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CAT 2019 Exam: Don't regret it to the IIMs

Updated: Aug 22, 2018 by Admin
CAT 2019 Exam: Don't regret it to the IIMs


CAT is the main exam which yearns you a seat in management in the IIMs. Candidates aspiring to study in these noted IIMs cannot just ignore the most critical of all CAT exams. It is indeed prestigious to study in such prominent and efficient institutions. Students can learn a lot of business management topics and also be an entrepreneur if they wish to.

CAT 2019 is on the edge and candidates shouldn’t neglect and later regret it to the IIMs later. Your efforts, planning, time management and commitment matters a lot to crack CAT with a good score. Even if you are not preparing for the exam from years, make sure to utilize each and every minute you get from the time you start to prepare.

Now, why CAT Exam?

You might wonder why you should appear for CAT. To those who don’t know CAT refers to Common Admission Test. And yes it is administrated by Indian Institute of Management Studies. So, if you are passionate about making a career in MBA in a top-notch institutions you are ought to appear for the CAT exam.

So how can you score better and get an admission in the elite IIMs?

First of all, not many days are left for the CAT 2018-19 and all you can do now is practice, practice and practice. Yes, it can be really hectic but once you are done with the exam and when you get the result that’s when you can sit back and enjoy the success.

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Tips to utilize the time left for CAT 2019


I know this sounds really hard but you have to cut short the entertainment time and utilize it for studies, watching news, reading current affairs related magazines and newspapers. This way you won’t freak out in the last minute. You will have enough time to revise and be thorough with the subject. Remember the fact that you can enjoy later, but you cannot take the exam again and again.


Yes, there is no harm in deactivating your Facebook account, Whatsapp and other messaging and interacting apps for a while. These apps distract you so much that you end up wasting your time. Please avoid this and the best way to do so is to uninstall these apps. You don’t want to indulge yourself in binge watching some series, getting updates about new movies or even friends calling you for a trip.


You won’t get hours to read a passage and answer. You have to think quickly and answer quick and to do so you will have to learn to skim read the passage or the question. You won’t come under stress when you are giving the exam.

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Be very thorough with the concept and pay complete attention to the questions and then answer. Be aware of the current affairs as CAT includes general knowledge questions as well.  Be very attentive and goal oriented.


You should have complete faith and confidence in yourself. If you have worked hard enough then remember nothing can stop. CAT is not only about book knowledge it’s also about how your mind reacts to the given situation. So be sure to be positive and confident.

Yes guys, getting admissions in such institutions can teach you many things with the best management knowledge so work for it and earn the respect. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming CAT 2018-19.

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