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About Brigham Young University, Utah, USA

Brigham Young University (often referred to as BYU or, colloquially, The Y) is a private research university located in Provo, Utah, United States. It is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and, excluding online students, is the largest of any religious university and the 3rd largest private university in the United States, with 29,672 on-campus students.  BYU does not currently publish online enrollment statistics, but BYU's Independent Study programs are offered worldwide, including being available in Family History Centers the LDS Church maintains in 134 countries.

 Approximately 99 percent of the university's 30,000 students are members of the LDS Church, and one-third of its American students come from within the state of Utah.

 BYU offers programs in liberal arts, engineering, agriculture, management, and law. The university is broadly organized into 11 colleges or schools at its main Provo campus, with certain colleges and divisions defining their own admission standards. The university also administers two satellite campuses, one in Jerusalem and one in Salt Lake City, while its parent organization, the Church Educational System (CES), sponsors sister schools in Hawaii and Idaho. The university's primary focus is on undergraduate education, but it also has 68 master's and 25 doctoral degree programs.

Courses Offered by Brigham Young University

Undergraduate Program

  • BS Management
  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Finance
  • BS Information Systems
  • BS Recreation Management
  • ROTC
  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Continuing Education
  • Bachelor of General Studies
  • Religious Enrichment
  • Especially for Youth
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Evening Classes
  • Independent Study
  • Salt Lake Center

Graduate Program

  • Humanities
  • Asian and Near Eastern Languages
  • English
  • French and Italian
  • German and Russian
  • Comparative Arts and Letters
  • Linguistics and English Language
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish and Portuguese

Engineering Program

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

MBA Program

  • Graduate
  • MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • MPA
  • Executive MPA
  • MAcc
  • MISM
  • MS YFR

Admission Process at Brigham Young University

To be considered for admission as an international new freshman, you will want to demonstrate the following:

  • Competitive ACT or SAT score
  • Strong academic qualification
  • Evidence of competencies in English (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Proof of financial support (Affidavit of Support)
  • Willingness to adhere to the CES Honor Code.

Financial Requirements

International students who are admitted to the university will need to complete the following requirements:

  • Financial Verification:All admitted international students are required to provide verification of financial ability. Admitted international students must complete the affidavit of support accompanied with the most recent copy of a bank statement for them and/or their sponsor. A registration hold is placed on the student's file until finances have been adequately proven.
  • Sponsors:Generally speaking, international students require the support of a sponsor to prove financial ability. Students are responsible for securing this sponsor (i.e., parents, government, other). This individual(s) should be a viable financial resource to the student.
  • Total Cost:The cost of attendance for BYU is estimated as a single student living on campus during fall and winter semesters. Admitted international students will be required to prove that they have the financial resources necessary to cover these costs.

BYU Provo Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Campus:The main campus in Provo, Utah, United States sits on approximately 560 acres (2.3 km2) nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountains and includes 295 buildings.The buildings feature a wide variety of architectural styles, each building being built in the style of its time. The grass, trees, and flower beds on BYU's campus are impeccably maintained.Furthermore, views of the Wasatch Mountains, (including Mount Timpanogos) can be seen from the campus. Interestingly absent on the campus of this church owned university is a campus chapel. Notwithstanding, each Sunday LDS Church services for students are conducted on campus, but due to the large number of students attending these services, nearly all of the buildings and possible meeting spaces on campus are utilized (in addition, many students attend services off campus in LDS chapels in the surrounding communities)
  • Housing: Single students have four options for on-campus housing: Heritage Halls, Helaman Halls, Wyview Park, and the FLSR. Married students can live in Wymount Terrace.Heritage Halls is a twenty-four-building housing complex on campus which offers apartment-style living. The halls house both male and female students, divided by gender into separate buildings. Each building has ten to fourteen units capable of housing six people each.Helaman Halls is a slightly newer complex which underwent a 12-year renovation between 1991 and 2004. Helaman Halls is a nine-building (ninth opened in the summer of 2010), dormitory-style living area. Residents share a room (larger than Heritage Halls) with one other resident, but do not have their own kitchen and use shared bathrooms. Residents are required to have a meal plan, and eat at the newly remodeled Commons at the Cannon Center.
  • Arts: DAnce, Music
  • Athletics: BYU has 21 NCAA varsity teams. Nineteen of these teams played mainly in the Mountain West Conference from its inception in 1999 until the school left that conference in 2011. Prior to that time BYU teams competed in the Western Athletic Conference. All teams are named the "Cougars", and Cosmo the Cougar has been the school's mascot since 1953. The school's fight song is the Cougar Fight Song. Because many of its players serve on full-time missions for two years (men when they're 18, women when 19), BYU athletes are often older on average than other schools' players. The NCAA allows students to serve missions for two years without subtracting that time from their eligibility period. This has caused minor controversy, but is largely recognized as not lending the school any significant advantage, since players receive no athletic and little physical training during their missions.
  • Bookstore,
  • Dining,
  • Museum.

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