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Jobs Scope after B.Sc Physics

Jan 22, 2023 by Admin
Jobs Scope after B.Sc Physics

The fascinating physics field fosters the fundamental understanding needed to improve technology and scientific investigation. After the 12th grade, pursuing Physics (Hons.) requires conceptual knowledge and, most importantly, imagination that fits well with Sir Elbert Einstein's quote, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." One of the oldest scientific fields is physics, which provides job aspirants with a wide range of options.

A high pay package and amazing professional advancement as one learn relevant knowledge and expertise are two benefits of selecting physics after high school. A well-established entrance test system exists to enter prestigious educational and research institutions in India and abroad. At the national level, several entrance exams are administered.

For admission to a graduate program overseas, a student wishing to pursue higher education abroad must pass the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). A physics student can choose from various employment after completing his studies from the standpoint of his career. For example, he could be a physicist, lecturer, professor at a university, a scientist at one of the nation's many research institutes, radiologist, scientific advisor, business owner, or researcher at the aforementioned prestigious organization.

Jobs for BSc Physics Freshers

There are many prospects for graduates in private sector businesses besides the variety of opportunities in the public sector. A graduate in physics may first find employment in entry-level or junior roles in the private sector. There are good opportunities for moving up to senior-level roles after accumulating experience. Executive, administrative, or technical positions may be in senior positions.

Top employers for physics graduates in the private sector are:

  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)
  • Analog devises Maruti Udyog Tech Mahindra
  • Digital Atomic Labs at GE (General Electric)
  1. A counsellor in education: An academic counsellor's main responsibility is advising students on their opportunities and future study goals. They might be connected to universities, colleges, consultancies, or high schools. By evaluating their ability and interests, they give students advice and assist them in locating viable job routes.
  1. Expert in the field: Professionals who provide content for books, manuals, and exams are subject-matter experts. They must possess in-depth knowledge of particular subjects related to their field. They collaborate with other experts like psychometricians, technical writers, and instructional designers to produce helpful academic and instructional papers.
  1. Lab Technician: A lab technician's key responsibilities include equipment management and upkeep, sample preparation, test monitoring, and assistance with various laboratory experiments and processes. They may work independently or in groups, but all of their work occurs in labs. Additionally, they gather and analyze data, document processes, produce reports, perform reviews, and create summaries.
  1. Research: Scientists' main responsibilities include designing laboratory experiments and analyzing data. Government and corporate laboratories, environmental organizations, research organizations, and universities might work on various initiatives.
  1. Junior Research Associate: A junior research fellow's responsibilities include solving research issues through extensive evaluations and assessments. In addition, senior researchers, scientists, and academics may need their assistance with academic research projects. It entails handling, gathering, and presenting textual information and frequently producing in-depth presentations and reports.

Jobs after BSc in Physics in India

  • Research Associate
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Physicist
  • Acoustic consultant laboratory
  • Director Researcher Consultant Radiation oncologist
  • Teacher
  • Scientist
  • Assistant Scientist
  • Senior Technician Physicist
  • Radiologist
  • Professor
  • Research centres such as ISRO, DRDO, VSSC, SSPL
  • Teaching
  • Laboratory
  • Scientist
  • Space engineering

Job Position

Salary Offered



Lab Supervisor




Part-time jobs after B.Sc physics


The issue faced by the professors who write these wonderful and informative scientific education blogs is making physics relevant to students. These educators of the future share stories that take place both inside & outside of the classroom. They use technology but never let it distract them from their main objective.

Subject Matter Expert

Opportunities and challenges arise with the increased demand for a subject matter expert's knowledge. Additionally, being a topic matter expert is advantageous for your career development. After all, a subject matter expert's worth to the firm increases with how much they are dependent upon. However, SMEs need to develop new skills because of the number of employees and projects they work on. These abilities set exceptional subject matter experts apart from good ones.

Content Writer

Physics-related content is an incredibly versatile medium that can be used for anything from uploading family vacation images to engaging in scientific debates. Some science bloggers employ their blogs as research platforms, assembling specialists for important debates.

Government Jobs after B.Sc Physics

The most alluring career prospects for students are BSc Physics Government jobs. After earning a BSc in physics, you must pass the state and federal government exams to qualify for government employment. Jobs for new BSc physics graduates will be simpler after passing the test than if they failed government-conducted exams.

After earning a BSc in physics, one of the best career paths is in the public sector. You can apply for teaching positions, positions as laboratory technicians, and other positions in the public sector for BSc graduates. In addition, numerous other government agencies in fields like banking and finance also employ graduates in physics.

As a result, after earning your bachelor's degree in physics, you must prepare for the government exam.

You have a wide range of professional alternatives with a BSc in physics. Following a BSc in physics, a few well-paying professions in the public sector are listed below.

  • Staff Selection Commission

This commission, which reports to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), comprises a chairman, two members, and a secretary who also serves as the controller of the examination. His position is comparable to that of an additional secretary in the Indian government.

  • Union Public Service Commission 

Indian Administrative Services (IAS), also known as the IAS Exam, is one of the civil services posts, among the others like IPS, IFS, etc., that candidates can get into through the Civil Services Exam. On the other hand, the Indian Public Service Commission (UPSC) is not an exam. Still, it is a constitutional body authorized to conduct various exams in the country, including the Civil Services Exam.

  • Bank

By bringing together the community's tiny, dispersed savings and distributing them as loans to businesses, banks help the economy grow. As a result, banks handle the netting and settlement of payments and credit intermediation.

  • Forest Service of India

Government of India's Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change.

  • Defense Service of India.

The Republic of India's armed forces is known as the Indian Armed Forces. It consists of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, three professional uniformed forces.

Jobs for graduates in physics are available in other departments and centres within the government sector in India.

  • Lab for Physical Research

A national research institute for space and related sciences, The Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) is primarily funded by the Indian government's Department of Space.

  • Organization for Defense Research and Development

With a mission to attain self-reliance in critical defence technologies and systems and a vision to empower India with cutting-edge defence technologies, DRDO is the Ministry of Defence's research and development arm. It also provides our armed forces with cutting-edge weaponry and equipment by the demands set forth by the three Services.

  • Bhabha Atomic Research Center

A significant portion of India's entire power sector's reduction in carbon intensity can be attributed to atomic energy. Generation of thermal energy from all angles.

  • Space Research Organisation in India

ISRO was established in 1969 to create a national space program. Its main office is in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

Railway Jobs after B.Sc Physics

Indian Railways, for example, provide many more benefits to people working for the Indian government. You can glance into the Indian Railway Job for the B.Sc. Graduates if you are a B.Sc. graduate, a science graduate, or currently studying your graduation in the science stream and desire a stable government job. For B.Sc. graduates, Indian Railways provide a wide variety of job and career chances.

List of Jobs Offered by Indian Railways for B.Sc. Graduates and B.Sc. Students


Name of the Post

Salary (in Rupees)


Traffic Assistant



Goods Guard



Senior Commercial Cum Ticket Clerk



Senior Clerk Cum Typist



Junior Account Assistant Cum Typist



Commercial Apprentice



Station Master



SCRA(Special Class Railway Apprentice)






Office Superintendent