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Fear of Maths: Expert Tips to Overcome of Phobia

Feb 21, 2019 by Admin
Fear of Maths: Expert Tips to Overcome of Phobia


Maths or Mathematics – the study of numbers is far more than just numbers. The subject has become necessary for the day to day life of any individual. From the back 3000 BC, the subject has gained its importance and has become an important part of a human life.

As the subject is getting popular the fear among the young minds is increasing, lending to Phobia. The students dealing with board exams usually tend to face this problem very often. As the subject is highly necessary for life, thus a simple fear or phobia and can turn into serious psychological problem.

  • Recognize the symptoms of Maths Phobia – Recognize what kind of fear you have, helplessness or exam fear or any other. After recognizing approach an adult who can help you solve your problem at an ease. Try to understand the theory and logics behind before solving the problem.
  • Be Positive and face it squarely - Having math phobia in itself does not make you an inefficient person instead not overcoming one’s fear will definitely lead to negativity in life.
  • Make maths simple and fun - Everyone has different abilities and learns at a different pace. Make sure that you are placed in the proper level of mathematics before you begin.
  • Choose a professor who fits your learning style – Always opt for a guide who helps you understand the subject in a better way and who can mentor you according to your understandable manner.
  • Team Work: Make the subject fun by team work as solving the problems together helps the students learn in a better way, and combined studies would be an add on excitement and fun.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to practice or revise for the test – Practice, Practice and Practice. Or as the saying goes "Practice Makes  Perfect".