Centre for Development Studies
  • Institute of Distance Education
  • Center for Excellence in Biodiversity

Rajiv Gandhi University Distance Education Learning Methodology

Rajiv Gandhi University's IDE follows a flexible learning methodology to cater to the needs of distance education students.

  • Self-Learning Materials: IDE provides comprehensive self-learning study materials to students. Experienced faculty members and subject matter experts design these study materials. They are in print format and may include textbooks, study guides, reference materials, and assignments. These materials are carefully curated to provide a structured learning experience and cover the necessary content for each course.
  • Online Learning Resources: In addition to the self-learning materials, IDE may provide online learning resources to enhance the learning experience. These resources can include e-books, online lectures, multimedia presentations, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums.
  • Tutor-Marked Assignments: IDE utilizes tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) to assess students' understanding of the course material. Students are required to complete and submit TMAs within specified deadlines. Faculty members evaluate these assignments, and students receive feedback on their performance.
  • Rajiv Gandhi University Examinations: IDE conducts examinations to assess students' overall understanding and knowledge of the course material.

The examination process may include term-end examinations, practical examinations (if applicable), and project work. Examination schedules, centers, and other relevant information are communicated to students well in advance.

Course fee structure

MA - English 16400 2 years
MA - Public Administration 16400 2 years
BCA - Information Technology 42150 3 years
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