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MSc Zoology Courses

Jan 05, 2023 by Admin
MSc Zoology Courses

Master of Science (MSc) in Zoology is a postgraduate course of 2 years long duration. The main areas that this course covers are existing and extinct animals and their genetic evolution and natural habitats. Many job opportunities are available for the candidates after completing the course. The job areas where a student can apply are:

  • Healthcare
  • Animal behaviour
  • Wildlife rehabilitation
  • Forensic biology
  • Science writing

MSc Zoology courses consist of 4 semesters that include practical and theoretical knowledge of different methods. The core subjects of the course are genetic understanding, microbiology, biodiversity, forensic science, and others. The MSc Zoology scope is great in both the public and private sectors.

MSc Zoology is for those students who want to gain knowledge in a new area. After graduation from an accredited university or college, a student can enrol in the MSc Zoology course. The aspirants who want zoology courses should be interested in biology, behaviour, animal structure, and forensics. A candidate can pursue the course after completing a bachelor's degree or can do a job, gain some experience, and then opt for the course.

Highlights of the MSc Zoology Course




2 years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation BSc or equivalent

Minimum Percentage


MSc Zoology Fees structure

INR 30,000 - 1.5 LPA

Job areas

Zoologist, Associate Research Scientist, Zookeeper, Associate Editor, Wildlife Educator, Animal Trainer, Wildlife Conservationist, etc.

MSc Zoology Average salary


Recruitment organizations

General Electric Co (GE), Biocon, Cisco Systems Inc, Genpact, Intel Corporation, Dell Inc, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., etc.

MSc Zoology Eligibility Criteria

The students who meet all the required eligibility criteria will only get admission to the MSc Zoology course. The BSc degree is the minimum eligibility requirement with 50% of aggregate marks from a recognized college or university. The course has no age limit so anyone can enrol. Some of the colleges also conduct entrance exams as the admission process.

MSc Zoology Admission

In India, colleges offer MSc Zoology courses, and admission is either based on entrance exams or merit-based. Every college does not conduct entrance exams for admission, but most Deemed Universities conduct separate exams. The students need to meet the required eligibility criteria to get admission.

Process to Apply

Students can easily access the admission details on the official website of the colleges. Registration for admission to the MSc Zoology course can be done online and offline. If students fill out the admission form offline, they can also visit the college campus.

Selection Process

MSc Zoology admission is majorly based on the marks of the entrance exams in India. Therefore, the shortlisting of the candidate can be on merit and the result of entrance exams which will be followed by a personal interview or group discussion round.

Types of MSc Zoology Courses

A student can do an MSc Zoology course either full-time, part-time, or in distance mode.

  • Full time - A master's degree course of a 2-year long duration consisting of 4 semesters. In this course, both theoretical and practical knowledge understanding will be there. A student needs to go to college daily in a full-time course. The student will get all the exposure, experience, and learnings in the full-time course.
  • Part-time - Students don't have to attend college regularly in the part-time MSc Zoology course. Instead, the student can work and study flexibly in the part-time course.
  • Distance mode - If students don't have the time to attend college daily, they can opt for the distance mode of learning to complete the MSc Zoology course. The duration of the course will be 2 years only in distance mode. The colleges such as IGNOU offer a distance learning mode for MSc Zoology courses.

MSc Zoology Entrance Exam

In India, a Few Top colleges conduct an entrance exam for the MSc Zoology course. The level of the entrance exam can be either national or inter-college. The admission of the students will be based on the result of the entrance tests. The popular exams that colleges conduct for MSc Zoology courses are:

  • GATE
  • DUET
  • PUET
  • Christ University Assessment Test

Top MSc Zoology Colleges In India

There are a high number of colleges and universities for MSc Zoology courses. As per the merit and specialization of the colleges, the student can choose the best for them. Some of the top colleges for pursuing an MSc in Zoology in India.

  • Loyola College, Chennai - INR 86,000 PA
  • Hindu College, Delhi - INR 19,000 PA
  • Chandigarh University - INR 61,000 PA
  • Miranda House, Delhi - INR 16,000 PA
  • Jain University - INR 95,000 PA
  • Madras Christian College - INR 17,000 PA
  • Kalinga University - INR 64,000 PA
  • Hansraj College - INR 19,000 PA
  • Anna University - INR 12,300 PA
  • Banaras Hindu University - INR 7,000 PA

Top Government Colleges that offer MSc Zoology course

The list of government colleges that offer MSc Zoology courses is mentioned below:

  • Hindu College, Delhi
  • Miranda House, Delhi
  • University of Mysore
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • University of Calcutta

Top Private Colleges that offer MSc Zoology course

Many reputed private colleges are available that offer MSc Zoology courses.

  • Bethune College
  • Lady Brabourne College
  • Maulana Azad College
  • Calcutta University

MSc Zoology Study Options Abroad

Master of Science is the popular specialization many students choose because of the high employment opportunities abroad. A wide range of career options is available abroad after completing the MSc Zoology course. Below mentioned are the top colleges for this pursuing zoology course:

  • University of Toronto, Canada - CAD 24,000
  • The University of Wisconsin, USA - USD 35,046
  • Massey University, New Zealand - USD 32,000
  • The University of Lincoln, UK - GBP 14,500
  • Southern Illinois University, USA - USD 55,000
  • The University of New England, Australia - AUD 46,000
  • The University of Otago, New Zealand - USD 33,000
  • University of British Columbia, Canada - CAD 18,000
  • The University of Florida, USA - USD 55,214

MSc Zoology Fee Structure

The course fees also depend on the college's location, infrastructure, and facilities.

College Name

Average Fees (Annually)

Loyola College, Chennai

INR 20,000 PA

Hindu College, Delhi

INR 30,000 PA

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

INR 55,000 PA

Miranda House, New Delhi

INR 30,000 PA

Jain University, Bangalore


MSc Zoology Syllabus

The core subjects of the course are:

  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Ecological Theories and applications
  • Taxonomy and Biodiversity
  • Parasites and Immunity
  • Cell and Receptor Biology

MSc Zoology Jobs

An MSc in Zoology is a master's degree program that mainly focuses on the learning of existing and extinct animals and their genetic evolution. In addition, the students learn from their teacher about the natural habitat of the animal kingdom. In both public and private organizations, career options are available for MSc Zoology candidates. The government jobs after MSc Zoology:

  • Forest Officer
  • Professor
  • Forensic biologist

Some of the job areas available in the private sector after an MSc in Zoology are:

  • Marine Biologists
  • Research Scientists
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Animal Behaviorists

Reasons to Choose MSc Zoology Course

A student can expect a rewarding career after completing the MSc Zoology course. A high number of job opportunities are available for candidates. Some areas where an aspirant can work are research laboratories, consulting firms, zoos, aquariums, museums, educational institutes, etc.

How to prepare for the MSc Zoology Course?

Before starting the course, the students should prepare themselves and check out all the details and requirements of the MSc Zoology course. Some of the important tips are mentioned below for students that they should check before taking admission:

  • The student needs to improve their skills to make every type of decision. It will affect their education during the course.
  • Gain some work experience through internships before seeking the course to build knowledge and understanding.
  • The communication and teamwork skills of the student should be proficient so that they can adapt to every study easily.

Higher Education After MSc Zoology

Several higher study options are available after completing the MSc Zoology course in life science, zoology, medical science, and others. For example, a student can opt for the following:

  • Ph.D.
  • MBA
  • M.Phil

Syllabus of MSc Zoology Course Semester Wise

MSc Zoology is 2 years or 4-semester course. In India, students can learn and study advanced skills and training. The syllabus of the MSc Zoology course includes studies of animal kingdoms and the preservation of extinct and existing animals.

MSc Zoology Subjects Semester 1

Semester II

Structure and Functions of Non-chordates

Structure and Functions of Chordates

Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Endocrinology and Neuroscience

Parasites and Immunity

Biochemistry and Molecular biology

Ecological Theories and Applications

Comparative animal physiology

Tissue structure function and chemistry

Cell and receptor biology

Laboratory course

Laboratory course

Semester III

Semester IV

Taxonomy and biodiversity

Conservation biology and wildlife

Development and Differentiation

Biotechnology and applications

Elective I Theory

Biostatistics, bioinformatics, and instrumentation

Evolution and Animal Behavior

Laboratory course

Laboratory course

Elective II Theory

Elective I practical

Elective II Practical

MSc Zoology Subjects

A student will get practical and theoretical knowledge of advanced topics in this course. In the curriculum, core and elective subjects are present. The core subjects are mandatory and elective subjects are optional.

Core subjects:

  • Genetics
  • Forensic science
  • Comparative animal physiology
  • Environment and ecological evolution
  • Biodiversity
  • Evolution and animal theory
  • Microbiology

Elective subjects:

  • Resource ecology
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functions
  • Applied parasitology
  • Disease biology
  • Molecular cell biology
  • Applied entomology

Career Options After MSc Zoology

MSc Zoology jobs are available in various sectors or industries. Several career options are there in India and abroad. The students can learn advanced skills and knowledge of zoology after the course. The job profiles to which a student can apply are:

  • Academic researcher
  • Academic teacher
  • Ecologist
  • Media sector
  • Research scientist
  • Scientific writer
  • Zoologist
  • Animal nutritionist
  • Marine biologist
  • Forensic biologist
  • Environment consultants

Recruitment Areas for MSc Zoology

After completing the MSc Zoology course, placement opportunities are available in private and government sectors. The industries in which a candidate can apply after the course are:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Breweries
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Public Utilities
  • Petroleum, mining, and forest industries
  • Biological consultants

MSc Zoology Salary Packages

The MSc zoology salary package ranges between INR 4-10 LPA. The salary depends on education level, grades, skills, experience, location, etc. Below mentioned is the job areas with average annual salaries:

Job Roles

MSc Zoology Salary in India (Average)

Animal control officer


Animal biologist


Animal scientist


Marine biologist


MSc Zoology Government Job Salary

In the government sector, job opportunities are available for MSc zoology graduates in various fields. The salary package varies as per experience and designation. The average salary in the government sector ranges between INR 2-5 LPA.

Job Designation

Average Annual Salary

Animal control officer


Animal biologist


Animal scientist


Marine biologists


MSc Zoology Private Job Salary

Many job opportunities are available for MSc Zoology candidates in the private sector. The salary range in the private sector is around INR 4-10 LPA. Some of the private jobs roles for zoology graduates are:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary

Animal control officer


Animal biologist


Animal scientist


Marine biologist


Abroad job opportunities for MSc Zoology Graduates

The job opportunities and higher study options abroad are high for an MSc Zoology student. A graduate can either go for a placement opportunity or opt for higher studies options available abroad. Some of the job designations a zoology aspirant can apply for abroad are:

  • Academic researcher    
  • Academic teacher
  • Ecologist
  • Media sector
  • Research scientist
  • Scientific writer
  • Zoologist
  • Animal nutritionist
  • Marine biologist
  • Forensic biologist
  • Environment consultants

Top Organizations that Hire MSc Zoology Graduates Abroad

Below mentioned are the organizations that offer job opportunities for graduates are:

  • Aakash Institute
  • Entab
  • Evelyn Learning Systems
  • The Maayenture Group
  • Brulis

Skills to Excel the Best MSc Zoology Graduate

A student should develop good analysis and problem-solving skills to become the best MSc Zoology candidate. In addition, a creative thinking mind and excellent communication skills are required.

  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical thinking
  • Computer work
  • leadership process

Reference Books Required for MSc Zoology Course

MSc Zoology books are available online and offline both. Numerous authors and publications books are present in the market for MSc Zoology. Some of the reference books are mentioned below:

  • Human physiology (Vanders, Tortora)
  • Cell biology (Cooper, Alberts)
  • Molecular biology (Watson, Pierce Benjamin, Lewin's)
  • Development biology (Gilbert)
  • Biochemistry (Stryer, Lehninger)
  • Immunology (Kuby, Ross)
  • Taxonomy (Mayr)