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Preeminent Guide of CAT Verbal Ability 2018-19 Entrance Exam

Updated: Aug 22, 2018 by Admin
Preeminent Guide of CAT Verbal Ability 2018-19 Entrance Exam

With the CAT season coming up, let’s just try and understand the kind of questions you can expect on verbal ability in CAT 2018-19. As it is very important for the candidates to understand the concept and the pattern which will help the candidates to quickly relate and analyze the questions in the main exam.

We are aware of the importance of the CAT exam for the admissions in IIMs and other elite B-schools.  CAT exam basically has three sections

  • Verbal ability and reading comprehension
  • Data interpretation and logical reasoning
  • Quantitative ability    


Verbal ability and reading comprehension has about 5 concepts.

  1. Critical reasoning

Critical reasoning is all about objective and analytical method of thinking about the issues and observing to form a judgment and come to conclusions. It comprises goals and assumptions.  The name “CRITICAL” itself suggests that it is very important to think.

Candidates should develop certain skills like observing, analysis, interpretation, interference and explanation.

The questions may include

  • To draw a conclusion
  • To identify certain assumption
  • To either strengthen or weaken any argument
  • Ability to identify paradox
  • Ability to identify contradiction
  • Ability to identify inconsistency
  • Ability to identify a situation which is parallel.

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  1. Forming a paragraph or paragraph forming

This is all about jumbled sentences. You will be required to re-arrange the sentences in a sequence which is original. You can expect about 3 jumbled questions in the Verbal ability section. This is the area where the scope of vagueness is high.

  1. Grammar

Proficiency in the grammar is important for a better performance in the CAT verbal section, that’s why this section is very critical. Candidates will have to start learning from the basics. Also make sure to practice and attempt as many questions as possible.

Candidates should have the ability to use functional words. Concentrate on the usage of punctualities.You can refer good English grammar books to start from the basics.

Sample question:

Regrettably (A)/ Regretfully (B) I have decline your invitation for the party.

  1. Vocabulary

Vocabulary in CAT exam is very important. Reading and passages will have some difficult words. To understand the passage you should know the meaning of the difficult words. If you don’t know the meaning of the words used in the passage you will lack confidence and ability to think and come to a conclusion.

Best way to learn meaning of difficult words is to play scrabble, solving puzzles and crosswords etc.

Please refer dictionary when you come across any difficult words while reading newspaper, books or even taking practice tests.

  1. Reading Comprehension

This is basically comprised of two concepts –

  • Reading 
  • Comprehension

Candidates should know to skim read and understand the concept. Candidates will have to learn to grasp every detail while speeding up their reading ability.

For instance you should have the capacity to understand the reading comprehension section understand the concept, what the author is talking about, the key words and the subject of the passage.

This is the simple guide for the candidates to understand the pattern of verbal ability section of CAT exam.

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