Al-Falah University Fee Structure

Faridabad, Haryana

Courses Fee Structure of Al-Falah University

Course Duration Fees Per Year Total Course Fees

Master of Business Administration

Finance 2 years, fulltime
Information Technology 2 years, fulltime
Human Resource Management 2 years, fulltime
Operations Management 2 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Commerce

Accounting and Finance Commerce 3 years, fulltime

Master of Engineering/Technology

Computer Science Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Environmental Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Production and Industrial Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Electronics & Communication Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Power System 2 years, fulltime
Manufacturing Management 2 years, fulltime
Machine Design 2 years, fulltime
Thermal Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Construction Engineering 2 years, fulltime
Structural Engineering 2 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Engineering/Technology (B.E/B.Tech)

Computer Science Engineering 4 years, fulltime
Mechanical Engineering 4 years, fulltime
Electronics 4 years, fulltime
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Science

Physics 3 years, fulltime
Chemistry 3 years, fulltime
Mathematics 3 years, fulltime

Master of Science

Physics 2 years, fulltime
Chemistry 2 years, fulltime
Mathematics 2 years, fulltime


Bachelor of Architecture ( B.Arch ) 5 years, fulltime

Ask question about fees structure and courses of Al-Falah University

Q : Bba fee with hostel

Prabal asked on 06-Dec-2022 17:28:03

Q : What is the fee for B Tech at Al-Falah University?

GuestGuest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:44

Al-Falah University B Tech fees cost nearly INR 85k per annum. As total fees, candidates need to pay INR 3.40 Lakhs.

Q : Al-Falah University B Tech CSE Fee?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:42

The fees structure for B Tech CSE Branch at Al-Falah University is 85k annually.

Q : What is the fee of BBA at Al-Falah University?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:40

Al-Falah University BBA fees structure cost around INR 1.20 Lakhs in total for three years.

Q : Is a Diploma available at Al-Falah University? How much does the fee cost?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:38

Al-Falah University Diploma fees will cost around INR 1.50 lakhs for the complete three years. However, the per year fee will be INR 50k each year.

Q : Al-Falah University fee structure for B.Sc.?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:35

BSc fees at Al-Falah University cost nearly INR 40k per year. Thus entire course fee will cost approx. INR 1.20 lakhs.

Q : How much does Al-Falah University charge for MBA Course?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:33

Al-Falah University MBA fee cost approximately INR 1.40 Lakhs for overall two years.

Q : Al-Falah University BCA fees structure?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:31

The course fees structure for BCA in Al-Falah University cost nearly INR 40k per annum.

Q : I am looking for MCA admission at Al-Falah University. How much do the fee expense?

Guest asked on 07-Mar-2022 12:54:29

Al-Falah University MCA fees structure is INR 1 lakh for the entire three years.

Q : i want to know the details of mba programme and its fee structure

zainab asked on 28-Dec-2019 12:12:51

There is fulltime MBA program offered for 2 years, based on merit admissions will be given also Al-Falah University         fee structure of MBA for 2 years is around INR 1.40 lakhs which can be split and cleared per yearly basis so the fee would be INR 70k.

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