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GRV Business Management Academy Online MBA

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GRV Business Management Academy stands out as a premier MBA institution in Bangalore, dedicated to providing high-quality education with a strong emphasis on values. It aims to equip its students, including executives, with top-notch management skills, drawing expertise from esteemed professionals in both industry and academia who serve as faculty members. Among the MBA colleges in Bengaluru, GRV takes pride in offering innovative online management and skill development courses, setting it apart as a forward-thinking institution committed to meeting the needs of modern learners.

GRV Academy Bangalore is a distinguished institution known for providing excellent online MBA programs. As one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, GRVBMA is committed to delivering high-quality education and instilling top-class management skills in its students, particularly executives. The academy boasts a team of experienced faculty members who bring their expertise from industry and academia, ensuring a holistic learning experience for the students.

Through innovative and cutting-edge courses, GRVBMA equips its students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic business world. As a pioneer in online management education, GVR College Bangalore remains dedicated to empowering its students to achieve their career goals and become successful leaders in their respective fields.

Is GRV Business Management Academy Online MBA good?

With a strong focus on values and skill development, GRVBMA stands out as a leading choice among MBA colleges in Bengaluru. GVR College Bangalore's online MBA programs offer flexibility and convenience to learners, making it possible for working professionals to pursue higher education without compromising their professional commitments. Here are some points to consider when assessing the quality of an online MBA program:

Accessibility: Students from different locations can join the program without needing to relocate. This accessibility expands the pool of students, creating a diverse learning environment.

Customization: GRV Academy may offer a range of specializations or elective courses, allowing students to customize their MBA program based on their career goals and interests.

Faculty Expertise: Online MBA programs may bring in faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Students can benefit from their industry experience and academic knowledge.

Networking Opportunities: Even in an online setting, students can engage with peers, faculty, and industry professionals through virtual discussions, group projects, and networking events.

Cost-Effectiveness: Online programs often have lower tuition fees than traditional on-campus MBA programs. Additionally, students save on commuting and accommodation costs.

Innovative Learning Tools: GRV College may employ advanced e-learning technologies, simulations, and case studies to deliver interactive and engaging learning experiences.

GRV Business Management Academy Online MBA Fees

According to the official website and the university brochure, the University charges approximately Rs. 80,000 for all its online MBAs. Selected students must pay the complete course fee in two installments per semester.

Since this is an online program, candidates can pay the application and course fees via any suitable online pathway, such as a debit card, online banking, UPI, etc. In case of withdrawal of admission by students due to any unavoidable circumstances, the complete fee will be refunded within 15 days. However, any withdrawal after 15 days means no fees will be refunded to students.

GRV Business Management Academy Online MBA Eligibility

To seek admission to the full-time online 2-year MBA at GRV Academy, students must at least possess a valid UG degree from a recognized university. Also, those with some professional working experience will be given more priority than others. Lastly, selected applicants will be invited to opt for a discipline from the ones given below. These disciplines will further have specialized subjects in their curriculum.

Online MBA Specializations

  • General management
  • E-Business
  • International Business
  • Finance management
  • Marketing management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Event management
  • Health, safety, and environment

GRV Business Management Academy Online MBA Syllabus

The University drafts the syllabus for all the online MBA and PGDM programs as per the university standards and practical skill sets required for high-quality workers. Apart from the core and compulsory courses required for earning credits, the University also allows students to pick specialized subjects for better understanding.

These are called electives and can be paired up with core programs, too. Some of the courses included in these online management programs are client handling, data management, organizational skills, E-Business skills, marketing, consumer handling, etc.

GRV Business Management Academy Application Process

All students interested in enrolling for the online MBA at GRVBMA can apply on the official website.

Furthermore, any online pathway can pay the application fees, which will be non-refundable under all circumstances. The students can follow this process in the correct order:

  1. Initially, visit the University's official website and open the application form.
  2. The form will prompt you to fill out the important sections regarding personal, professional, and academic details. Make sure you fill out the columns marked with an asterisk sign, as they must be filled out.
  3. Students must be careful while providing details like contact number, email address, marks, and merit, etc., as the University will accept any requests for information rectification later.
  4. Lastly, upload the required documents in a self-attested soft copy and pay the requisite application fees.

GRV Course fee structure

Online MBA - Finance 80000 2 years
Online MBA - Information Technology 80000
Online MBA - Marketing Management 80000
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