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Admission in BML Munjal University School of Management 2024: Cutoff, Eligibility

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BML Munjal University's School of Management is known for its excellent management education. The school provides a variety of management courses at different academic levels. It offers admission to the BBA, MBA and PhD in management studies.


BMLMU adopted the case study method as a primary teaching approach and is among the top MBA colleges in India for downloading case studies from Harvard Business School. Furthermore, they organize a Leadership Series where eminent figures from various fields interact with and impart their insights to our students.


The learning atmosphere at BML Munjal University nurtures curiosity, creativity, problem-solving abilities, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It promotes hands-on and interdisciplinary learning while instilling values, job and life skills. The faculty comprises educators from esteemed institutions nationally and internationally, including IIMs, IITs, MIT, and Stanford.




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BML Munjal University School of Management MBA Admission

BML Munjal University MBA adopt a holistic and forward-looking approach to business education, equipping students for successful and fulfilling careers. The MBA curriculum integrates various disciplines, emphasizes real-world applications, and imparts academic knowledge and essential life skills. This approach fosters the development of innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who can reshape the future of business.


Here is a list of specializations available in BML Munjal University's MBA program:

1. Marketing

2. Finance

3. Human Resources Management

4. Operations & Supply Chain Management

5. Strategic Management

6. Business Analytics


BML Munjal University MBA Syllabus

The program has various classes, including core subjects and electives. You can choose core subjects to learn management concepts and skills. Elective options cover specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business Analytics, and Operations. These electives focus on specific areas, teaching students specialized knowledge and skills. Students can tailor their MBA to align with career goals in marketing, finance, HR, analytics, or supply chain. This versatile curriculum ensures graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen fields.


BML Munjal University MBA Eligibility

  • To be eligible, it would help to have a UG degree with 50% marks. Final-year undergraduate students can apply.
  • Preferred standardized tests include MAT, CAT, XAT, GMAT, and NMAT.
  • Students who have not attempted national-level exams are mandated to appear for BML Munjal University Entrance Exam.
  • Work experience is preferred but not mandatory.
  • By applying early, students can secure seats in their preferred MBA program. If you apply in the Early Cycle, you can get a 10% scholarship on your first-semester tuition fee.


BML Munjal University MBA Selection Process

The selection process at BMU aims to create a class of intellectually curious students. They need those who are value-driven and have leadership potential. They evaluate applicants holistically based on their performance in entrance exams. These exams are CAT, NMAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT, XAT, or BMU-MAT. They consider candidates from different backgrounds. It strengthens them to create a diverse student body.


BML Munjal University MBA Admission process

To apply, fill out a BML Munjal University application form, gather the necessary documents, and pay the fees. Those without standardized test scores must take the BMU-MAT. Shortlisted candidates participate in Case Discussions (CD) and Personal Interviews (PI). Final-year graduation students may receive provisional offers. But, their final selection depends on test scores and interviews. The BMU Admission Committee makes the ultimate admission decisions, which are considered binding.


BML Munjal University MBA Scholarships

  • BMU offers a range of scholarships based on different criteria.
  • For NMAT scores, students scoring above 95 receive a full tuition fee waiver, while those in the 90 to 94.9 range get 75% off, and so on.
  • Scholarships are determined by CAT, XAT, and GMAT percentiles. Higher percentiles lead to more benefits.
  • The awarding of scholarships is at the discretion of the Admission and Scholarship Committee and applies only to tuition fees.
  • Conditions and limitations exist, with scholarships not guaranteed for all eligible candidates. They are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis and can be withdrawn if not accepted.
  • Additionally, maintaining a scholarship in the second year requires academic excellence, good attendance, and no disciplinary issues.


BML Munjal University MBA Cut off -NMAT


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MBA Business Analytics


MBA Finance


MBA Human Resource Management


MBA Marketing


MBA Operations & Supply Chain Management



BML Munjal University School of Management BBA Admission

BML Munjal University's BBA program, recognized as the top BBA college in Delhi NCR, is designed to empower students to become Innovators, Thought Leaders, and Entrepreneurs by providing them with a deep understanding of the corporate world and establishing strong industry connections. The BBA program is available in two formats: a 3-year program leading to a BBA degree and a newly introduced 4-year BBA (Honors) program with two variants:

  • BBA Hons Degree
  • BBA Hons Degree with Research


The 4-year B.B.A. Hons programs have been introduced to enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of student learning and align with the guidelines outlined in the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 by the UGC. These programs offer multiple exit options for students:


Three Exit Windows for BBA:

Exit 1: Students can earn an Undergraduate certificate by completing 44 credits at the end of the first year of the UG program.

Exit 2: Students who have accumulated 84 credits will be awarded a diploma at the end of the second year.

Exit 3: Completing the full 3-year program will lead to a BBA degree.


Additionally, a 4-year BBA Hons degree can be obtained by completing four years of study. In contrast, a 4-year B.B.A. Hons with Research degree is attainable if a student conducts rigorous research work and submits a thesis worth 12 credits in their major areas of study.

To earn a four-year BBA Hons with Research degree, students must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 75% or above for semesters 1 to 6.
  • Complete an extra 12 credits of research in their fourth year.

(Students who fall below the 75% threshold at the end of the sixth semester are still eligible for the Honors degree but cannot pursue the research track. The research credits involve an independent study under faculty guidance.)


Across both the 3-year and 4-year BBA programs, the academic approach at BML Munjal University is characterized by:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Industry Exposure
  • Practical Aspects of Business Education
  • Guest Lectures by Esteemed Faculty
  • Individualized Attention to Students
  • Utilizing Gamification for Enhanced Learning


BML Munjal University BBA Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates applying for the BBA Programme, including those from CBSE/ISCE/ISC and other boards, must obtain a minimum aggregate score of 60% in their Std. XII board examinations.
  • However, candidates from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu State Boards must secure a minimum aggregate score of 70% in their Std. XII board examinations.
  • Additionally, SAT or ACT scores are considered acceptable for admission to the BBA Programme.
  • The Class 12th board examination score is vital for admission and scholarship considerations.


BML Munjal University Selection Criteria

  • At BMU, the BBA admission process is thoughtfully crafted to identify and admit individuals who can evolve into influential leaders in the business arena.
  • Prospective candidates are invited to apply online by completing the BBA admission form and submitting it alongside the necessary supporting documents.
  • Following the submission, the admission committee meticulously assesses each application, and those who meet the criteria are invited for a Personal Interview (PI).
  • The ultimate selection hinges on the candidate's cumulative academic achievements, with the personal interview serving as a crucial evaluation of the candidate's overall personality and potential.
  • This comprehensive process ensures that the university admits students who excel academically and exhibit the qualities necessary to excel in business.


How to apply for BBA admission to BML Munjal University?

  • Candidates interested in applying to BML Munjal University can complete their application process online by visiting the university's official admissions portal at https://admissions.bmu.edu.in/.
  • This platform allows prospective students to submit their applications electronically, streamlining the application process and making it convenient for applicants to provide the information and documents required for admission.
  • By accessing the provided web link, candidates can initiate and complete their application process, ensuring that their application is received by the university for consideration digitally and efficiently.
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