questionembedded system course training

which is the best institute for studying embedded system course?

By xavier,26-Nov-2019 11:13:40, 1 answer/s


guest   hi friend, I am the student of mirror institute for embedded technology, they are providing excellent embedded training in Chennai with placement, they are teaching practical oriented hands on embedded system training, they are providing mock interview also, they teach from the scratch, they teach both software and hardware, they give special embedded training for mechanical students, they are providing 4 hours for lab daily.the teachers assist you to show the correct path and they are stalwarts of the embedded field. This is the only one institute provide 100% job assured placement with written commitment, the staffs are proficient to give embedded system training .believe me, I am working now in HONEY WELL,so lets start to google it the mirror institute for embedded technology
26-Nov-2019 11:16:51 Reply by mala

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