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BMS Scope

Jan 22, 2023 by Admin
BMS Scope

BMS is one of the most popular courses among management students. Respectable salaries and career opportunities in almost all sectors are the two main reasons for the growing demand for BMS courses. It is a three-year undergraduate program offered by various colleges and universities across India in full-time and part-time modes. The BMS program is similar to the Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, in which it teaches business and management skills and knowledge. However, BMS is a low-priced alternative to the slightly more expensive BBA. The BMS prepare students and helps them achieve the best management profiles.

BMS is a comprehensive course in business administration techniques, entrepreneurship, commerce, finance, business operations, administration, production, delivery, and risk analysis. The difference between BMS and BBA is that the former studies the analytical aspects of business management, and the latter is a general study.

Students who want to become successful managers should opt for BMS as it is the start of a career in all sectors and fields. You can also pursue master's or postgraduate degree programs after completing the BMS. After completing BMS courses, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Finance Manager, Online Marketing Manager, etc., are some of the most popular career options.

Benefits Of Studying BMS

Quality of Education:

Some of the liveliest minds in the industry have designed the curriculum so that students learn about running a business and its various departments, all under one roof. As a result, the course is both theoretical and practical.


Entrepreneurship is more than just making a profit. With a BMS diploma, you have everything you need to be successful in a business. A graduate with this degree is well-equipped to be an entrepreneur by starting a business or joining and operating a pre-existing business.

Corporate culture exposure:

This course exposes students to different sectors of the business world, making them qualified and ultimately job-ready. In addition, students are forced to study the causes and consequences of a management crisis and how to solve it using the available infrastructure.

Career opportunities:

With this degree, you can find a job as soon as you graduate. The number of managerial jobs is steadily increasing, and you can start with a better offer than other graduates. Furthermore, this course teaches you to be confident and negotiate a better salary when needed. Higher Education:

The study options after the BMS are the Master of Management Studies (MMS) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). These courses will help you excel in your chosen specialization. You can also opt for a graduate degree in management.

BMS Job  Opportunities

BMS jobs are available across a wide variety of management and business sectors. As a result, the Bachelor of Management has recently been a rapidly developing course compared to other management courses. As organization professionals, students will develop skills and credits to benefit their future careers. The student aims to improve the performance of companies competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace. In addition, a BMS course will expose students to ideas that will help many others successfully tackle management challenges.

The purpose of BMS lies in the knowledge of scholars working for a leading institution as it enables them to develop strong skills to adapt to the ever-changing occupational atmosphere in their future careers. The scope of the BMS is that students also understand the importance of organizational hierarchy, teamwork, goal-oriented behaviour, leadership, problem-solving, and speed, making them highly compatible with the business world.

A large amount of management creates a huge need for people who deeply understand global markets. The BMS course allows its graduates to explore advanced research in management studies. The academic nature of the program also provides potential college options; therefore, an MBA is a natural progression for many BMS graduates.

The following are some of the roles available in jobs for BMS freshers:

  • Product Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Associate Central Monitor
  • Assistant Manager Customer Service
  • Team Lead
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Areas of Recruitment for BMS Course

BMS courses offer a broad and diverse spectrum for students interested in management studies. The BMS salary in India varies depending on the skills & knowledge of the graduate as well as their experience in applying for management and business positions. With the development of technologies, the number of jobs after BMS has recently increased. Therefore, Jobs for BMS graduates have a good salary package based on the information and experience students have gained in this course.

Regarding the scope of the BMS, the program indicates to students whether they wish to enter the labour market directly or pursue a college education to advance their careers. After earning the BMS degree, students can choose public and private management careers. Below are a few areas of recruitment for the BMS course:

  • Construction Manager
  • Costs Lawyer
  • Environment Engineer
  • External Auditor
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Logistics and Distribution Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Mortgage Adviser
  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Systems Analyst
  • Urban Designer

Below is an incline of the top companies that hire BMS graduates:

  • Godrej
  • ICICI Bank
  • Sony
  • Future Group
  • Zomato
  • Vodafone
  • Reliance
  • Honda
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Yes Bank
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Deloitte
  • TCS
  • IBM Corp

Salary Packages for BMS

BMS Average Salary varies between INR 3-5 LPA. The salary for graduates of this program is based on acquired knowledge and experience. Compared to other experienced graduates, the starting salary for the BMS degree is moderate. It allows students to find jobs in the public and private sectors while gaining experience and managerial techniques.

Management and business firms hire Bachelor of Management Studies graduates from recognized colleges/universities. Below is a list of some jobs with salary information:

Job Roles

BMS Course Salary

Operations Manager

INR 7.63 LPA

Project Manager

INR 1.53 M

Enterprise Manager

INR 8.84 LPA

Human Resources Manager

INR 6.96 LPA

Customer Relations Manager

INR 3.59 LPA

System Analyst

INR 6.59 LPA

Sales and Marketing

INR 5.77 LPA

Financial Manager

INR 9.95 LPA

Communication Manager

INR 8.65 LPA

Salary Scale For BMS Course

BMS is a professional management course that prepares you to run a business. So you can count on an excellent salary, benefits, and opportunities for advancement throughout your career. The initial gains will be modest but grow to respectable levels with time and effort. The salary range for BMS graduates is from INR 3 LPA to INR 8 LPA. Of course, this is a challenge for the company and the company in which you work.

Job Role

Job Description


Project Management

Executive-level projects are a part of every corporate organization. A project manager is responsible for planning, organizing, leading, and controlling tasks and resources to achieve project-oriented goals. Preparing project reports for review is also a crucial element of the job.

Ranges from 4 to 14 LPA.

Data Management and Systems Analysis

This field is in high demand globally and allows you to work with the biggest brands, provided you have the required technical knowledge. You must use multiple software and methods for data collection, storage, management, and analysis to excel at this position.

Ranges from 2 to 12 LPA.

Human Resource Management and Development

It is a versatile domain of every organization that deals with hiring, training, development, and general people skills. An HR (Human Resource) Manager is responsible for the efficient functioning of the department by bridging the communication gaps between the employees and the higher authorities.

Ranges from 3 to 10 LPA.

Sales and Marketing

The result that matters the most is sales. Therefore, as a manager in sales and marketing, you are expected to manage the employees, create brand awareness by marketing the product and services, and create marketing strategies that will eventually boost sales.

Ranges from 4 to 15 LPA.

Financial Management:



No company can be successful overall if they fail to manage its finances well. This department's key roles and responsibilities include managing money through accounting and finance, investing, trading in assets, etc. The final aim is to improve cost efficiency.

Ranges from 7 to 11 LPA.

Government Jobs for BMS Graduates

BMS is a professional management course that prepares you for running a business. As a result, you can expect an excellent salary throughout your career, fringe benefits and opportunities for career advancement. The initial gains will be modest but grow to a respectable level with time and effort. The salary ranges from INR 3 LPA to INR 8 LPA. It is a challenge for the company and business where you discover work.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

Quality Specialist


Marketing Coordinator

INR 3.05 LPA

Human Resources


Quality Assurance Analyst


Business Consultant


Private Jobs for BMS Graduates

Graduates of the BMS program have many job occasions in private companies and other management sectors. This is because BMS jobs are more in demand in India than other countries and regions. After completing this course, students can opt for higher education or avail of job prospects in any management company with their skills and experience in finance sectors. The BMS course salary in India is around INR 2-4 LPA (Source: Naukri). Here are some of the private jobs and their salaries:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

Marketing Manager


Sales Manager


Information Systems Manager


Public Relations Manager


General Manager


Supply chain Manager


Business Analyst


Finance Executive


Human Resource Executive


Marketing Executive


Below is a detailed list of careers after BMS for graduates:

Administration and operations

Individuals are responsible for the administration of a business and the day-to-day operations in that area. Individuals want to ensure everything is running while looking for opportunities to improve their current administrative and operational skills.

Project management (executive level)

Executive-level projects serve as the engine of any organization. These projects have been claimed at this level due to their interest in the organization's activities. As project management team members, aspirants ensure that the projects are completed on time and successfully. Individuals would like to be effective leaders who can manage all the subjects involved as a team. The relationship is always evaluated by senior management.

Staff management and development

The HR division is one of the most important departments in any organization. The role of an HR specialist would be to hire talented employees for the company while ensuring all current employees are happy. HR must also be a liaison between employees and senior management and resolve any employee professional grievances.

Customer management

Customer service is one of the toughest yet most crucial departments. The main responsibilities of a manager are to help attract new customers, keep existing customers happy, and keep service employees happy and satisfied.

Data management and system analysis

Technical skills are also required for positions in this department. For example, data management is the next big thing, and students should be familiar with various software and methods for collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing data.

Sales and Marketing

Most of the profits are generated by the sales and marketing departments. As a Sales Manager, you are answerable for leading people, motivating them, and increasing sales. One is also responsible for managing employees, creating brand awareness by properly marketing goods and services, and developing marketing strategies to increase sales for the marketing department.

Job Opportunities Abroad for BMS Graduates

BMS graduates have many job opportunities not only in India but also internationally. The skills and experience of the graduates have enabled them to offer jobs abroad. BMS graduates working in private companies have the practical skills and experience to benefit them in their career advancement abroad greatly. BMS job opportunities abroad are numerous compared to Indian managerial job opportunities for graduates of this course. Today, study-abroad management jobs are among the most popular jobs abroad. The salary of BMS jobs abroad is pretty decent. Students with a management degree can opt for jobs abroad with many job searches and apply on many job portals. With the proliferation of technology, job opportunities for management and every industry are in high demand.

Some jobs in demand for management careers are recruitment manager, time manager, recruitment, HR administrator, HR general manager, organization manager, HR manager, human resources executive, etc.