Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Fee Structure

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Courses Fee Structure of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University

Course Duration Fees Per Year Total Course Fees

Bachelor of Computer Applications

Information Technology 3.0 years, fulltime
Computer Science 3.0 years, fulltime
Computer Application 3.0 years, fulltime

Master of Engineering/Technology

Civil Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Computer Science Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Electrical Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime
Mechanical Engineering 2.0 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Engineering/Technology (B.E/B.Tech)

Civil Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Computer Science Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Electrical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Information Technology 4.0 years, fulltime
Mechanical Engineering 4.0 years, fulltime
Electronics 4.0 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Business Management/Administration

Economics 3.0 years, fulltime
Banking 3.0 years, fulltime
Banking/Finance 3.0 years, fulltime
Banking Management 3.0 years, fulltime
E-Business 3.0 years, fulltime
Human Resource Management 3.0 years, fulltime
Information Technology and Management 3.0 years, fulltime
Insurance Management 3.0 years, fulltime
International Business 3.0 years, fulltime
Accounting and Finance Commerce 3.0 years, fulltime
Commerce 3.0 years, fulltime
Computer Application 3.0 years, fulltime
Taxation 3.0 years, fulltime
Banking and Insurance 3.0 years, fulltime
Marketing Management 3.0 years, fulltime
Communications Management 3.0 years, fulltime
E-Commerce 3.0 years, fulltime
Entrepreneurship 3.0 years, fulltime
Accounting - Basic 3.0 years, fulltime

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Dental Studies 5.0 years, fulltime
Dental Surgery 5.0 years, fulltime

Ask question about fees structure and courses of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University

Q : What is the PGDM fee structure for distance education at SVSU DL?

Aman asked on 16-Jan-2023 05:40:43

SVSU Distance learning, PGDM fees is INR 24000 per annum. 

Q : What is the fee structure for a distance MBA?

Ravi Kant asked on 13-May-2022 13:11:06

The Swami Vivekananda Subharti University distance MBA fees are INR 36,000.  

Q : Computer science and engineering

Krishna Kumar asked on 02-Aug-2019 00:57:44

Q : learning center

Brijesh Mishra asked on 23-Jul-2019 11:41:27

Q : I need to know the fee for BA the total fee

Kriya karun asked on 18-May-2019 12:03:56

Hi, the total fee of distance BA course is INR 10,800 when divided INR 3,600 will be pear year fee.

Q : How much fee for BBA in distance education

Mukthi asked on 18-May-2019 12:00:23

Hi, given BBA fee is INR 33,000 for 3 years under distance education, and when divided, 11,000 will be the yearly fee.

Q : Fee for distance MBA

Solomon asked on 16-May-2019 13:15:38

Hi, the total fee for a distance MBA is INR 34,000, split as INR 17,000 per year.

Q : How I can recognized the institute 8n allahabadare belongs to swami vivekananda subharti university

Jyoti tiwari asked on 14-Sep-2018 09:40:19

Q : please tell me fee structure of distance MBA in finance management

rohit kumar asked on 02-May-2018 06:22:06

Q : I know MBA finance fees

Shashi Prakash asked on 26-Apr-2018 11:03:27

Hi Shashi Prakash, Fee structure for Distance MBA at Swami Vivekanand Subharti University is approximately INR 15000/- for the complete 2 years course. 

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