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Indian Institute of Management Fees Structure

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Established : 1996 | Affiliated : Autonomous
Courses Fee Structure
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Indian Institute of Management Fee Structure

College type



14.5 acres


Deepak M. Satwalekar

Total no. of  faculties


Total no. of Student Enrollments




Campus facilities

NCC<CAFETERIA/ Volleyball / Football,Wi-Fi connectivity.

Area of Library

2024 Square Feet

Library facility

Volumes: 110400 books


Overall rating 3.9 out of 5


Avg package:  5.4 LPA

Hostel Facility

Yes (Separate Girls and Boys Hostel)

Courses offered


Scholarship facility


Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Indian Institute of Management

SpecializationDurationTotal Fees (Approx)
PGDM in Finance 2 years, fulltime Rs. 13 Lakhs
PGDM in Human Resource Management 2 years, fulltime Rs. 13 Lakhs
PGDM in Operations Management 2 years, fulltime Rs. 13 Lakhs
PGDM in Marketing Management 2 years, fulltime Rs. 13 Lakhs

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By Rifa
Class of 2021

The fee for the course in this college is really high. I had to pay 1500000 for 2 years course. The loan facilities at this institute are also available for the students ho are unable to pay the fee as it is more. The professors at this institute are highly qualified and the teaching methodologies adapted by the professions are excellent. The PGPM Fee structure at Indian Institute of Management Indore, Mumbai is approximately 8 lakhs for one year. The admission at this college is through GMAT or CAT entrance exams which are conducted every year and I joined this college through CAT entrance exam.

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Asked question about IIM Mumbai fees structure and courses

How much does it cost to apply for IIM??
replied on 07-Feb-2022 16:01:34

The application cost for GEN/ NC-OBC candidates is INR. 1900 and for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates is INR. 900.

Could you tell me how much the PGP Information Technology fee is to enter the college??
replied on 07-Feb-2022 16:01:27

The IIM Vishakapatnam PGP IT cost is between 14.3 lakhs. The fee needs to be paid per annum basis.

Please share the IIM Vishakapatnam PGPM fee.?
replied on 07-Feb-2022 16:01:20

In general, the IIM cost structure for a two-year MBA will be INR 14.33 lakhs. On the other hand, the fee has to be paid annually.

I would like to know the price of EMBA.?
Asked by Eshwar
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:59

For five years EMBA fee costs approx. INR 12.5 lakhs. The entire will be paid per annum basis.

I am looking for Executive MBA admission. May I know the application fee to apply for EMBA at IIM Ra?
Asked by Sophia
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:52

To apply for the EMBA program, the application fee at IIM Ranchi costs INR 2000.

Would you please share the fee of MBA at IIM Ranchi??
Asked by Karina
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:44

The entire MBA program fee of IIM Ranchi costs around INR 16.30 lakhs. The first year fee will be INR 8.80 lakhs, while the second year is INR 7.50 lakhs. The total shall be further paid semester basis. The fee comprises tuition fees, admission and other fees.

I would like to know PGP in business management fee at IIM?
Asked by Praveen
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:36

At IIM Trichy, the fee structure of PGP business management costs approx. INR 11.8 lakhs for a complete program.

Please let me know how much the PGPM Finance course at Indian Institute of Management Trichy costs.?
Asked by Akshara
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:25

You can complete a PGPM at the Indian Institute of Management Trichy, approximately INR 16.5 lakhs in general.

May I know the application fee at IIM Trichy??
Asked by Manvith
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:17

IIM Trichy application fee is different for different courses. So, the application fee ranges from INR 500 – to 2000.

How much does the hostel at Indian Institute of Management Raipur cost??
Asked by Utsav
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:09

For both male and female candidates, the fee of a hostel at IISc costs INR 86k on average.

Is there a PGPM programme at Indian Institute of Management Raipur, and how much does it cost??
Asked by Keerthan
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:15:00

Yes, the IIMR provides a two-year PGPM programme. The PGPM fee structure at the Indian Institute of Management Raipur is around INR 14.20 lakhs for the entire degree.

How much does it cost to apply to Indian Institute of Management Raipur??
Asked by Soundarya
replied on 07-Feb-2022 13:14:51

The application fee for the Indian Institute of Management Raipur is roughly INR 1000 for general category candidates and INR 500 for reserved category candidates, and it can be paid by DD (in the name of the institute) or online through the institute's official portal.

Please advise me on the Indian Institute of Management's Executive MBA programme???
Asked by Poorvi
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:57:03

The Executive MBA programme at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur costs around INR 9.50 lakhs to finish.

What is the cost of an MBA at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, and how long does it last?
Asked by Sahana
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:56:35

The MBA programme at the Indian Institute of Management can be completed for around INR 15.42 lakhs over two years.

I want to opt for hostel accommodation. What about the fee structure??
Asked by Keval
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:56:09

The hostel fee at IIM Kashipur will be INR 1.56 lakhs for one academic year.

Could you please provide me with the IIM Udaipur fee structure? I want to join.?
Asked by Jhanvi
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:54:53

For a full-time year MBA program, the fee at IIM Udaipur has put INR 21 lakhs for the complete course. Fee can be paid semester-wise.

I am looking for college accommodation. Please provide me with the IIM hostel fee.?
Asked by Ashika
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:54:59

By providing the necessary facilities, the IIM hostel has put up the fee as INR 1 lakhs for one year.

Can you tell me the application fee? I want to apply for the college.?
Asked by Mehta
replied on 03-Feb-2022 15:54:25

Apart from a PhD, the application fee is for every other program. IIM Udaipur application fee is INR 1000.

What scholarships or financial aid is available at IIM Shillong??
Asked by Eshwar
replied on 02-Feb-2022 16:41:55

IIM Shillong offers financial aid to students from low-income families and scholarships from the college and the government for students from scheduled castes and tribes.

Can you tell me how much the PGDM programme costs at IIM Shillong??
Asked by Vasudha
replied on 02-Feb-2022 16:41:48

The fee structure for the PGDM at Rajiv Gandhi-IIM, Shillong, is INR 1,46,000 lac in total.

What is the cost of a PGPM at the Indian Institute in Shillong??
Asked by Ankith
replied on 02-Feb-2022 16:41:39

The total PGPM price is INR 1.46 lakhs, and the yearly fee at IIM, Shillong, is roughly INR 73k.

How much is the fee for PGP in human resource management at IIM Indore??
Asked by Keerthi
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:53:13

The first year fee of PGP HRM at IIM Indore is INR 8.51 lakhs, and the second year fee is INR 9.38 lakhs. So the total course fee shall be INR 17.88 lakhs.

Is there any management quota? If so, what is the fee structure??
Asked by Ameesh
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:53:07

There is no such thing as a management quota. Admissions are made solely based on the candidate's performance in the entrance exam and interview.

What should I pay for the EPGP course??
Asked by Ananya
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:53:02

IIM Indore's Executive Post Graduate Programme has a total course fee of INR 21.10 lakhs. At the time of registration, you must additionally pay an application fee of INR 5900. This full-time programme takes a year to complete.

I would like to know the hostel fee of IIM.?
Asked by Bhavya
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:51:07

The hostel fee of IIM Lucknow is INR 1.09 lakhs for one year.

I am applying for FPM in IIM Lucknow. What is the fee??
Asked by Adithi
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:51:01

IIM Lucknow fee structure of FPM is INR 6 lakhs. This is the total course fee provided, and the course is offered for four years, six months. Students can make the payment per year wise.

Is there any way to receive a discount on the fees??
Asked by Minhaj
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:50:55

Yes, IIM Lucknow provides merit-based financial aid to deserving and needy candidates. Aside from that, you can apply for a few government scholarships through the website's official page. In this way, applicants can get discounts on IIM Lucknow fees.

What about the PGP fee in IIM Kozhikode??
Asked by Kavya
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:50:08

IIM fee for PGP is INR 9.50 lakhs for one year as a yearly academic fee. This is the general fees given. So, the total course fee shall be INR 19 lakhs.

How is the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode's hostel fee put up??
Asked by Mohith
replied on 02-Feb-2022 14:49:59

The hostel fee at the IIM Kozhikode is around INR 25000 per month.

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