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Is GATE Exam Tough?

Feb 13, 2023 by Admin
Is GATE Exam Tough?

Many applicants dream of getting into IITs or NITs via the GATE exam, but they are constantly troubled by questions such as "Is the GATE exam difficult," "Is the GATE exam- difficult or easy? So few candidates are Afraid of taking the GATE Exam. No wonder the exam is difficult to solve. The GATE exam is one of India's most challenging and rewarding exams. Candidates seeking admission into the M.Tech/M.E as well as PSU through GATE aim to pass this exam. There are many benefits of the GATE exam.

The difficulty scares many candidates, but there is evidence that even average students have overcome this problem with absolute dedication and effective exam strategy. To know the answer to "Is the GATE exam difficult?" read this article carefully. The article answers all the questions and debunks all the myths about passing the GATE exam.

The GATE exam is difficult but not too difficult, as many students from all academic backgrounds have passed the exam with good marks over the years. The GATE exam can be easily fixed if students work effectively and do not answer questions they are unsure of, which may result in negative markings. Try to increase the accuracy of answered questions to get more points.

The basic tips should be considered while preparing for the GATE exam.

  • Extensive GATE program
  • Bad time management
  • Too many would-be competitors
  • Challenging but rewarding opportunities
  • No age limit and no limit on the number of attempts

Why is GATE Tough?

As explained above, it depends on the level you are focusing on. We have compiled a list of candidates' most common points that describe what makes GATE as strong as it is in general.

  • The GATE exam syllabus is quite tough.
  • Strict time management
  • High competition
  • Challenging opportunities

The most important aspect that most people look at when talking about the GATE exam is the topics it covers. Questions, GATE Exam patterns, Syllabus, and so on play a large part in GATE's difficulty, and it's understandable where this frustration comes from.

GATE was created with a firm direction that should challenge the candidate's 4 years of accumulated technical knowledge that they acquired as an engineering student. It is a challenge to be met, suited to those eager and nervous about pushing their parameters to become an engineer.

Strict time management

It's not just that you have to take the exam with the knowledge you gained as an engineering undergraduate. It's also about concluding them on time. Time management is another important aspect of any exam. If you do not coordinate to answer all the appropriate questions within the given time, your chances of being accepted into an engineering institute decrease. Time management reflects the candidate's zeal for self-discipline, self-organization, and self-management.

High competition

The exam encompasses thousands of candidates from all over the country, which increases the number of people you have to compete against to reach the desired ranking position. The higher your ranking, the better your chances of getting a place in an institution of your choice. As of GATE 2021, nearly 7 lakh candidates have turned up for the exams, so one can only imagine what a single candidate would have felt.

The further you think about it, the creepier it feels. So it's not surprising and understandable to see candidates feeling so much pressure. Even if you master the first two aspects, winning most of the competition will still come down to how well you timed those aspects.

Challenging opportunities

Opportunities are a huge and intimidating factor to consider when it comes to exams, and GATE offers some of the best. The trick is to grab them; the candidate must perform their best to show they can handle the job. The odds are understandably out of a dozen when we talk about the technical exams they offer. However, that doesn't mean it's something for everyone. Unless you're sure you want to break down through the academic and professional roof rather than touch it, these opportunities don't apply to you.

It may not align with the dream you have for your career, and it probably won't make you feel like you belong anywhere. So it's important to deliberate the type of opportunity you want. Passing GATE - without mastering it - is a gigantic feat in itself.

But, on the other hand, it gives you so much leeway to get opportunities that non-GATE applicants might not get until years later. So remember to look forward to still being part of the strong group of engineering experts when you pass your GATE examination.

The myths surrounding GATE

It's time to clear up some misconceptions about exams. It's common to see people avoid a potential candidate's desire to take exams by effective them things that range from not necessarily true to outright false. It's not to say that their recommendations or advice is something to be ignored, as everyone's experiences are different.

1.GATE exam questions are too difficult

A fairly common complaint most would have about the GATE examination is that the questions are too difficult. However, the problem with this report is that it can be applied to any subject.

GATE exams don't stop testing your engineering knowledge. It also aims to test your problem-solving skills, which involve solving problems you mostly encounter in a professional setting. These problems are usually not so easy to understand, which is the whole point of this review. Essentially, having a solid foundation of fundamentals and using that to look at issues from a different perspective will help you tremendously.

2. Answer all GATE exam questions

Another suggestion from those who have already taken the GATE exam is that candidates should answer all the questions in the document. It's wrong. Although GATE covers many topics, you do not have to answer all the questions asked. In a way, the GATE exam was designed with modularity in mind. You can specialize in one area or another. Either way, you'll still earn enough points to guarantee a place in at least one of the reputable institutions offering M.E./M.Tech courses.

3. It would help if you learned the entire GATE Syllabus

It is another suggestion from many people who probably haven't had access to the information so easily. Luckily for you, that claim about learning the entire Syllabus is wrong. Fortunately, GATE publishes all updates regarding its program on its website, which you can check if you want to know which parts of the program take priority.

Based on the information you receive, it is up to you to learn the entire Syllabus or a few important topics. We highly recommend doing the latter as it will help you with many other factors, such as Time management and peace of mind.

4. GATE has too much competition

In this case, there are mixed reactions from candidates. Besides, it is true that the more competition you have, the more challenges you will have to rank. But, the scoring system is structured to be fair for everyone. Besides, it would help to consider what you are trying to achieve before analyzing your competition. If you aim to become a top contender, you'll likely be up against around 4,000 - 5,000 hardworking students, not the thousands of students you'd take for granted.

5. Only IIT and NIT students are GATE toppers

As with anything else, you probably won't get the results if you don't commit to your actions. However, it has been stated that there have been successful cases of low-performing students getting extremely high marks in exams. So even if you fail your degree, you'll still look good on an employer's books. If your contact group isn't made up of GATE toppers or someone who's passed the GATE exam, then the time has come to meet some of them and combine their knowledge with yours.

GATE Preparation Tips

Candidates who have questions like "Is the GATE exam difficult" should follow the preparation advice of the exam experts. Applicants should create an active study plan and follow the tips and tricks below.

  • Create a study plan and monitor your preparation for the GATE exam.
  • Start GATE preparation as soon as possible.
  • Carefully analyze the GATE syllabus and the GATE 2023 exam template. Then, perform several test simulations, solve tasks from the past year and discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on the GATE General Aptitude section.
  • Use GATE study materials, peer-recommended books, and study notes.
  • Practice the questions as often as possible and try to clear all your doubts.
  • Take regular breaks to avoid exam stress. Use the GATE virtual calculator.
  • Candidates should stay focused and prepared before taking the GATE exam. The exam is not that tough to crack, but with the proper strategy and proper guidance, students of any level can pass the exam and pass it with flying colors.