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Auston Institute of Management & Technology

Address : 50 Ophir Rd, #02-00 Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes, Singapore

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About Auston Institute of Management & Technology, Singapore, Singapore

Auston is international in scope. It have links with internationally accredited and recognized universities across the globe.

 • Auston’s educational philosophy is holistic. It aims to integrate career education with family life.
• Auston’s open learning delivery system is designed to enhance social and career mobility.
• We take as much pride in our students as we do in our pursuit of academic excellence.
• Graduates of Auston’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs may apply for exemptions from the U.K.'s Coventry University.

Auston Institute of Management & Technology is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and training facilities to deliver our associated universities' programs via structured and directed open learning methods. Occupying a total area of about 16,000 square feet, Auston's city campus houses the training and administrative facilities of the Faculty of Business and Communication, and the Faculty of Computing and Technology. Auston's academic division is made up of a team of full-time and adjunct lecturers who are committed to the planning and controlled development of all academic activities.

The academic division prides itself as being innovative and aims to offer a wide range of industry related diploma and degree level courses which have been designed to stimulate and challenge ambitious minds as well as prepare students for managerial and specialist roles in the industry.

Increasingly, the division is exploring new methods of bringing knowledge to students. The institution's technology strategy will support the increasing use of computers and the internet as a medium of learning. The new Auston website has been designed to progressively assist students with their studies as well as support their administrative needs.

Courses Offered by Auston Institute of Management & Technology

Engineering Program

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronics and Communications:

  • Electronic Engineering with Communications produces engineers to work at the forefront of the communications industry, developing technologies for mobile, wireless and high-speed communication.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronics 

  • Mechatronics engineers design, build and operate intelligent products and systems of today and for tomorrow. These engineers will be increasingly in demand as more industries seek to apply evolutionary advances in electronics, sensor and actuators to improve products processes and services.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Telecommunications and Networks 

  • The way we communicate with the rest of the world is constantly changing, so working in Telecommunication Engineering you can help shape the way the world communicates.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic Engineering (Microelectronics)

  • Electronics Engineering (Microelectronics) is the area of technology associated with the design and fabrication of electronic devices/systems or subsystems using extremely small components – integrated circuits (IC’s). 


MBA Program

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) concentrates on developing the skills required to operate at senior levels within an organization. The course offers an advanced understanding of business administration and incorporates a wide range of disciplines to deliver a comprehensive educational experience.

BBA Program

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Management:

  • This direct entry, final year Honours degree is offered to help suitably qualified applicants, both home and international, become full UK graduates in Business and Management. The course is also validated for the award of BSc .

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Information Technology

  • ?IT and computing is one of the biggest drivers in the global economy and the way we live our lives today. By entering the IT sector, you’re joining one of the fastest-growing around. There’s great demand for expert IT and computing skills in every industry.


Admission Process at Auston Institute of Management & Technology

IELTS: Required

TOEFL: Required

Students Pass: Required

(Legal doc from Singapore Govt. for the student)Student Pass or Student visa:  required.

Applicant’s Birth Certificate: required.

Applicant’s Certified/Notarized copy of Education Results/Certificates and Transcripts (with detailed results): required.

AIMT Singapore Facilities and Infrastructure

Facilities at Auston Institute of Management & Technology:
Classrooms and Auditoriums are equipped with

  •    Teaching aids such as whiteboard and A1 Paper
  •    Over-head projectors and matte-screens
  •    Multimedia sound systems
  •    Wi-Fi internet access

Lab Equipment
Electrical and Electronics Training Systems

  • Telecommunication Training System (with Fiber Optics)
  • Antenna Training System
  • Texas Instruments DSP Development Boards
  • M68H12 Microcontroller Development Boards
  • Arduino Microcontroller Boards
  • MultiSim Simulation Software
  • Matlab Software
  • Labview Virtual Instrumentation System
  • Laboratory Equipment’s 

Computing and Networking Lab

  • Microsoft Office
  • CAD Software
  • Android SDK
  • MySQL
  • BlueJ
  • Java
  • Network Monitoring tools
  • Network Testers
  • Windows and Linux Operating System


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