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NIIT University Admission 2024 Through CUET, IPMAT Scores

Mar 28, 2024 by Admin
NIIT University Admission 2024 Through CUET, IPMAT Scores

NIIT University (NU) is inviting applications for admission in 2024 based on CUET and IPMAT scores. Students can skip NIIT University's aptitude test (NIIT University Entrance Exam) by submitting the CUET or IPMAT scorecard. Shortlisted applicants just need to attend an online personal interaction with a faculty panel. 

Applicants can also receive up to 100% merit scholarships based on their CUET scores and secure admission in their preferred stream. NIIT  is a leading private university that acknowledges CUET scores, with over 200,000 CUET aspirants choosing NU last year. Students can apply for their desired stream and qualify for scholarships by uploading their CUET scorecard and meeting eligibility criteria.

For NIIT University BTech programs like CSE, ECE, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Cyber Security, and Biotechnology, eligibility is determined by the average of the best two scores from PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology). Similarly, for NIIT University BBA and Integrated MBA, eligibility is based on the best two scores from English, General Tests, and Math.

NIIT University's Integrated MBA (iMBA) program gives students a distinctive path to career success. It combines business education with specialized training in areas like Analytics, Digital & Social Media Marketing, and Banking, Finance & FinTech. Unlike traditional MBA paths, which usually need a separate bachelor's degree and two more years of study, NU's iMBA program is a straightforward 4-year postgraduate degree taken after Class 12th. Candidates with valid IPMAT scores are eligible to apply for the integrated degree. Such applicants are not required to appear for NIIT University Entrance Exam.

The NIIT University iMBA program is tailored for young students who aim for managerial positions. It provides them with crucial business skills like communication, critical thinking, and decision-making right from the first semester. This unique approach removes the requirement for repeating coursework and guarantees a solid base in management and business administration from the beginning of their academic journey.

Why CUET and IPMAT Acceptance for NIIT University Admissions 2024?

NIIT University's decision to accept CUET and IPMAT scores reflects a growing trend in Indian higher education. CUET acts as a centralized entrance exam for admission to several central universities, reducing the burden of appearing for multiple university-specific tests. Similarly, IPMAT serves as a gateway to prestigious Integrated Management Programs (IMPs) offered by Top Business Schools.

This shift likely stems from a desire to attract a wider pool of talented students. By accepting established national-level exams, NIIT University opens its doors to students who may not have taken the NUAT but demonstrate strong academic credentials through CUET or show an aptitude for management studies through their IPMAT scores.

What Courses Can You Apply for at NIIT University in 2024?

NIIT University is currently accepting admissions for the following courses:

  • Various specializations in BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • Various specializations in BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • BTech in Data Science (DS)
  • BTech in Cyber Security (CYS)
  • Various specializations in BTech in Biotechnology (BT)
  • Various specializations in BBA
  • Various specializations in 4-Year Integrated MBA (after class 12)
  • Various specializations in 5-Year Integrated MTech (after class 12)
  • iMBA

Will NUAT Be Continued?

Although CUET and IPMAT scores offer alternative pathways, NIIT University will still conduct the NUAT for the 2024 admissions cycle. Students who have not taken CUET, IPMAT, or any relevant state-level entrance exams can still apply through NUAT. Additionally, even those with CUET or IPMAT scores should take NUAT, as the university considers the better score of the two for admissions.