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Established : 2010 | Accredited/Approved : AICTE | Affiliated : Karnatak University

Chetan Business School (CBS) is an excellent educational institution in Karnataka. A dedicated group of educators run it to transform the lives of aspiring youth. They help students build their careers. The school commits to creating a good learning environment for students. CBS invites students from different backgrounds. They focus on providing education and improving lives through the best education.


CBS is well-known as one of India's top business schools. It offers a two-year, full-time MBA program. The institution is approved by AICTE and is allied with Karnatak University. It shows its commitment to quality education. CBS's main goal is to help students gain the skills to succeed in business. Chetan Business School Ranking is 4th amongst the most promising B School in India.


The curriculum at CBS shows its dedication to being excellent. It was created with the help of Karnatak University and industry experts. These experts include faculty members from CBS and other well-known management schools. The curriculum is dynamic. It gives students a well-rounded education with theory and practical insights. CBS has a faculty made up of experts in different fields. At CBS, they are dedicated to helping each student reach his or her full. This dedication enhances the educational experience.

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Hubli, Karnataka

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Karnatak University

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Airtel, More Breads, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Jana Small Finance Bank, TCS, Coca-Cola

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100 Feet Road, Tajanagar, Srinagar, Unkal, Hubli - 580031, Karnataka State, India.

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0836 237 4121


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Why Join Chetan Business School?


Joining Chetan Business School (CBS) as a student is an excellent choice for many reasons. Here are the top ten reasons that make CBS stand out:

1. Student-Centered Approach: CBS prioritizes students by placing them at the centre of its activities. It is to ensure successful placements. This commitment ensures that students are well-prepared for their future careers.

2. Unique Soft Skills Training: CBS offers a comprehensive Soft Skills Training Program that spans all four semesters of the MBA program. This program equips students with essential skills, enhancing their employability and professional growth.

3. Pre-MBA Program: CBS offers a program called Pre-MBA. It helps students prepare mentally and strategically for their MBA journey. Before starting their coursework, students undergo a phase that helps them approach it systematically.

4. Guided SIP and MCP Projects: At CBS, students gain practical experience through guided SIP and MCP projects.

5. Experienced Faculty: CBS boasts a faculty with rich backgrounds in both industry and academia. This diverse expertise ensures that students receive well-rounded and relevant education.

6. Excellent Infrastructure: The school's facilities create a good environment for happy and successful learning. Students have everything they need to do well.

7. Systematic Mentoring: CBS provides regular mentoring sessions to offer personal care and counselling. This personalized approach supports students in their academic and personal growth.

8. Holistic Approach: CBS focuses on more than just academics. They also value student development in sports and extracurricular activities. This approach nurtures well-rounded individuals.

9. Event Management Skills: Well-structured activities at CBS enhance students' event management skills. This practical experience equips them with valuable organizational and leadership abilities.

10. Placement-First Approach: One reason to join CBS is its commitment to helping students with job placements. Career prospects are part of the curriculum and activities, preparing students for the job market.


Chetan Business School Hubli fee structure

Enrolling in the Full-Time MBA course at Chetan Business School has two cost components. Firstly, there is the tuition fee, which amounts to Rs 55,000 per year. The fee mostly pays for the academic parts of the program. It includes lectures, study materials, and classrooms.


Besides the tuition fee, you also must pay other fees. Chetan Business School MBA fees are INR 3 Lakh in totalThe extra fees cover important parts of the MBA program, like administration costs and technology resources. They also include library access, extracurricular activities, and support services from the school.


If you want to know more about the fees or have questions about the admission process, contact the college's admission department. The admission team can give detailed information about fees, payments, scholarships, and other financial matters. They want prospective students to be well-informed and able to plan for their MBA education at Chetan Business School.


Chetan Business School MBA Syllabus

The program follows a structured and comprehensive curriculum by Karnatak University, Dharwad. The program is organized into four semesters, spanning two years.

Throughout their MBA program, students can explore specific areas. They can choose electives and specializations as per their preference. Students can choose specializations in Marketing, Finance, or Human Resource management. It helps them customize their education to match their career goals and interests.


In addition, the program includes a Summer Internship. It lasts eight weeks after the first year. During this internship, students gain practical experience in the business world and can use what they learn in class. Furthermore, students engage in an eight-week Major Concurrent Project (MCP) in the final semester. This project marks the end of their academic journey. They can tackle real-life business challenges and improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The MBA program has a structured curriculum, internships for practical experience, and a project component. Students are prepared for careers in their chosen fields.


Chetan Business School Placement

The Chetan Placement Cell helps students get ready for successful careers. They have a special program to improve students' communication and interpersonal skills. These skills are important for personal and professional growth. This program includes many things: improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Moreover, it emphasizes teamwork, creativity, time management, and stress management. Students work on resumes, practising interviews, and group discussions during the last semester. In terms of placement assistance, Chetan Business School Reviews are positive.


Students receive continuous training in presentation skills, mock interviews, and group discussions. It helps them secure excellent job placements. The school's teachers and job placement team work hard to find students good jobs. CBS thinks that successful placement requires collaboration between the institution and students. CBS provides guidance, support, and networking to help students find jobs. Students should try their best to improve their chances of getting hired.


To help students gain industry knowledge, they invite guest lecturers. These interactions give important insights into current management issues. It also connects academia with the business world. Industry partnerships enhance education and prepare students for the corporate world.



Chetan Business School's Highest Package

Chetan Business School Average Package


INR 5.5 Lac

INR 3.5 Lac


INR 5.5 Lac

INR 3.25 Lac


INR 5 Lac

INR 3.10 Lac


INR 4.75 Lac

INR 3.00 Lac

CBS Course fee structure

MBA - Finance 300000 2 years
MBA - Human Resource Management 300000 2 years
MBA - Marketing Management 300000 2 years
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CBS Entrance exams required for Admission 2024

Placement Statistics

350000 Lacs per annum
550000 Lacs per annum

CBS Placements and Companies visited

Kotak Bank

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Contact Numbers:

0836 237 4121

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100 Feet Road, Tajanagar, Srinagar, Unkal, Hubli, Karnataka, India

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