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New Initiatives Implemented for CBSE Exams 2019

Updated: Feb 14, 2019 by Admin
New Initiatives Implemented for CBSE Exams 2019

The annual school exam conducted by CBSE board is set to begin from 15th February for 12th and 21st February for 10th class. Number of enrollment for the exam is around 31,14,821 according to the CBSE board out of which 18 lakhs are boys, 12.9 lakh girls and 28 transgender. The exams are to be conducted in more than 78 centers in abroad and 4974 centers in India.

The exams for the students are conducted in the 21400 affiliated schools in India and 225 affiliated institutes in abroad. Around 3 lakhs officials are to be involved in examination process, which includes Evaluators, Head Examiners, Chief Nodal Supervisors, Invigilators, Centre Superintendent and Deputy Centre Superintendent.

Some of the New Initiatives:

  • Center Locator App is facilitated to the board examinees to access their exam center by providing their register number.
  • Geo-tag will be enabled to monitor and track the confidential materials to check and avoid malpractices during the exam.
  • Live web streaming of the examination will be practiced from the examination center, the way JEE and UGC NET exams are conducted.
  • Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis (TETRA) helps in analyzing and visualizing the score pattern in various cities, regions and state to facilitate real time monitoring and evaluation.
  • Online Examination Centre Management System (OECMS) are implemented to access real time information related to exam centers.