JEE Main 2022 Application Form (OUT)

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JEE Main 2022 Application Form (OUT)

JEE Main 2022: Application Form (OUT). Important Chapters & Topics for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

The JEE Main registration for 2022 Session 1 has begun. According to the new schedule, the JEE 2022 session 1 exam will be held on April 21st, 24th, 25th, 29th, and May 1 and 4.

NTA has rescheduled the JEE Main 2022 Session 1 exam dates. Candidates can view the revised schedule on the NTA official website at The NTA has opened registration for JEE Main 2022 Session 1 at Applicants can fill up JEE Main 2022 application form directly by following the link

The last date to fill JEE Main Session 1 Application Form is by March 31. (5 PM). The authorities will accept JEE Main 2022 application fee until March 31. (11:30 PM). The exam authorities will not accept any other mode of JEE Main application besides online. From April 8 to May 3, the JEE Main application form 2022 for Session 2 will be available separately.

Candidates requested a postponement of JEE Main – 2022 Session 1 due to the clashing of Board Exam Dates. "In light of the student community's persistent demand and support, NTA has decided to reschedule the exam".

How to Fill JEE Main 2022 Application Form?

Candidates can find a detailed guide to filling out the JEE Main application form 2022. It is critical that candidates correctly complete the application form. Such that NTA rejects incorrect or incomplete application forms.

  • Navigate to the JEE Main official website at
  • Fill out JEE Main Application Form Select New Candidate Registration from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the JEE Main 2022 Registration Form
  • Fill out the Application Form
  • Documents should be uploaded.
  • Pay the JEE Main 2022 application fee.

JEE Main 2022 application fee

The application fee of JEE Main 2022 varies depending on the candidate's category and gender. Students can view the fees by clicking here.

  • Male Candidates and the OBC/ unreserved category – INR 650
  • SC/ST/Transgender Category Candidates – INR 325
  • Female and OBC/ Unreserved Category Candidates – INR 325

JEE Main most scoring subject

JEE Main Chemistry is the maximum scoring subject, with an average score of more than 35 points; On the other side, JEE Main Mathematics is the most difficult to score, with an average score of just over 25 points.

Best book to prepare for JEE Main 2022

RD Sharma is a good book to start if you want to prepare for JEE Main 2022. The book contains a large number of formula-based questions and some analytical problems. It is a better book to study for Mathematics.

JEE Main 2022 application correction date

The NTA has stated that “there is no provision for making changes to the submitted JEE Main 2022 application forms. Candidates must fill-up the application form without making errors.

JEE Main Admit Card Date 2022

The 1st Session admit card for the JEE Main 2022 exam will be available in the second week of April. The authority has not announced the JEE Main 2022 Admit Card Release Date. Using their login credentials, candidates will download their admit cards. On the JEE Main 2022 exam date, no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall without an admit card.

JEE Main 2022 application form last date

The deadline for filling out the JEE Main application form 2022 for session 1 is March 31, 2022. Although registration for session 2 will be open from April 8 to May 3.

JEE Main 2022 Exam Day Schedule


Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift

Entry to the examination centre

7.30 AM to 8.30 AM

02.00 PM to 2.30 PM

Instructions by the invigilator(s)

8.30 AM to 8.50 AM

2.30 PM to 2.50 PM

Candidates log in to read instructions

8.50 AM

2.50 PM

Test commences

9.00 AM

3.00 PM

Timing of examination

9 AM to 12 PM

3 PM to 6 PM

Duration of examination

3 Hours

3 Hours


JEE Main 2022 Important Chapters & Topics for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Candidates can analyse the important topics and chapters for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Also, review the JEE Main subject wise weightage.

When it comes to exams like JEE Main, candidates are always looking for ways to improve their scores and gain admission to top engineering institutes. One of the most common questions students have during exam preparation is about important topics and chapters for JEE Main 2022. Candidates also seek for weightage of chapters in jee mains 2022. Candidates are advised to focus on key chapters in addition to covering the JEE Main 2022 syllabus.

Candidates will also find chapter-wise weightage of JEE Main 2022 and expert tips and tricks for subject-specific preparation.

JEE Main 2022 Physics Chapter wise weightage

High Weightage

Low Weightage

Waves & Sound

Work, Energy & Power

Wave Optics

Units & Measurements


Nuclear Physics & X-Rays


Heat Transfer

Ray Optics


Properties of Matter

Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation

Photoelectric Effect

Communication Systems


Circular Motion

Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism

Center of Mass & Collisions


Laws of Motion

Heat & Thermodynamics




Error & Instrument Analysis


Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

Current Electricity & Capacitors

Bohr's Atomic Model


JEE Main 2022 Chemistry Chapter wise weightage

High Weightage

Low Weightage

Aldehydes and Ketones

Biomolecules & Polymers

Alkyl Halides

Solid State

Aromatic Compounds

s-Block Elements

Atomic Structure

Chemical Equilibrium

Carboxylic Acids & Its Derivatives


Chemical Bonding


Chemical Kinetics

Ionic Equilibrium

Coordination Compound

Mole Concept

d-Block Elements



Redox & Volumetric Analysis

Gaseous & Liquid State

Alcohol & Ether

General Organic Chemistry

Nitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines


Qualitative Analysis

Nuclear & Surface Chemistry

Classification & Nomenclature

p-Block Elements

Periodic Classification



JEE Main 2022 Mathematics Chapter wise weightage

High Weightage

Low Weightage

3 Dimensional Geometry

Differential Equation

Application of Derivatives


Binomial Theorem & M. I.

Height & Distance


Indefinite Integral

Complex Number

Mathematical Logic

Conic Sections

Permutation & Combination

Definite Integral & Area Under the Curve

Properties of Triangle

Determinant & Matrices

Set & Relation



Limits, Continuity & Differentiability

Trigonometric Equation

Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean & Variance)

Trigonometric Ratio & Functions

Quadratic Equation

Sequence & Series

Straight Line