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How to prepare for WBJEE 2023

Sep 29, 2022 by Admin
How to prepare for WBJEE 2023

WBJEE 2023 exam preparations include following a study plan and the syllabus. Using the syllabus, you can get an idea of the questions asked in the exam. It will also help you plan your study sessions and prepare for the exam. Moreover, it gives you a clear idea of the syllabus, exam pattern, rules, and regulations. It is important to know the time duration of the exam from the registration date to plan for study preparations. 

  • WBJEE 2023 Study Schedule 

One productive way to prepare for the WBJEE 2023 is to follow a study schedule. A candidate can easily study a particular topic over a day by following a timetable. He can also do mock tests to practice the material before the actual entrance test. This way, he can boost his preparation and score well.

The candidate must make the schedule based on the WBJEE 2023 syllabus. The WBJEE 2023 exam syllabus is similar to JEE Main's syllabus, so candidates who have cleared JEE Main can easily crack the WBJEE. 

Generally, the study schedule for WBJEE 2023 should involve four hours of study a day, with the remaining hour used for revising difficult concepts. In addition to revising the material you have covered in previous sessions, you can also take mock tests and solve additional sample papers. As the WBJEE 2023 exam date is announced, it is essential to follow the study schedule to be fully prepared.

  • Previous year's question papers

One of the best resources for WBJEE exam preparation is referring to WBJEE's previous year's question papers. Solving previous WBJEE exam questions will help you identify weak areas and improve your speed. In addition, you will better understand the syllabus, the difficulty level, and the types of questions that have appeared over the years. Practicing mock tests will also help you check whether your approach to studying is working and whether you have to tweak your strategy.

Aside from improving the speed of your preparation, you'll also better understand the syllabus and exam pattern. Furthermore, you can find the previous year's WBJEE question papers on the official website of the WBJEEE. These papers are available to help you understand the test format. Additionally, they will help you understand the changes in the examination since the previous years.

  • Time management

Time management is a critical aspect of exam preparation. As the examination time is limited, it is important to allocate the right amount of time for each subject. Ideally, the daily study schedule should include several subjects and concepts. 

The WBJEE exam consists of two sections. The first part consists of Multiple Type Questions. It would help if you prepared for these questions by studying books covering higher secondary education topics. You should also be prepared for the short type questions. To prepare for this section, you should prepare for the WBJEE exam with books focusing on higher secondary level subjects.

After reviewing the syllabus, candidates should allocate time for revision. While studying, they should concentrate on mastering important chapters and concepts. While preparing for the WBJEE exam, candidates should also write a brief synopsis of the chapters. It will help them recall the concepts and formulae from memory. Therefore, during the exam, speed is also crucial.

  • Study material

WBJEE 2023 Study material for exam preparation is available in various formats. Choosing the right material is vital for the success of your preparation. Besides textbooks, study material should include sample papers. In addition to reading books, candidates should practice by taking mock tests, which can help them improve their speed and prepare for the examination.

The study material for WBJEE exam preparation should cover the syllabus of the WJEEB. NCERT books are crucial in preparing for most engineering entrance exams, but several reference books are also available for WBJEE. A good rule of thumb is reading one or two books on each topic you attempt to ace.