AIMS Institutes Executive MBA Fee Structure

Bangalore, Karnataka

Courses Fee Structure of AIMS Institutes Executive MBA

Course Duration Fees Per Year Total Course Fees

Executive MBA

Finance 2 years, parttime
Human Resource Management 2 years, parttime
Operations Management 2 years, parttime
Marketing Management 2 years, parttime

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Q : How much is AIMS Institutes application fee

Arjun asked on 21-Mar-2020 01:04:26

AIMS Institutes application fee is approximately INR 1500.

Q : Is the AIMS Institutes hostel fee feasibly priced

Atria asked on 21-Mar-2020 01:04:20

AIMS Institutes hostel fee is approximately INR 95,000 per annum.

Q : What is this M.Com fee priced at AIMS Institutes

Amartya asked on 21-Mar-2020 01:04:14

AIMS Institutes M.Com fee is priced at INR 1.70 Lakhs for two years, full time.

Q : may i know fee and scholarship for part tme mba course

bhargavi asked on 14-Aug-2019 09:27:25

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